TUESDAY 02-26-2013 - Guests: Thomas Peters, National Organization for Marriage, Sal Esquivel, Chris Hudson and Steve Rouse (Asphalt Plant controversy) and Chris and Shannon Lane.

Feb 26, 2013 -- 10:51am

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I interview Steve Vaus tomorrow on the show  (8:35)

Steve Grew up in Grants Pass, and it looks like the southern Oregon 'tude "took".


6:15 Thomas Peters - National Organization for Marriage - March 26th they march on D.C.the same day the Proposition 8 marriage case is heard before the Supreme Course.

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7:10 Rep. Sal Esquivel, We talk HB3200, Tuition Equity Bill, Columbia River Crossing.

7:35 Steve Rouse, Rogue Advocates, and Chris Hudson, owner of Mt. View Estates in Talent. They give their side of the story regarding Mt. View Paving, controversy over noise, fumes, etc.

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8:10 Chris and Shannon Lane, inventors and manufactures of Plate Locks. Very cool invention to button down those steel plates at road construction sites, without the use of cold patch asphalt.

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