FRIDAY 11-09-2012 Conversation on the election, the pot seizures by Feds, real estate sales up, state power shifts, and I let you express your pain on "Find a Phone Friday".

Nov 09, 2012 -- 7:30pm

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The GOP has catapulted Obama into office - TWICE - with their anemic "conservative" agenda. Limbaugh correctly nailed it with his Santa/entitlement analysis.

My liberal friends regard Republicans as little more than rabid Fascists. That sentiment bears looking at carefully  because that sentiment runs deep and wide with many, many people. You talk with the average Republican and they are mystified at this attitude, "Can't they see we are about freedom and moral responsibility as God intends, just the opposite of Fascism?"

What average Mr. Republican is blind to is that the Republican Party is NOT offering REAL freedom and opportunity, or any genuine alternative to the Democrats,  but rather a pale, anemic version of Marxist Democrat lite.

The Democrats at least will insure that you have bread on your table. The Republicans want to take away your bread WITHOUT  giving you the means to put your own bread on your own table - honest money, an honest market, etc.

What would this country look like with an HONEST money system, no intrusive/abusive income tax, welfare by healthy charity - NOT COERCION, no public indoctrination schools, no jury enslavement, no conscription, no taxation without consent, no monstrous Federal Franken-government terrorizing us and the rest of the planet? In short, what would this country look like and be with true freedom?

The Democrats have their own issues with Fascism (majority rule without inalienable individual rights) , but until the Republicans own up to their own Fascist, fraudulent, pseudo-conservative values, they and this country are doomed to degenerative Fascist/socialist hell that will only get worse in time. GOP - WAKE UP!!!

Tom in Talent (hope you read this on the radio)

FOX 35 News Orlando

No worries, Mr. President..We're all crying right along with you.


6:10 Blaire Briody, reporter for The Fiscal Times. We talk about the rise of legal marijuana "Pot-Enomics".

7:10 Roy Wright, Roy Wright Appraisal Service, 541-773-2006, and we talk the latest real estate sale stats, and they're continuing to look up.

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates, on the shift in the balance of power in the state legislature.

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