WEDNESDAY 08-29-2012 - we talk the speeches, is gold waking up, virtual schools, Congressman Walden weighs in from the RNC.

Aug 29, 2012 -- 6:49pm

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My take on last night's RNC speeches? Ann Romney did great, where has she been hiding? 8.5 out of ten. I had great hopes for Chris Christie's speech, but there wasn't much red meat for me. . He didn't mention Mitt until about half way through, and there wasn't much smacking around of the president. Many listeners disagreed with me, calling it a "wise, inspirational speech". Maybe so, but you don't hire a passionate Republican junkyard dog like Christie and "tie him up on the front porch". Christie's speech could have been delivered by any of the back-benchers. I rate it 6 out of 10 possible points.

Here's the Ron Paul Tribute video from the RNC - Sure, it's thin gruel after having stripped him him of delegates, and all sorts of other fraudulent election activities. He deserves more, but the liberty movement will live on. Will it have a home in the Republican party? Not if the old guard sticks around.


6:15 Jay Taylor, talk show host, president of Taylor Hard Money Advisors. Where is gold going, what about our dollar, the economy, can Mitt or Obama really "fix" what ails the country?

7:10 Congressman Greg Walden from the RNC, politics, attracting the "moderate" voter, his take on last night's speeches.

8:10 Laura Dillon, 2nd grade teacher at Oregon Connections Academy, a virtual online charter school. I knew nothing about how it works, and it was an interesting talk.

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