TUESDAY 9-10-2013

Sep 10, 2013 -- 3:24pm

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President speaks tonight at 6pm on Syria. Listener writes me:Please let me know if you're planning to carry the Michael Savage show tonight..in lieu of the President’s speech AND if you stream your broadcast. Thanks.

I wrote him back: You think I'd give up Savage's reaction to the president to carry the president instead? Perish the thought. Yes, we'll carry Michael live. Streamed on KMED.com!

Meanwhile, Jackson County D.A. Beth Heckert orders the City of Medford to cough up all the details on the secret firing agreement for Medford's former Fire Chief. This is a good thing..public money should mean public knowledge. Now then, if the good D.A. could get to the bottom of Greg Hartley, the man from Ashland in Jackson County Jail 50+ days over a fake rape charge. Let's get THOSE details out in public, too! Unbeliebvable incompetence, or evil anti-man agenda, or both. What is it, guys??



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