THURSDAY 7-11-2013

Jul 11, 2013 -- 3:09pm

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Interesting video - a lot of folks having problem with gluten in their diet, and the problem is getting worse.

I recall Joel Salitan, noted clean farming advocate, saying the reason we have problems with gluten is that in the old days, you'd cut the wheat, and it would sit for a few days, and during that time the gluten would ferment. He says that's why we didn't have the problems with wheat in earlier times.


6:45 Gayle Trotter, attorney with the Independent Women's Forum (great site, btw). Today we talk about her new Daily Caller op-ed  "Five Reasons to Pull the Plug on Obamacare".

7:10 Diana Anderson, Lois Maxwell, long-time teachers who explain the dangers of "Common Core Curriculum", and why this must be stopped, even to the point of pulling your children out of government school.

8:45 John Fund, respected Washington political analyst, Fox News Contributor & Best Selling Author Senior Editor for the American Spectator, National Affairs Columnist for the National Review Online. He's in Medford tomorrow night speaking at a GOP fundraiser at the Red Lion. He'll discuss Obama's political scandals, and their effects on the 2014 election. Tickets are $50 per person, more information HERE!

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