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THURSDAY 12-13-2012 Guests today include Steve Wolf from Discovery Channel's "Curiousity", Kevin Starrett on the shootings, Will Reishman talks the Bernanke news.

Dec 12, 2012 -- 7:41pm

THE "CLACKAMASSACRE", in perspective

Was reading some stats last night about democide in the 20th century, and couldn't help but think of the heated news coverage and comments about the Clackamas Town Center shootings of earlier this week. These horrible shootings are tragic, but in the grand scheme of things, relatively rare in a country of more than 300 million which purports to be free. Free does not mean "perfectly safe" at all times. (Although government always wants more of your freedom, and claims you'll be "safer" in return.)

What's concerning are calls to disarm normal folks. This flies in the face of the 2nd A's purpose, which is a "right to revolution", not merely about protecting yourself and/or duck hunting.

It is good to remember that the number one killer of people isn't the random disturbed crazy shooter, but government types endowed with government power. (Read more at )
Few question the "goodness" of the government gun and authority. History says do so at your peril.

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