TUESDAY 03-26-2013

Mar 26, 2013 -- 3:01pm

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EVERYONE KNOWS - We spend trillions of dollars building out the internew so we can share cat videos. Here's another one!

Notice that they never show the part where the cat tears tthe throat out of the gentle owl. :)


6:20 Lis Wiehl, legal analyst, Fox News star, and author of "A Matter of Trust" A Matter of Trustis the first in a new series of legal thrillers from Wiehl and Henry, called “Mia Quinn Mystery.” The main character of the series, Mia Quinn, is based on the life of author Lis Wiehl.

6:35 Charlotte Hays, Independent Womens Forum - is the real war on men? She indicates there's certainly no war on women.

7:10 Rep. Sal Esquivel - latest from Salem

7:35 Tom Partin, president of the American Forest Resource Council - Wyden's tribe and timber plan, more needed done for the timber counties.

8:10 James Hirsen, attorney, media critic, excellent thinker -  (jameshirsen.com)  Critics Bristle at Patriotism in "Olympus Has Fallen".

8:45 Dave Richardson. more "Boat Talk" with  Superior Marine, 1385 Justice Road off Crater Lake Highway. 541-776-0922. Today we discuss the ways you can figure out the best TYPE of boat for you. 

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