FRIDAY 10-12-2012 We talk the Veep debate, Breidenthal screwed without even being kissed by a fellow republican, State Senator Bates, James Buchal, AG candidate round out the guests this morning.

Oct 12, 2012 -- 3:56pm

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Et Tu, Don?

Interesting development as republican County Commissioner Don Skundrick endorses Democratic challenger Jeff Scroggin over republican candidate Duge Breidenthal.  Don tells the Mail Tribune that he feels Scroggin would do a better job.  Now I'm okay with not being a blind political shill, and always going for a party affiliation just for the sake of party loyalty.

That being said, I have another theory for Skundrick's sudden public attack of "bi-partisanship-ism". Doug has been getting educated, went to the recent National Constitutional Sheriffs Association conference in Reno last week, and is studying up on moves to pull more jurisdiction over public lands back under more county control. Yes, meaning going to the mat to get more people working in the forests. 

Doug's efforts would place him squarely at odds with the current board's policy of going along to get along with our federal "Oberfuhrers".  Perhaps Don would be more comfortable with a board member who has a hand out for all the federal grants one can get, and who wouldn't question authority too much.

Skundrick's endorsement just might backfire, and drive conservative voters to Breidenthal's camp. 


7:35 State Senator Bates talks the state issues

8:10 James Buchal, GOP attorney general candidate. Loses an election integrity lawsuit, talks about his campaign. He deserves your vote, imo.

VIDEO FOR THE WEEKEND - "Bad Lip Reading" for Joe Biden  (WARNING - some naughty language)

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