FRIDAY 6-28-2013

Jun 28, 2013 -- 6:13pm

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The news coming out of Grants Pass is about as sad as it gets. A 5-year old Grants Pass girl dies, a 44-year old woman is hurt after a man allegedly fires off some kind of assault-style rifle in an apartment on C Street. Police say a transient, 30-year old Jon Andrew Meyer Jr., fired the rifle from a lower apartment, and the rounds penetrated the ceiling, striking, and eventually killing the girl. The woman is recovering at Three Rivers Hospital.

Anytime there is a firearm story, media often gets the story wrong, so it's best to be careful on the reporting. One of the charges puzzled me. The suspect had been charged with unlawful possession of a machine gun. Knowing that true machine guns are extremely rare, heavily taxed and licensed, and very expensive, (starting at 5-10 thousand dollars) I wondered what was the real story, given the odds of a 30-year old transient possessing such a weapon are slim.

Late this morning (Friday) Deputy Chief Bill Landis in Grants Pass told me that there is no confirmation on the exact type of firearm used. It is believed to be a fully automatic rifle, unknown whether it came from the factory that way, or was modified illegally after the fact.

Know that this is a preliminary investigation, and the rifle will be test-fired to confirm or refute the charge of unlawful possession of a machine gun. We'll keep you informed as more details become available. 

One thing we know for sure - A precious little girl is dead, and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.


7:10 David Teater Senior Director, Transportation Initiatives at the National Safety Council, discusses distracted driving, is the site for their teen site focused on eliminating the text and driving problem.

7:20 EJ Snyder – contestant on Discovery’s Naked & Afraid - Real survival experts dropped in Africa for 21 days. Male/Female, no clothes, only 1 personal item. A real hoot!

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates discusses the process as the session starts to wind down.

8:10 Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams - Dry, and the recent irrigation water call is making it drier. (Maybe even here, eventually?)

8:35  Justin Libby and attorney Nathan Wente, Justin is one of two twin security guards who found themselves in a bit of hot water back in January. Charges were dropped yesterday.



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