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Conspiracy Theory Thursday: Smart Meters (EVIDENCE)




Smart Meters Part III: “Consumer Opt Outs”

Bill’s Guests for: Friday, January 26, 2018:

“It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!”

                                       – Rebecca Black

6:35: Kerry Lutz, attorney and entrepreneur talks with Bill this morning about Blockchain.

We just attended the North American Bitcoin conference in beautiful Miami Florida. Over 4,000 people attended. There were more millennial billionaires in one place then we’ll ever see again in my life. 30 plus companies/block chain purveyors presented at a cost of $20,000 per 15 minutes. Our good friend Jeff Berwick was present preaching his anarcho-capitalist way of life, and was very well received. Everyone presenter had a similar story to tell/sell. The block chain is revolutionizing commerce, law, banking, investing and any other sector of the life that you can think of.

READ: “The Future Belongs To Blockchain.” And, you can check out Kerry’s podcast at the Financial Survival Network.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report.

7:15: Curtis Ellis, former Chairman of The American Jobs Council, and current Sr. Policy Advisor for America First Policies talks with Bill. Today, we talk about how President Donald Trump takes it to the Davos Party!

You can check out more at: AmericaFirstPolicies.org.

7:35: Rob Schlapfer of “The Weekly Talk,” now talks with Bill.

You know? There’s a worrying trend at universities throughout the country: students attacking FREE SPEECH. They’ve been catalyzed by ideas from professors advocating critical theories about “social justice”. They’re challenging our basic rights.

Having the freedom to express oneself is the defining trait of being an American. Free speech is our most basic right. But a *well-intended* effort to protect the dignity of disadvantaged students compromises that libertarian principle enshrined in our Constitution. It raises important questions:

What do we do about “speech” that we find deeply offensive?

Do we shout down speakers we disagree with, effectively preventing them from exercising *their* basic right under The Law? May we use violence?

Does it matter that there can be real psychological damage done through the force of our words? Can we criminalize people’s emotions by penalizing “hate speech”? And if so, how do we define it?

Should universities alter their historic mission as centers of viewpoint diversity and open dialogue to become “safe spaces” where social justice matters more than truth?

Join us at The Weekly TALK Saturday, January 27th @3PM in the Medford Library’s Large Auditorium as we ask “What Happened To FREE SPEECH?”  More information TheWeeklyTalk.info.

8:10: Curt Ankerberg, local CPA, former Medford City Council candidate and loyal Bill Meyer Show listener chats with Bill this morning.

Curt is here to tell you about last night’s Medford City Council study session.

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, January 25, 2018:

6:15: Megan Barth, Founder and Proprietor of ReaganBabe.com talks with Bill today. Are there any issues on the reporting of the Las Vegas mass shooting?

“Stephen Paddock gambled large sums of money, kept child pornography on his computer and purchased more than 55 weapons in the year leading up to the largest mass shooting in modern American history.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released an 81-page report that revealed fresh insights into the behaviors and patterns of Paddock prior to the night he opened fire from his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay on Oct. 1, killing 58 people. In all, 871 people were injured, with 422 suffering gunshot wounds.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo — holding his first news conference since mid-October — said he hoped the report would help answer some lingering questions that have given extended life to a variety of conspiracy theories that included the rumor of the massacre being tied to Islamic State or terrorism.

“There was one shooter in the 1 October massacre,” Lombardo said. “There was only one person responsible — and that was Stephen Paddock.”

Check out more at: ReaganBabe.com.

7:10: Richard Marshall, a Northern California rancher and President of the Siskiyou County Water Users Association chats with Bill.

Richard and the SCWUA is leading the fight to keep the Klamath River Dams from being removed.

Read the article, written by Capt. Bill Simpson on the subject at: MyOutdoorBuddy.com.

8:10: Stefan Bird, President & CEO of Pacific Power joins Bill live in studio.

Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, January 24, 2018:

7:10: Michelle Owens, Attorney and Spokesperson for Stop Abusive & Violent Environments chats with Bill this morning.

SAVE has just issued a special report calling on investigators to eliminate biased investigative methods in sexual assault cases.

READ: “’Believe The Victim’ Mentality Undermines Justice”

“Believe The Victim”

Ask Aziz How That Worked Out

In the News…

Does the Aziz Ansari story signal the end of the #MeToo Movement? 
Politicians introduce Bill to fund “Junk Science” in rape investigations Call it ‘Believe the Victim’ Investigations” or “Trauma Informed Police Training”, either way is the worst thing to ever happen to the American Justice System, and you can thank the #MeToo Thinkers for it. Make no mistake. This is an attempt to put a finger on the scales of justice.

