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Bill Meyer Show with Garth & Rosemary Harrington: Guests for: Friday, December 28, 2018

7:20: Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler joins Rose and Garth in studio today to talk about new developments in the saga of a new county jail.

If you have any questions you can call Sheriff Sickler at: 541-770-8923. Or, you can email him at: sicklenj@jacksoncounty.org

Bill Meyer Show with Garth & Rosemary Harrington: Guests for: Wednesday, December 26, 2018:

7:20: Chief Tighe O’Meara, of the Ashland Police Department stops by the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week with Rose and Garth today. Today, we’ll be re-visiting the savage murder that shocked the entire Valley, nearly 8 years ago. The murder of David Grubbs.

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Is This Appropriate Material For K-3 Children?

3rdGradSensitive Material

Bill’s Guests: Friday, December 21, 2018

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government brings to you the Weekly Swamp Update from Mordor on The Potomac.

Today, we’ll be talking about how President Trump CAN get a border wall built, all it would take is a pocket-veto.

Read all about it over at: DailyTorch.com. And, you can help the President out, just go over to SustainTheVeto.org.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you the Friday, Outdoor Report.

8:10: Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition talks with Bill today.

Today, it’s all about a possible fossil fuels tax, all in the name of curbing the rising costs of wild weather.

Fossil fuel tax proposed to cover rising costs of wild weather…

“Taxing the extraction of fossil fuels could help pay for the growing costs of damage from harsher storms, wildfires, floods and rising seas, while providing a stronger incentive to wean the world off carbon-heavy energy, green groups said on Monday.

A “climate damages tax” levied on oil, gas and coal companies could raise $300 billion a year by 2030 to bail out communities bearing the brunt of global warming, said a proposal supported by WWF, Practical Action and others.

The tax would lay the cost of rising disaster losses directly on the industries most responsible for them, they said in a report released at U.N. climate negotiations in Poland.

Besides assisting those in need overseas, a large share of income from the government-levied tax could help poorer groups at home take up green jobs, energy and transport, backers said.

Spending on social justice measures is seen as crucial to avoiding the kind of protests France has seen in recent weeks over rising living costs, sparked partly by hikes in fuel taxes.”

READ: “Fossil fuel tax proposed to cover rising costs of wild weather”

Tom Harris is the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition. Mr. Harris publishes often in newspapers across Canada and the US and appears regularly on radio and, TV.

Check out more at: ClimateScienceInternational.org, and you can follow Tom on Twitter: @TomHarrisICSC

Also, you can go to: ClimateChangeReconsidered.org.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, December 20, 2018

6:35: Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar for the Institute for Policy Innovation talks with Bill today.

We’ll be talking with Dr. Matthews today about the ruling handed down by a federal judge, that makes Obamacare unconstitutional.

 Four Takeaways from Judge O’Connor’s Obamacare Smackdown

 Federal Judge Reed O’Connor has reopened the Obamacare wound, striking down the law in its entirety. It will likely take months to go through the judicial process and, once again, land at the Supreme Court. What can we surmise so far?

1.  Nothing changes for those with Obamacare coverage. For the time being, nothing changes. The penalty for not having Obamacare-qualified coverage still goes away in 2019, eligible individuals who buy their own coverage through the exchanges will still receive their subsidies, and those states that expanded Medicaid may keep those changes.

But those facts won’t stop the media from hyperbolizing the impact of the judge’s decision.

2.  The media will finally care about millions losing their coverage. While the media did report the fact that Obamacare forced millions of Americans to lose their health insurance coverage—in direct contradiction to President Obama’s promise that if you liked your coverage you could keep it—they never decried those loses.

Don’t expect a repeat of that tepid concern. We will see story after breathless story of how millions of poor and sick people will lose their coverage and be left with nothing but unpayable medical bills and bankruptcy because of Republicans’ opposition to Obamacare.

3.  Republicans will mostly defend the smackdown, but secretly wish it would go away. Republicans’ failure to “repeal and replace” Obamacare in 2017 and their electoral beating last November have changed the political and policy dynamics of health care reform.

The number one theme of Democratic campaign ads was health care and the pre-existing condition issue. Democrats claimed Republicans wanted to eliminate that “consumer protection,” leaving millions of sick Americans without any health care options.

Those ads had Republican candidates on the defensive, claiming that they really did support that pre-existing condition protection and several other Obamacare provisions to boot.

Since Republicans have never—either before or after Obamacare passed—developed a unified, easily explainable vision for how they would reform the health care system, the Democrats’ assertions stuck.

4.  Democrats will denounce the smackdown, but secretly welcome it. Democrats won’t say it, but they see Judge O’Connor’s decision as a gift for their efforts to take the Senate and the White House in 2020. They will pound the health care issue every time they can.

