TUESDAY 11-13-2012 Petraeus talk, the housing "deal" for Cherry Creek, a good deal? State Rep. Sal Esquivel, and Curt Ankerberg talks w/Bill about the housing land swap "deal", other city screwups

Nov 13, 2012 -- 6:08pm

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ABOUT THOSE WHITEHOUSE.GOV "SECESSION PETITIONS" - Many folks are sending me the "States signing petition to secede from U.S. at whitehouse.gov" type of  stories. Don't get too excited about these, as they're just citizen volunteered petitions signed online, and Lord O. "promises to address them" when they get 25K signatures. (Uh-Huh...)

Now there are other petitions from people asking the president to deport people who sign the secession petitions. Understand, I appreciate the secession sentiments, every state should do this. But to have any real effect it needs done at the state level. Unfortunately, it's doubtful Blue State Oregon would ever consider detaching from the Obama mothership. Better to

GREAT PREPAREDNESS ARTICLE I READ: Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage


6:35 Michael Connelly, constitutional attorney for the U.S. Justics Foundation, USJF.net, and he blogs on http://michaelconnelly.jigsy.com/ topics are the U.N. propsal to control the internet, and what of the small arms treaty, too.

7:35 State Representative Sal Esquivel

8:10 Curt Ankerberg talkls w/me about the MURA/HAJC, and city's low income housing "deal". Looks to me like taxpayers are going to get hosed, unless they convince the council to just say "no" Thursday night.

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