WEDNESDAY 02-20-2013 - Guests are NOVA's Miles O'Brien, Jonathan Webb, (Want to lose weight and get healthier? - STAND UP at work) Crimestoppers, Rep. Richardson and Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation

Feb 20, 2013 -- 5:00pm

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MY 8:35 guest, Kevin Starrett, takes on a critic...


6:20 Miles O'Brien, NOVA correspondent, and we discuss tonight's NOVA episode "MIND OF A RAMPAGE KILLER", as scientists and psychiatrists dig into what might trigger mass killers.

7:10 Jonathan Webb. Vice President of Business Markets for KI, an employee owned Made in the USA furniture manufacturing company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Martha Grogan, sitting has become the new smoking-the risk of heart attack from smoking is the same as those for people who sit most of the day. KI manufactures the hot-trending office furniture: Stand/Sit furniture.

7:35 Lt. Budreau with Crimestoppers

8:10 State Rep. Dennis Richardson, updating the Salem legislative session. Sign up for his newsletter on

8:35 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - topic is Portland officials driving to close a "loophole" (their words) and making sure that gun owners who have restraining orders taken out against them (no proof needed) would automatically lose their gun rights.

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