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly released a statement saying, “When House Democrats take the gavel, the House of Representatives will move swiftly to formally intervene in the appeals process to uphold the life-saving protections for people with pre-existing conditions and reject Republicans’ effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act.”

Of course, Democrats don’t really want to save Obamacare, they want a government-run, single-payer system. But they are happy to use the Obamacare ruling as a political hammer to nail Republicans.

8:10: Robert Spencer, the Director of Jihad Watch, and author of the new book: “The History of Jihad: From Muhammed to Isis,” talks with Bill.

“On MSNBC’s 11th Hour with Brian Williams last night, Brian Williams and Malcolm Nance (who has called for the Islamic State — ISIS — to bomb Trump properties) sound like two paranoid old Cold Warriors out of Leftist satires of the day, blaming Russia for everything. And I do mean everything.

In their view, the Russians not only installed Donald Trump in the White House, but they did so by making Americans start — horror of horrors! — disbelieving in Leftist dogmas such as “diversity is our strength” (apparently the Russians are behind all those Muslim migrant crimes in Europe) and turning us against each other. The dastardly Russians succeeded in making Americans believe the words of a host of black-hatted villains, including “Robert Spencer the Islamophobe.”

Yeah, sure, Malcolm. 34,000 violent jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11 didn’t have anything to do with making Americans believe that there is a jihad threat. It was all the work of the Russians and me, rubbing our hands in glee and cackling as we told Americans that jihadis were actually blowing things up and stabbing people — I mean, who in his right mind could believe that?

And there’s more, too, sir: the Russians and I have made you believe you’re a respected terror analyst, but gradually it will begin to dawn on you that this, too, is Russian disinformation, and that you’re actually a paranoid, mendacious moron. Da!”

READ: “Video: MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance says ‘Robert Spencer the Islamophobe’ is part of Russian disinformation campaign.”

Click this link to pick up a copy of the book: “The History of Jihad: From Muhammed to Isis”

Here’s a look at a documentary, talked about with listener Kelli from Medford this morning on psychotropic drugging of school kids: “Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging.”


Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

6:35: Kendra Arnold, Executive Director for the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust talks with Bill today.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) releases the group’s top ethics violators of 2018.  This year’s list includes improper fundraising, covering-up workplace harassment and abuse, the running of an illegal “Scam PAC,” disseminating classified and/or false information and failing to report the loss of taxpayer funds. The top violators are House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), for failing to adequately protect congressional staff from sexual and other forms of harassment.

Over a year ago, FACT asked congressional leaders to release the names of all the Members of Congress tied to the $17 million in taxpayer funds that the Office of Compliance (OOC) has paid out to victims of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination over the past 20 years. The sexual harassment bill the House and Senate recently passed is a welcome step in addressing this pervasive problem in Congress. However, FACT maintains that until congressional leaders actually name the names of those who have already used taxpayer money for these settlements, this systemic problem will only get worse.

You can see the full release is here 

7:35: Sgt. Julie Denney of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office drops by the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

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8:10: Chris Chmielenski, Deputy Director of NumbersUSA, chats with Bill today.

Congress faces a spending deadline later this week to avert a partial government shutdown, and the debate centers around funding for the Department of Homeland Security — specifically immigration enforcement. This is the last opportunity Republicans have to do what they promised and secure our borders. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows and Co-Founder Jim Jordan have drafted two amendments that make much needed reforms to the asylum system and end the policy of catch-and-release. In short, these two amendments would STOP the constant wave of caravans from heading to the U.S.-Mexico border.

The amendments would:

  • Provide the $5 billion that Pres. Trump is requesting for strengthening border security;
  • Close the asylum loophole by requiring that the initial credible fear claim meet a “preponderance of the evidence” standard, which would significantly reduce the number of claims filed by aliens who don’t have a legitimate case for asylum;
  • Fix the loopholes in the law that continue the surge of unaccompanied alien children at the border; and
  • Allow the feds to detain minors who cross the border illegally for more than 20 days.

Get more information at: NumbersUSA.com.

8:35: Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation talks with Bill this morning.

President Trump’s new bumpstock ban has yielded a flurry of lawsuits. We’ll talk with Oregon firearms advocate Kevin Starrett about what he believes will come next.

Check out more 2nd Amendment and Gun rights information over at: OregonFirearms.org.

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

6:35: Dr. John Zmirak, co-author of the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration,” and journalist over at The Stream talks with Bill this morning.

The Stream’s John Zmirak and co-author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration is tired of illegal immigrants being politicized and U.S. Border Patrol agents blamed.

