FRIDAY 9-13-13

Sep 13, 2013 -- 7:29pm

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It's a really interesting video primer on fiat currency...Worth a half hour of your times.


7:10 Steve Swanson of the Swanson Group, and he's talking today on behalf of Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities. Asks that you get in touch with Senator Ron Wyden, and ask him to support the bi-partisan timber bill, get some work started in the O&C lands.

7:35 State Senator Bates discusses Pharma drug sales in the state, other gov issues.

8:20 Garth and Rosemary Harrington promoting a really sweet event "Light The Winter Fires Luau" for St. Vincent de Paul.There are still tickets available. It helps pay for SVDP's emergency fund. (Rose is one of the "filters", and keeps the scammers away & makes sure the truly needy get help.)

8:50 James Romano with Fire Cirkl. What an interesting man, and his brewery is the ONLY USDA certified organic brewery in southern Oregon. Most famous for his "Dragon's Blood" Braggot. I'm going to go try some!

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