THURSDAY 10-18-2012 guests include Charlotte Hays,, on the non-existent "wage gap", The Posse in Jo Co, Candidate Doug Breidenthal, Herb Farber, surveyor candidate.

Oct 18, 2012 -- 3:24pm

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Perhaps financial trouble has lit the fuse on a new trend of "un-learning our learned helplessness". Jeff Barnard from the Associated Press writes about the posse which has formed in O'Brien, named the CAC Patrol. (Citizens Against Crime) Around a dozen residents patrol that area in response to gutting of the JoCo sheriffs department. Sheriff Gilbertson warns of a lack of training, a police expert warns of problems when volunteers decide instead of supplementing law enforcement , they are going to replace law enforcement. Government employees and their experts have a vested interest in requiring all peace keeping be done by highly-paid-unionized-PERS employees.  However, a lack of O'Brien residents ability to pay for such employees does not mean they should be forced to experience crime and depredation.

No doubt the "experts" will warn citizens about "taking the law into their own hands". (As if "law" belongs solely to government gangs) These are the same experts who claim we can't fight a fire without a highly paid unionized PERS employee, and that we can't teach a child without a highly-paid-unionized PERS employee. In today's economic climate, highly-paid-unionized PERS employees are pricing themselves out of the market.  

But back to the Posse: Who do you think criminals in Jo County would be more afraid of...A sheriffs deputy in a squad car, or a bunch of motivated armed citizens protecting THEIR lives, liberty, and property?


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