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FRIDAY 09-07-2012 Topics include numbers behind the "are you better off now", spotting the liar, Sen. Bates working the budget next week, Ted Dole explains how they got the $$ for the E.P. football turf.

Sep 06, 2012 -- 5:33pm

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Mail Tribune reports that several city of Medford management workers could get as much as a 6 percent raise. This would be done to equalize and adjust pay based on education levels. For example, brand new city manager Eric Swanson could get a 6 percent raise because he has a masters degree in his field.  Gotta' call B.S. on this one. Swanson took the job 2 months ago, he knew what the pay would be, and he has not become magically more productive overnight due to letters following his name. 

Nothing against city workers getting a good education, but pay should be based solely on their performance. Unless the advanced degree is needed solely in order to keep one's position, the degree shouldn't matter.

Besides, do you see the public sector "heading for the exits" due to abusive wage and benefit packages? Nope, I don't either. When the beleaguered private sector recovers fully, then perhaps we start talking raises, not before.


I've always said the government acts as if it owns you. The Dems celebrate this concept!


6:20 Yuval Rosenberg,, Are you better off now than four years ago? Here's the numbers.

7:10 Janine Driver, former federal investigator and lie detection expert. Great book "You Can't Lie to Me", The Revolutionary Program to supercharge your inner lie detector.  She has examples and more about the book on her site

7:35 State Senator Bates on budgeting next week, listener questions.

8:10 Ted Dole from the Eagle Point Booster's Club, and we dig into the grants, fund-raising, and still looking for your help on the Eagle Point High School artificial turf project.

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