FRIDAY 01-18-2013 - Guests include John Wohlstetter discussing Hollywood violence getting a pass from the president, Senator Alan Bates on the 2nd A and mining, Anna Chaufe, Colleen Roberts, and Dave Jordan from Rogue Snowmobilers.

Jan 17, 2013 -- 8:05pm

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National Gun Appreciation Day is Saturday. KMED will be at Welburn's Weapons on Hwy 62 in White City Noon-2 to celebrate. We're signing up people to win the chance to buy a new AR-15 at "Pre-Panic" price of $855. (You could sell it for double) Must be present at 2pm to win. (Details at store) First 50 people there get KMED "Legalize the Constitution" T-Shirts, or a Welburn's Machine Gun Shoot hat. Plus the old Farmhouse Restaurant has a special meal during the appearance. It'll be fun!


6:35 Colleen Roberts, Upper Rogue Independent reporter, updates us on the latest County Commission meeting.

7:10 Anna Chaufe, contestant for the NW Plus America Pageant. Competing in the "Mrs." category. Good luck to her, and hope she's our area's rep!

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates on mining, 2nd A, listener calls.

8:10 Dave Jordan, Rogue Snowmobilers, and the state convention is at the Expo today and tomorrow.

8:20 John Wohlstetter, Letter from the Capitol blogger, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and we kick around Violence and Tinseltown.

This is the video sweeping the web (YouTube rates it "Offensive") raising some serious questions about the Sandy Hook massacre. Given the lack of real information released by government investigators, one could expect this to fill the vacuum. How much could be true? The video author, imo, reaches on some points, but other facts will have your head spinning for a while.

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