10-22 to 10-26-2018


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My Picks on the Ballot Measures:

Measure 102 – Bonding Authority for Affordable Housing – NO, Housing is less affordable because of state land use control and high SDC and other fees. Getting cities and counties (and taxpayers) in bed with local developers for affordable housing is a bad idea. The people supporting this measure include a phalanx of gang green, tax-wasting, hard left unionized and other usual suspects controlling Oregon.

Measure 103 – No Sales Tax permitted on Groceries – YES – some say making sure Groceries can’t be taxed helps pave the way for a future sales tax on everything else. I’m not buying those fears..

Measure 104 – Defines raising revenue for the three-fifths vote requirement for bills raising revenue. YES – Dems have been playing games in the legislature, raising taxes without the required 3/5 majority by claiming that they’re not raising taxes, just reducing DEDUCTIONS, for example, which raises taxes. This fixes that B.S.

Measure 105 – Repeals law forbidding state resources from being used to apprehend persons violating federal immigration laws (No Sanctuary State/Cities) a super big YES!

Measure 106 – Prohibits public funds from being spent on abortions. Does not ban abortions, but if you want an abortion, pay for it yourself. YES!

Jackson County 15-181 – Expands Definition of Firearms and Limits Enforcement of Firearms Laws – YES

The Jacksonville Meals Tax, the Ashland and Eagle Point School Bonds? If you live there, it’s your business, but I’d vote no on all of them. Especially Ashland – Declining enrollment, and raising school taxes again? But that’s your call. We’re all still in love with polishing the dead fish of government school education, and hoping new buildings will lead to new accomplishment. It just never seems to work out that way. I predict 10 years from now, way fewer children will go to brick and mortar schools.

Bill’s Guests: Friday, October 26, 2018

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill. It’s the Weekly Swamp Update from Washington D.C. with Rick Manning from ALG.

You can find more information at: GetLiberty.org, and DailyTorch.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you the Friday, Outdoor Report.

8:10: Norman Rogers, retired physicist and author of: “Dumb Energy: A Critique of Wind and Solar Energy,” talks with Bill.

Wind Farms CAUSE global warming? Could be? Click here to read a recent study.

Wind and solar energy have negative economic value. An objective analysis of the economics involved show that wind and solar are heavily subsidized. Some of the subsidies are open, but much of the subsidy is hidden from the public. There are special tax deals and sweetheart power purchase agreements. Although wind and solar are promoted as a low carbon solution, they are a remarkably expensive way to reduce carbon emissions. The erratic nature of wind and solar means it is necessary to have a dual system – the wind or solar, and in addition, a conventional system to backup the erratic wind or solar. Sometimes the wind does not blow. The sun does not shine when it is cloudy, or at night.

Extensive lobbying and outright propaganda has convinced the public that it is a good idea to spend billions on this dumb wind and solar energy. The facts and figures are in this book, in an easily-understood format.

Get your copy of: “Dumb Energy: A Critique of Wind and Solar Energy.”


You can see more at: DumbEnergy.com or ClimateViews.com.

Follow Norman on Twitter: @Dumb_Energy

8:45: Jessica Barney, is here today to talk nominations for this year’s Medford School District Golden Pear Awards, featuring KOOL 103’s own Don Hurley! The deadline is in one week!

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, October 25, 2018

6:35: R.J. Haussman, Director of Government Relations for the Federation for American Immigration Reform talks with Bill.

So, what exactly can President Trump do, to stop the advance of a large caravan of migrants from Central America, as they march toward the U.S. border with Mexico? We’ll talk with R.J. about it.

Congress Must Return to Washington Immediately to Address Migrant Caravan, FAIR Says

(October 24, 2018, Washington, D.C.) — President Trump must urge lawmakers to return from the campaign trail and address the glaring loopholes in our asylum and immigration laws that are being used to promote an organized assault on our nation’s border. Ignoring the current crisis to focus on reelection would amount to a complete abrogation of their duty to secure our borders and a huge breach of the public trust.