In the last few days we saw the story of Aziz Ansari unfold. His job, his life, his reputation all threatened in this #MeToo-Twitter Rage-Rush to Judgement-World… all because he had a bad date with someone of the #MeToo Mentality.  Attorney Michelle Owens with SAVE says “The #MeToo movement jumped the shark with the Aziz story, and it’s just one of many examples that I’ve witnessed in court and colleges where it clearly demonstrates why you can’t always ‘believe the victim’ and why we need fair and impartial judges, juries, and especially police investigations.”

Sadly, there is a movement to change the very core of the American Justice System, and it’s receiving backing by both Democrats and Republicans. Just last week SAVE Stop Abusive and Violent Environments  and CPI Center for Prosecutor Integrity wrote a letter asking Senator Cornyn to stop his “trauma-informed” funding bill. This movement has momentum, and it’s frightening.

7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department joins Bill, live in studio, to bring to you the Southern Oregon Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Filmmaker David Rosler talks with Bill today. David is the East Coast Producer and Director of a new and very exciting kind of faith-based motion picture called “Orbiter.”

“Orbiter” is a live-action, stereoscopic 3D, Tom Clancy-style political thriller which takes place on the International Space Station as World War III breaks out on the surface of the earth. Among other objectives, Orbiter is being created to reach the younger generations in theaters with strong Christian messages embedded in movies really worth watching. See how Orbiter’s production values stand up against both other Christian films as well as the biggest motion pictures Hollywood has offered in recent years.

However, there seems to be an effort by social media to censor any mention of the film, thereby making it difficult for the filmmakers to raise competition funding via the internet. David is here now to discuss a “call to action,” for everyone to contact President Donald Trump to call out Twitter and other social media outlets on this issue during his State of The Union Address.

READ: “Independent Filmmaker: Pres. Trump must call out Twitter over censorship at SOTU.”

The proven and indisputable fact that Facebook and Twitter have totally censored Orbiter’s efforts to get completion funding, as is the way of everyone now, from the biggest Hollywood names to the smallest independents, by using social media, is one of the biggest censorship stories the United States has seen in decades. But the positive and inspiring part of the story is that David is taking action to help Congress restore freedom on the internet by working directly with congressional offices.

See http://www.orbitermovie.com/facebook-and-twitter-censors christians.html

8:45: Alan Cippola of Caveman Fence in Grants Pass comes into the studio for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?”

Caveman Fence serves all of Southern Oregon. Give them a call at: 541-474-0302 and of course, online at: CavemanFence.com.

Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, January 23, 2018:

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian thinker talks with Bill this morning. Eric has a new article on his website: EPAutos.com that talks about just who profits from the loss of our privacy.

READ:Who Profits From The Loss Of Our Privacy?

And, don’t forget. You can read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks and bikes, all over at EPAutos.com.

7:35: Oregon State Representative Sal Esquivel (R-Medford) talks with Bill. Today is election day, and Sal is here to give a final push for a “no” vote on Measure 101. We’ll also talk about the effort to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary city law. You can help out by signing the petition at: StopOregonSanctuaries.org.

8:35: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation joins Bill by phone. Kevin is here to talk with Bill about the first of the anti-gun bills of the 2018 Oregon Legislative session.

You can find out more, and join the cause at: OregonFirearms.org.

Bill’s Guests for: Monday, January 22, 2018:

6:15: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government brings to you a Swamp update from Washington D.C. So, it’s the third day of the Schumer Shutdown. What’s next? Rick will fill you in.

See more at GetLiberty.org, and NetRightDaily.com.

6:35: Susan Dudley, Director of George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center talks with Bill today.

According to a new report by the Weekly Standard, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ordering employees at the Department of Justice to “scrupulously follow the rule-making process provided by Congress” after years of agencies using “guidance” memos to regulate without authorization from Congress and to circumvent required processes like allowing public comment before finalizing regulations. Last month, AG Sessions “announced he had withdrawn some 25 guidance documents, dating to 1975, that the department judged to be ‘improper’ or ‘unnecessary’ (meaning outdated).” Session’s move highlighted the federal government’s bad habit of ignoring issues of statutory authority and process to “coerce” regulated entities into submitting to the government’s policy preferences. The Weekly Standard writes now that Sessions has moved against the coercive use of “guidance” to skirt issues related to authority and process “it is up to each department and agency whether to follow his example.”

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

7:20: Peter Gendron, President of The Sun Growers’ Guild joins Bill in studio today. Peter is here today to respond to a five county cannabis tax, which is being promoted by Josephine County Commission Board Chair Dan DeYoung.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law and local historian joins Bill, live in studio, for today’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.” Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Dr. Powers’ latest work: “Where Past Meets Present,” at Hellgate Press.


Lisa Rinna: The Medford Actress That Made It.


Dennis Powers

Born on July 11, 1963, in Newport Beach, California, Lisa Rinna grew up in Medford, Oregon, after her family moved there. Her father, Frank Rinna, had graduated summa cum laude from the California College of Arts and Crafts; after working for the San Francisco Chronicle in the early1950s for five years as a staff artist, he freelanced on agency accounts for Chevron, PG&E, Pittsburgh Paint, and Harry & David. While working on Harry & David, he was offered the job of Executive Art Director, which involved moving to Medford. Frank retired in 1988 with his famed watercolors featured at the Britt and in different private collections.

A cheerleader from junior high through high school, Lisa attended Medford elementary school, junior high school and graduated in 1981 from Medford Senior High school. While in high school, she acted in shows as “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Hair”. While there, she dreamed of “a more fabulous life.” She studied drama at the University of Oregon after high school, but dropped out after her first term when she was denied entry to the advanced acting program.

She moved to San Francisco, where she pursued, and found, a modeling career. In 1986, she had her lips injected with silicone on a whim for that “pillowy” look, along with a “real big ‘boob’ job.” In 1987, she switched gears and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, landing early roles on TV commercials, guest appearances on “Baywatch,” and appearing in low-budget movies. In 1989, Rinna appeared on her first TV show, “The Hogan Family,” starring Jason Bateman.

Her career took off in 1992 when she took on the role of Billie Reed on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” This role earned her back-to-back Soap Opera Digest awards in 1994 and 1995, including “Outstanding Female Newcomer.” Following her departure from “Days,” Lisa moved to Fox’s prime-time soap “Melrose Place” in 1996. On “Melrose,” she played the scheming Taylor McBride; this character was also an instant hit and she soon met her future husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

Hamlin had graduated from Yale University with a BA in Drama and Psychology in 1974. He then attended the American Conservatory Theatre’s Advanced Actor Training Program from which he was subsequently awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. Hamlin appeared in the 1976 television production of “Taming of the Shrew” and also had the title role in the 1979 television miniseries “Studs Lonigan”—but his big-screen break was the starring role in the 1981 Greek mythology fantasy epic “Clash of the Titans.”

Afterwards, his career faltered but he returned to television in two miniseries, “Master of the Game” and “Space” (based on the novel by James A. Michener). Following this, Hamlin’s popularity skyrocketed when he starred on the highly popular NBC legal drama series “L.A. Law,” as the principled attorney Michael Kuzak from 1986 to 1991, during which time he was voted as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1987. He decided to leave the series and tried to revive his movie career; however, this was unsuccessful and so far he has only starred in B movies and direct-to-video features. Lisa and Harry married in 1997.

In 1998, Rinna created a stir when she posed for a nude cover while six months pregnant (with daughter Delilah Belle; she gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Amelia Gray, in 2001) in the September issue of Playboy magazine. She posed again and was again the cover model in May, 2009—this time in a skimpy leotard, suit jacket, lacy peek-a-boo bra, and fishnets.

After “Melrose Place,” she hosted or co-hosted several TV shows, including “Soap Talk” for which she earned four Emmy nominations in the “Outstanding Talk Show Host” category. In 2006, Rinna joined the cast of the second season of “Dancing with the Stars” as one of the celebrity competitors. The appearance helped her (and Hamlin, who was on DWTS during season 3) land the lead role in Broadway’s “Chicago” in 2007—the same year she began her duties as the red-carpet commentator for the TV Guide Network at such events as the Emmy Awards.

More recently, Rinna has written three books, released a series of exercise DVDs, launched a fashion collection (Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna) on TV’s QVC, had a reality show with her husband (“Harry Loves Lisa”) for six episodes, served as Anderson Cooper’s co-host on his daytime talk show—and continues as a lead in the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

There is no question that Lisa has used her exotic looks, infectious energy, and savvy business acumen to become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood—and still visiting her family and friends in Medford.

Sources: Wikipedia, “Harry Hamlin” at Harry Hamlin; Clive Twitchell, “Britt-Poster Artist,” at Father (Frank Rinna); Bill Varble, “Medford’s Lisa Rinna joins ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’”, Mail Tribune, November 28, 2014 at Overview; “Lisa Rinna Bio” at Lisa Rinna (Bio); and “Bio: Lisa Rinna” at More Lisa Rinna (Bio).