A seven-year-old migrant girl died at the border. The left and the media are blaming the U.S. The facts: He [Nery Caal] let his daughter go two days without food or water. Then he was apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol, one of 25,000 people who entered the U.S. illegally in just a single month. He vouched for the fact that he and his daughter were healthy. There was food and water available. He didn’t give her any — it’s not clear why. The next day she died of “dehydration, shock and liver failure.”

John notes the liberal hypocrisy, “If an American parent dragged his daughter through Death Valley and she died, he would go to prison. American parents who leave their kids in cars for 10 minutes while they go in the drug store end up in trouble with social services. They sometimes lose custody. Parents are persecuted for letting their children play unattended outdoors, or go trick-or-treating. But the same people who nod righteously when working class white American parents are punished … react quite differently to Central American migrants.”

Read John’s latest article on the subject: “Let’s Stop Treating Immigrants Like Naughty Pets.” And Don’t forget to check out his book. Just click HERE.

7:35: Dan Skutstad with the Grants Pass Daily Courier drops by the studio to talk with Bill about the latest goings-on with the Courier’s anti-suicide agenda that they spearheaded earlier this year.

8:10: Curtis Houck, Managing Editor for Newsbusters talks with Bill today.

A new study has claimed Russia’s online interference tried to aid the conservative movement and Donald Trump. There’s a big problem with that assessment. It comes from a left-wing operation that previously classified more than 11 different conservative outlets as “junk news.” And two of those authors were also involved in this report. The study was released by the Oxford University Computational Propaganda Project and Graphika. The Oxford University Computational Propaganda Project is a branch of the Oxford Internet Institute, which is heavily funded by tech companies, media and government agencies. Funders include: AOL, Google, BBC World Service Trust, eHarmony, and Virgin Media.

The study argued that fake accounts, ads, and tweets “all clearly sought to benefit the Republican Party — and specifically Donald Trump” The study on “junk news” drew on “a list of sources that consistently publish political news and information that is extremist, sensationalist, conspiratorial, masked commentary, fake news, and other forms of junk news.” The researchers reported that Google “chose not to disclose any account date on ads, YouTube, or Google+.” However, the report stated that while it is the most “comprehensive” study on all the data released, only “small amounts of data” have been released from major social media firms.

 READ: “Google Funded Liberal Study Saying Russia Aided GOP Online in 2016.”

Read more from Curtis over at Newsbusters.org.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, December 17, 2018

6:35: Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph. D. in political science from Harvard University, and author of the upcoming book: “Silent No More: How I Became A Political Prisoner of Meuller’s ‘Witch Hunt’,” talks with Bill.

In Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt,” due to be released early in 2019, New York Times bestselling author of Killing the Deep State Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. meticulously details the psychological torment he has been subjected to in what the media has simply called, “The Mueller Investigation.” This book documents the fight for his very freedom and is evidence that every American should beware of the government.

Pre order your copy of the book over at: Amazon.com. Find out more at CorsiNation.com. And, you can follow Dr. Corsi on Twitter: @jerome_corsi

7:10: Greg Roberts, the man, the myth, the Legend, Mr. Outdoors himself, calls in to bring to you the Monday, Outoor Report.

Don’t forget, you can check out more from Greg over at: RogueWeather.com.

7:35: Frank Cullen, Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce talks with Bill this morning.

It’s Christmastime, and that means online shopping for millions of Americans. Sadly, that also means scammers, identity thieves and other unsavory types looking to bilk people out of their hard-earned money. Frank Cullen leads the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center and knows all the tricks scammers use to illegally separate shoppers from their money.

You can learn more about Frank and his efforts at this link.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, local historian and author of numerous books, joins Bill today for this week’s edition of: “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Get more information, and peruse Dr. Powers books at his website: DennisPowersBooks.com.

Christmas Day: Past and Present – 2018

By Dennis Powers

Christmas Eve and Day in pioneer days were simpler, important–and difficult. Winters in cold cabins were tough, as sleet and snow weren’t that merry. Nor driving in a “one-horse-open sleigh.” Remote families cut down a small fur-tree or decorated their small cabin with freshly-cut boughs. If a small tree fit inside, then strung popcorn, small wax candles (a bucket of water kept handy), and red Madrone berries decorated it; the families sang Christmas carols and read from the Bible.

Days ahead, women cooked their special Christmas Day meal. They took out preserved fruits and vegetables, cooked fresh meat (ham, beef, or venison), and even made a plum pudding to age. Gifts were homemade, as carved wooden toys, sachets, footstools, and corn-husk dolls. If a good year, children might find that Santa had left candies, nuts, or cookies in their stockings.

If living in a small town like Gold Hill, people joined together. Children helped decorate the town Christmas tree at their church or gathering place. They cut out cardboard stars, wrapped them in silver tinfoil, and hung them to join the strung popcorn, different-colored wax candles, and small gifts on the tree. Larger gifts were placed underneath.

