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WEDNESDAY 8-14-2013

Aug 14, 2013 -- 12:04pm

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John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute, talked with him yesterday about "A Government of Wolves". This opinion piece dovetails well with our conversation this morning about the "trouble with kids". One listener quipped about a rock and roller who said "What do kids have to rebel against...they're not doing anything?"

Perhaps THAT's the not have them do be compliant.


Was reading an interview with Pretty Good Privacy inventor Phil Zimmerman and regarding the NSA: "The ability of computers to track us doubles every eighteen have got blind forces of Moore’s Law hooked up to a focused policy of surveillance and that is a terrible combination."

He also noted in this interview  that he wouldn't care if China were listening to us, cause they can't put us in jail, etc. He noted that all governments have needed to surveil other governments to stay in the know about possible threats.

Zimmerman is right, as the danger is when your own government, who can and DOES put people in jail, turns its surveillance on its own people. (and its own politicians, which explains state apologists such as Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Peter King, and others...Imo they're controlled)

Read the whole interview


7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 State Rep., and gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson, on the campaign trail. More at his website.

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