TUESDAY 11-20-2012 Guests include Congressman Greg Walden, State Rep. Sal Esquivel, Tom Fitzgerald, who dishes on the REAL Ben Franklin.

Nov 20, 2012 -- 5:49am

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1) Walter Williams - Democracy and Majority Rule (What's so great about it, huh?)

2) Bob Livingston - Obamacare's Real Costs

3) Canadian man in vegetative 12-year coma - communicates with doctors. (Talked about it this morning)

MORE ON SECESSION FROM RON PAUL - interesting straight talk...

HEADS UP FOR TOMORROW'S SHOW - Steve the Marine is back on at 7:10 to talk more about the history of secession, and how historically, state sovereignty is anti-slavery. (Something you'll rarely hear from most collectivists)


6:35 Congressman Greg Walden on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, Benghazi's cover-up.

7:35 State Rep. Sal Esquivel investigates the new state-run archery range planned for the Denman Wildlife Refuge. Yep, more grant money and bureaucracy-building spending.

8:10 Tom Fitzgerald, author of "Poor Richard's Lament". It's a novel premised on founding father Ben Franklin having been in purgatory for a couple-hundred years, and getting placed in current America. Such an interesting concept, and Tom has forgotten more about the real Ben Franklin than most of us will ever know. It's getting great reviews, find out more here.

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