On Christmas, the families attended church, returned home for a traditional meal, and spent the day visiting with friends. A larger “city” like Medford could have a “Grand Christmas Ball.” One newspaper advertisement read: “A Grand Ball will be given in Byers’ Hall, Medford. On Christmas Night–December 25, 1885. A fine Supper and the best of Music will be provided. The services of a first-class caller have been engaged… A good time is anticipated. Come one! Come all! Tickets, $2.50.”

When we fast forward to today, the holidays are more commercial. Although many families enjoy the festive and religious times, the stress of jobs, family responsibilities, parties, and how much to spend can cut away at this. But have no fear, let’s look at the spirit of giving–and receiving–in a larger, more modern way.

For example, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus continues its tradition of fantasy gifts. First published in 1926 as a 16-page Christmas catalog for its best customers, this year’s 92nd edition continues the tradition. It donates a small portion of the proceeds from most fantasy gifts to nonprofits.

Its 2018 Christmas fantasy pricing ranges from a 74-foot yacht for $7.1 Million to an animal sculpture (and trip to Italy) for $200,000. This year’s collection is more expensive than previous years, plus it dropped the special car. In 2017, available was his and hers, Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead Coupés (four-seated, two-door sports cars with a soft, folding roof) for nearly $450,000 each–a large step-up from the 2016 Infiniti Q60 ($63,000) and 2015 Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary edition with its 700+ supercharged horsepower engine ($95,000).

The yacht is the largest solar-powered yacht in the world. It includes three levels, full kitchen, and four cabins accommodating up to 12 people, including a crew of four. The yacht, created by Serenity Yachts (developers of electric and hybrid watercraft) features more than 1,100 square feet of solar panels and speeds up to 20 knots, with electric cruising speeds from 6-8 knots and diesel speed up to 10-12 knots. Neiman Marcus also includes a shopping spree with this package.

In place of last year’s Ryder Cup VIP package ($250,000) for four to attend the week-long Ryder Cup (Europe vs. USA) golf tournament, we have the “Tennis Majors Tour with Sloane Stephens” for $555,000. With exclusive access to all four tennis majors (Paris, London, New York, and Melbourne), the buyer with one guest sit in a VIP box with close friends of Sloane Stephens (the 2017 US Open tennis champion), staying in player-only hotels, and going behind-the-scenes of each. Plus Stephens will personally gift you and your guests with signed memorabilia.

The travel this year is the Wonders & Wellness Voyage to India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives for $630,000. Offered by expert travel curators Black Tomato, this 30-day luxury adventure uncovers the famous landscapes of these four countries. The package takes four travelers to the most exclusive hotels and stays, including first class air travel and private helicopter transfers.

Two “gifts” this year are quite different. For $325,000, a group of four can travel to the Italian Riviera and spend time with the founders of the Sugarfina factory in Genoa. After seeing how its special candy is made, you can craft your own custom flavors. Once home, your custom candy will arrive for three years, totaling one million pieces, plus a display custom candy bar for your home.

The other is the “Top Secret Mission: Become a Secret Agent in Las Vegas” for $315,000. You and three guests are in for a three-day, two-night Las Vegas espionage adventure organized by The Invictus Experience. Arriving at your mission by private jet, helicopter, and limousine, you stay at the Waldorf Astoria. This includes high-speed drives in Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren supercars; shooting handguns, rifles and machine guns; and detonating exploding targets, shooting guns from a flying helicopter. Your choice: jumping from a plane at 12,000 feet with a Military free-fall team or racing across the desert in a high-performance off-road vehicle. This also includes a hand-tailored suit, exclusive access and VIP tables at nightclubs, complete with a casino host for high-stakes gambling.

For $300,000, four-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood will create a custom one-of-a-kind outfit inspired by the designer’s latest project, the feature film “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”. The animal sculpture by Bjorn Okholm Skaarup ($200,000) is your consultation with the Danish sculptor in Florence to create a life-size bronze centerpiece tribute. The design: “A favorite pet merged into a 14-foot tap dancer or more realistic like a life-size tribute to your cat.”

For the rest of us, we are simply happy to buy that new I-Phone X, shoes, or even a skill saw and pay it off next year. Plus enjoying the holidays as usually done with family and friends, all while saying later, “Here’s to the next Christmas and New Year.”

Sources: See “Legends of America–A Pioneer Christmas” at A Pioneer Christmas; Jim Dobson, “Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog: Outrageous Fantasy Gifts for 2018,” Forbes magazine, October 18, 2018 at 2018 Fantasy Gifts; see also 2018 “Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts at Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts.