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WEDNESDAY 10-03-2012 Lots of PERS talk today, same with how to survive a plane crash, the debates tonight, good open phones.

Oct 03, 2012 -- 6:46pm

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FROM TONIGHT'S DEBATE: - The president just said the first job of the federal government is to "keep people safe". Good God, that's the whole problem with this country, along with the fact that there are many who agree with the president. 'Keeping everyone safe' has grown the government, blessed us with the federal police state, growing dependency, and micro-managing of every aspect of a formerly free people.

The first job of government is to ensure a republican form of government. Life, Liberty, pursuit of happiness, not a guaranteed uniform level of safe misery.

We've talked on the show so often about the mission creep in our federal government "surveillance state". John Whitehead, a frequent guest on my show, has an excellent take on how close to "Minority Report" we've come.


6;50 Dr. Tom Barth, Survivability expert, and he's part of the Discovery Channel "Curiousity" series, which airs this Sunday at 9pm. We talk about the show's subject: "How to Survive a Plane Crash".

7:10 Harmon Kaslow, producer of Atlas Shrugged II, in theaters October 12th. Good talk about the movie's message, getting back to not punishing the producers in society.

7:35 Fred Starkey, the PERS "Truth Teller",  Harborlight Investments in Springfield. We talk about wheteher the PERS reports from last week were accurate. Fred says the financial condition is actually much worse. 

8:40 Jerry Helinga and Alan Dobney from the Southern Oregon Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. They're still raising money to restore the MEDCO #4 steam engine at the railroad park. Every dollar raised through November 1st, is doubled through matching funds. Send your check to SOC-NRHS, P.O. Box 622 Medford, Oregon 97501.


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