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Jan 04, 2013 -- 5:38am

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Good information, still, from the founder of

He's right when he talks about there being fewer people with "skin in the game". However, we must be careful not to demonize people who don't pay federal taxes.  For much of our history most folks didn't pay federal income taxes. As originally set up, only the super-wealthy paid income taxes, by design. 

The problem we face is the social welfare system, which is a relatively new development of the last 60-70 years.  More specifically, the problem isn't "people with no skin in the game", or not paying federal income taxes, but rather that ANYONE in this country, no matter whether they have skin in the game or not, has an ability to force other people WITH skin in the game to pay for their "stuff". Strike at the root of the problem. Start cutting back on the social wealfare and government/corporate welfare at ALL levels, and the problem of "fairness" takes care of itself.


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