The “caravan” of an estimated 7,000 Central American migrants has now crossed into Mexico with the declared intention of reaching the U.S. border where the migrants intend to seek political asylum. The impetus for this latest caravan is not a humanitarian crisis in Central America, but rather, as accurately described by the Wall Street Journal, an organized stunt by political agitators who are intent on using migration as “a political weapon to foment border chaos.”

“This assault on the sovereignty of the United States demands the immediate attention of Congress,” declared Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “This staged caravan of migrants meets the definition of an invasion of our nation, even if the organizers’ foot soldiers are unarmed.”

Caravan organizers and participants are openly seeking to take advantage of loopholes in our policies that allow people to seek asylum even when there is no prima facie evidence of political persecution, and court settlements that, for all practical purposes, allow adults to use children as get out of jail free cards.

“Quite frankly, Congress has not done its job. Congress has known for a long time that people have been lodging specious asylum claims for the expressed purpose of gaining entry to the United States. Congress is well aware that judicial limits on the amount of time minors may be detained is an engraved invitation for people to arrive at the border with children in tow. Congress can fix these loopholes anytime they are prepared to uphold their constitutional responsibilities, and with a looming crisis at the border it is time to come back to the Capitol and act,” said Stein.

The United States has no humanitarian obligation to allow its asylum and immigration laws to be abused by those seeking to use migration as political weapon:

  • The vast majority of caravan participants, by their own admission, indicate that they are heading to the United States for economic, not political reasons.
  • The Mexican government has offered the migrants the opportunity to seek political asylum in their country, but their offers have been largely refused by participants.
  • Political organizers on both sides of the border are openly coaching migrants about what they need to say to establish a “credible fear” claim and gain their release into the United States.

“If the political operatives behind this caravan succeed, it will quickly be followed by more and larger migrant caravans. Even construction of a border wall – which could take years to complete – would be ineffective in preventing these organized incursions so long as our asylum and immigration laws can be so easily abused,” Stein concluded.

7:10: Sandy Cassannelli, former Josephine County Commissioner, and candidate for Josephine County Clerk talks with Bill today. We’ll be talking about a brew-ha ha, the developed, during a county commissioners meeting the other day.

8:10: Dr. Michael Guillen, Harvard physicist and author/journalist is here today to talk about his book: “The End of Life as We Know It: Ominous News from the Frontiers of Science.”

Emmy-award-winning science journalist Michael Guillen is here to tell you that science has gone much too far. In labs all over the world, scientific advances threaten to fundamentally change our lives – and to provoke the wrath of God.

Through the lenses of his staunch Christian faith, Guillen’s The End of Life as We Know It: Ominous News from the Frontiers of Science, takes us on a mesmerizing journey behind today’s blaring headlines, examines scientific advancements, and exposes them for what they have truly become.

In The End of Life as We Know It, Michael Guillen explores…

THE ROBOT – how artificial intelligence truly stacks up to natural, human intelligence – and why a human revolution is an even greater possibility than a robot revolution

THE SPY  – how average people voluntarily and happily destroy our vanishing privacy

THE WEB – how an invention meant to bring us together is tearing us apart

THE FRANKENSTEIN – why our good intentions are even more dangerous than our bad ones…and how they are ending the sacredness of life

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

6:35: Tara Ross, attorney and author of the book: “The Indispensable Electoral College,” talks with Bill today.

Democrat Party darling and self-proclaimed democratic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that the Electoral College must be abolished. This would only allow for mob-rule in the United States. We’ll talk with Tara about that, and just how important the Electoral College is to our country.

Get more information, and get your copy of Tara’s book over at: TaraRoss.com.

7:35: Lt. Mike Budreau, of the Medford Police Department comes into the studio for today’s Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist, Libertarian thinker and car guy talks with Bill today. Today we’ll be talking with Eric about the Turbo Tax, (not the software), and the REAL cost of owning an electric vehicle.

You can read the article, and see Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUV’s and bikes, all over at: EPAutos.com.


Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7:10: Jonathan Knapp, a candidate for Josephine County Sheriff joins Bill, live in studio.

Would you like to know more?

7:35: Kim Wallan, Medford City Councilor and candidate for U.S. Congress for Oregon comes into the studio today.

Would you like to know more?

8:10: Mr. X, crack researcher, Gang Green shenanigan expert, and all around nice guy, drops by the studio today. So, did President Trump just throw a monkey wrench into the plans to take out the Klamath dams? We’ll talk all about it. Here’s the Presidential Memorandum

And here’s another story about it –

8:35: Randall Barrett, from NoSmartMeter.org comes by the studio to talk about the dustup between Josephine County and Pacific Power, over a proposed county ordinance that would waive the opt-out fees for county residents. Evidently, Pacific Power doesn’t like that too much. We’ll talk with Randall about it.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, October 22, 2018

6:35: Bill Hunker, a Josephine County resident talks with Bill. Bill would like to talk with you today about a statement that he wanted to present to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners at their last meeting regarding the Sheriff’s Department.

6:45: Jim Ludwick with Oregonians for Immigration Reform talks with Bill. Today, we’ll be talking with Jim about Measure 105, which would go to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary state staus, and those who are contributing money to fight it.

You can find more information over at OregonIR.org.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com calls in to tbring to you the Monday Outdoor report.

7:35: Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner talks with Bill, live in studio. Colleen is running for re-election and we’ll be talking today about current local issues facing Jackson County.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law and local historian joins Bill, live in studio, for today’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.” Get more great content, and check out Dr. Powers’ other works over at: DennisPowersBooks.com.

The Columbus Day Storm of 1962

The Columbus Day Storm that struck the Pacific Northwest on October 12, 1962, with its hurricane-force winds was the most powerful windstorm to hit in its recorded history. This “extra-tropical cyclone” killed 46 people and caused $250 million in property damages alone (in 1962 dollars)$200 million in Oregonin a deadly swath from San Francisco Bay to Canada with gales gusting as high as 179 miles per hour.

In a deadly, rare combination of conditions, it had started a week earlier as Typhoon Freda in the southwest Pacific tropics. When that warm, moist air met a cold-air stream from the Gulf of Alaskaalong with cold air from the northerly latitudesthese conditions intensified and caused a storm of biblical proportions. More than 15 billion board feet of timber overall was flattenedworth an estimated $750 millionfrom Northern California to Western Montana. That’s enough wood to replace 300,000 homes and three times greater than the number of trees knocked over in the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

The howling winds hit highs of 179 mph at Cape Blanco, 116 mph in Portland, 96 mph in Astoria, 88 mph in Tacoma, and 138 mph in Newport. The Seattle Space Needle swayed, windows buckled, and a loud-speaker blared warnings of 80 mph winds. Airplanes were flipped over at Portland Airport and buildings lost all of their windows; bridges were crumpled, trees crushed cars, shattered glass severely injured those in the way, fishing boats capsized, and an escaped lioness even attacked one boy.

Over 100 million board feet of timber was flattened in the Rogue River National Forest. In Medford, the winds gusted to 58 mph, greater in the mountains. Highways were plugged with fallen trees, some 5-feet in diameter with trees in the forests stacked 20 feet high. Families with small children huddled inside windowless homes and stared as huge trees snapped into the Rogue River. Like many across the state, people cooked in their fireplaces, as electricity was out throughout entire towns. All of the plate-glass windows inside one downtown Medford car dealership crashed to the floor after a customer opened the door, reducing the inside pressure.

Although removing felled trees, replacing glass, and repairing roofs and buildings took time, the memories of that “storm of storms” still remains. Weather experts say that a storm of that magnitude happening today, moreover, would have a severer impact due to the larger population and greatly expanded infrastructure.

Sources: Paul Fattig, “All Hell Broke Loose,” Mail Tribune, October 12, 2012; Jeff LaLande, Oregon Encyclopedia: “Columbus Day Storm (1962)” at Pacific Northwest Impact.