FRIDAY 02-08-2013 Guests include Oregon Firearm's Kevin Starrett, State Senators Bates and Baertschiger.

Feb 08, 2013 -- 12:35pm

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Hadn't watched any cable TV news shows while broadcasting in Vegas, but was surprised to observe Fox News Channel has completed its previously announced move to the (tyrannical) "center", and is not to be trusted.

Evidence - Bill O'Reilly pushes heavily for gun registration on today's show, quotes Quinnipiac polls of "69% of Americans support gun registration". Says it would make it easier to get convictions on people illegally using guns. Says "Public Safety trumps privacy". It's easy to discern how the "powers that be" are working their psychological-op on the republican sheep via that guy who claims to be "looking out for you".

THINK, people. In all the high-profile cases (which supposedly triggered the gun control debate), how would registration have affected them? NOT AT ALL. History proves registration leads to confiscation. The 2nd Amendment is simply about the people having the ability to resist their tyrannical government. The government database of your firearms negates this right.

Don't be fooled. God-given rights are not subject to either public opinion polls, or government permits. The drive to register, and eventually disarm the American people is, in my opinion, one of the goals of globalism. The American people must be knocked down, disarmed, and oppressed, in order to facillitate the one-world control grid. Armed, independent-thinking people who can resist, are definitely NOT part of the plan. 


Councilman John Michaels tells me that last night the City Council voted to do that Cherry Creek land swap deal with the HAJC. As he puts it - "We gave away a downtown parking lot trying to settle a private argument between the neighbors and Jackson County Housing Authority."  He adds that only one person rose in opposition to the plan. 

Gotta' tell you, I tried to raise a stink on the radio show over this, and no one cared. Apparently we're fine with crony insider land swaps to "preserve local neighborhoods" at the expense of everyone else.

I finally came down on HAJC should've had that development approved, not because it was a good idea, but that the development met the requirements for that land and shouldn't have been turned down. 

Even better long-term idea: Dismantle the Housing Authority. There is absolutely no need for a government authority to build low income housing. Let private businesses invest the capital, and build and manage the units. Yes, I realize this wouldn't build government fiefdoms, hence it's a non-starter, but I can dream, can't I?

RESTORE THE 4th AMENDMENT (And All the rest, while you're at it)

John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute breaks it down.


7:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - Firearms party at the Salem Capitol building today, more on the gun issues.

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates followed by State Senator Herman Baertschiger. Bates discusses budget issues at the session, while Baertschiger has criticism of Bates' bill, SB401, which Baertschiger opposes over property rights and economic issues. 

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