WEDNESDAY 8-21-2013

Aug 21, 2013 -- 11:37am

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BREAKING NEWS -Sandy Cassinelli walks into the Jo Co Commission meeting today w/$5400 to pay for a voter's pamphlet for the fall election. Question: Will the BOCC give in and give the voters a pamphlet now? The commission has been solidly against a pamphlet for this fall's vote. Some say this is due to the cost, while others say it's more about only getting the county's side out. This is all about the controversy over the county solid waste ordinances and going to Jackson County-style code enforcement cops.  We'll have more on this issue on tomorrow's show.


6:15 Dan Isett, Parents TV Council - Cable Choice legislation, ESPN is 2% of viewers, yet pushes 20% of the wholesale cost of your cable/satellite bill each month. Time to end the bundle.

7:10 Greg Roberts, Rogue, Bierwiler firing, look for consolidation in local fire departments.

7:35 Crimestoppers

8:10 State Rep. and gubernatorial candidate  Dennis Richardson (Have you donated yet?)



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