FRIDAY 02-01-2013 Guests include Bill Wilson from Americans for Limited Government, and thriller author Stephen Hunter.

Feb 01, 2013 -- 11:38am

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Imagine what happens today were a child to show up at school with Roy Roger's Quick Trigger Shooter Hat. Grief counsellors would be called to deal with the children traumatized by the "weapon". The SWAT team would cordon off the school, while the child "gunkid" would (due to zero-tolerance policies) be tasered and kicked out of school.

And as soon as we play with the hat, let's go ride bikes WITHOUT HELMETS!!


6:35 Bill Wilson, Americans for Limited Government, we talk about the new economic numbers, and how the FED can't print our way to recovery.

8:10 Stephen Hunter, author of THE THIRD BULLETwhich is his newest thriller, and his tough-as-nails sniper character "Bob Lee Swagger" has a fresh new take on one of history’s most infamous crimes, the Kennedy Assassination.

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