TUESDAY 08-28-2012 - We talk Romney's economic plan, the GOP platform, ending social promotion in schools, and the release of former marine Brandon Raub

Aug 28, 2012 -- 6:58am

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Ricca sent this pic to me...I love it.

Two of the Greatest Qualities in Life Are:

1) Patience

2) Wisdom


7:10 Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) in Dallas. Just how conservative is the GOP platform?

7:35 Rep. Sal Esquivel - we discuss his push to end "social promotion" in government schools.

8:10 John Whitehead, the Rutherford Institute. We catch up on John's success with getting former marine Brandon Raub released from federal detention. Raub's facebook posts got him arrested and taken in for a mental examination.  Here's an interview with Whitehead and Raub, just released.

8:55 Business Guest - Charley Whitley with Spring Air Heating and Cooling in Jacksonville - 899-3155. Go to their website for a free coupon on home analysis and maintainence.


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