WEDNESDAY 02-0-2012, We discuss the tasered dog walker, scams on local seniors, the hyped Facebook IPO, The opening of the Salem session.

Feb 01, 2012 -- 5:41pm


Ken in Grants Pass writes:

Bill, the state workers seem to be willing to leave the rest of us in the private sector, way behind in terms of quality of life.... did i hear our Representative correctly?? We have to pay their contracts terms, no matter what!!! NO exceptions!  Do reps and senators take part in PERS?. do they receive benefits ? As you pointed out, any contract can be renegotiated especially  if the contract terms are causing undo harm..  Are the people who make these agreements legally Qualified?.  No conflicting interest..?  What PERS recipient Judge ruled that We must pay?  

This country is starting to look like another third world country where the term "Government employee"  carries special  Powers  Will they start selling our houses so that we in the private sector Keep paying their bills, Or let us sweep the city side walks to help pay off our taxes?  The large amount of Gov employees and  government .contractors are killing this country or at least making things pretty miserable..  there are just too many of them.

Well, Ken, the answer is pretty much YES to all the above. A state of, by, and for the government worker...especially a TIER 1 employee. They won't seize your home to pay the unfunded liability, but most the public assets will probably find their way to the auction block. Sell the state forest land to pay for Mike Bellotti's pension? It could happen.


6:20 Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women's Forum, and we kick around her piece criticizing the feminist war on Disney Princesses. Read "Why Can't Girls Just Be Girls".

7:10 State Rep. Dennis Richardson (his website) with his take on the start of the legislative session.

7:35 Lt. Mike Budreau with Crimestoppers

8:10 Suzanne McGee,columnist for the Fiscal Times, and she writes on the 10 billion dollar Facebook IPO, "Get Beyond the Buzz".


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