WEDNESDAY 11-28-2012 Guests include Rick Newman on the DC negotiations, Crimestoppers with Lt. Mike Budreau, Dave Dotterer explains the budget battles coming in Salem.

Nov 28, 2012 -- 1:48pm

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INTERESTING READ  - This dovetails with what we were talking about yesterday - what if guns are seized, etc.(Hat Tip to Jim Mark for this)

What to Expect: When the Shooting Begins

What if the prepper’s worse nightmare has come true?  The country has descended into total anarchy. All government infrastructures have collapsed, leaving the populace without police protection.  Groups of bandits roam at will and are openly committing every heinous act imaginable. You are armed and out in the open, when two bad guys jump out from behind cover and aim their weapons in your direction. What should you expect to happen when the shooting begins and, what can you do now to prepare for it?



6:35 Rick Newman, Chief Business Correspondent for U.S. News - How Washington May Ruin Christmas. Here's more on Rick's latest book Rebounders: How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Mike Budreau from MPD.

8:10 Dave Dotterer, Budget coordinator for the state house and senate republican caucuses. Good conversation about when is a "cut" really a spending "cut", and what the battle will be in January come session time.

8:45 BUSINESS INTERVIEW - Norico, engraver with the Goldsmith's Diamonds and Design, 606 Crater Lake Avenue in Medford. m

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