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Fire & Smoke Summit: Public Comment Information

Here’s where you can file your public comments if you can’t make the “Fire & Smoke Summit,” meeting to be held next week. We’ll discuss the issues at hand, and how YOU can make an effective public comment. BTW you can email your comment to the Jackson County Board: BoC-CAO_admin@jacksoncounty.org  or to Colleen Roberts – robertcl@jacksoncounty.org

Fire & Smoke Summit Public Meeting:

WHEN: Tuesday, Decmeber 11, 2018, starting at 5PM.

WHERE: North Medford High School

This is a public meeting and anyone can attend.

Some of what we discussed today

Here’s the Butte County Community Wildfire Plan (Which failed miserably in Paradise)


Here are some statements from Zinke in an article which fully supports our thinking about what’s needed: An Emergency Smoke Ordinance


Bill’s Guests: Friday, December 7, 2018:

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill. It’s the Weekly Swamp Update, and you can find out so much more over at: DailyTorch.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you the Friday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Richard Armas and Charlie Johnson with the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club join Bill in studio, to talk their mission, and to tell you about their upcoming Sees Candy fundraiser.

8:10: Kevin Werbach, a Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennslyvania talks with Bill. Kevin is the author of:

The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust

Why are the world’s most powerful companies and governments excited about a technology beloved by criminals and radicals? And why do people invest their money—or their trust—in mysterious cryptocurrencies seemingly based on nothing?

In an era when trust in institutions of all kinds is collapsing, the blockchain offers a new hope: Shared ledgers of information that no one controls but everyone can believe. Since its emergence a decade ago with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the blockchain has spawned hundreds of companies, billions of dollars of investment, and adoption by companies ranging from the New York Stock Exchange to Walmart. Yet it remains wildly misunderstood.

Wharton professor Kevin Werbach offers the first in-depth, balanced analysis of the blockchain’s true potential, as well as its limitations and dangers. He maps the often-confusing landscape, and shows how a technology resting on foundations of mutual mistrust can become trustworthy. Surprisingly for a technology widely associated with illegality, fraud, and distrust of governments, the path to trusted blockchains runs through governance, regulation, and law.

With interest in blockchains and cryptocurrencies growing rapidly, those who appreciate the new architecture of trust will be positioned to capture the benefits and avoid the dangers they generate.

Kevin Werbach is also the Founder of the technology consulting firm Supernova Group, he has advised the FCC and Department of Commerce on communication policy. He is the coauthor of For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business.

You can learn more about Kevin and his actions at: Werbach.com, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of his book, by clicking HERE.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, December 6, 2018

6:35: Renee Jolly. Renee is the parent of a son who was falsely accused by a female student, and wrongfully expelled from his university. Jolly believes in fairness and due process for all students on University campuses across this nation and can speak about what her son is going through, and how DeVos’ proposed regulations will make a difference.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to support Due Process & Fairness on college campuses for everyone.

And what does she get from the Due Process Deniers??? Illogical emotional vomit.


Save Services, SAVE believes in the importance of thoughtful, reasoned, and civil debate of the campus sexual assault issue, and we support DeVos’ proposed regulations which create a “fairness culture”… NOT the hideous & disturbing description of a “rape culture” that the Due Process Deniers keep screeching.

www.titleixdefender.com  and www.SaveServices.org

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: The proposed Title IX regulations are currently in a 60 day comment period, and we would like to encourage you to comment electronically at  www.regulations.gov. The Department strongly encourages commenters to submit their comments electronically. If, however, you mail or deliver your comments about these proposed regulations, address  them to:

Brittany Bull

U.S. Department of Education

440 Maryland Ave S.W.

Room 6E310

Washington D.C. 20202

Phone: (202) 453-7100

7:10: Major Jason Koenig, a Medford Citadel Corps Officer with the Salvation Army joins Bill in studio today. Major Koenig is here today, to call for help for the Grants Pass Salvation Army, who needs help and volunteers.

The Salvation Army in Josephine County/Grants Pass is having difficulty with having enough volunteer bell ringers  to stand at their 10 door locations within Grants Pass.  They have a goal to raise $40,000 for the 2018 Kettle/Bell Ringing season and will fall short of that goal if they are not able to utilize the ten locations each day.  They currently have 3 to 4 doors with volunteers each day, but need to have 6 more doors filled per day.

7:35: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, emergency preparedness expert and outdoor journalist calls the show today. Today, we’ll be talking with the captain about his latest article on forest management.

You can read it for yourself over at: MyOutdoorBuddy.com

8:05: Royal Standley, President and CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors calls in for the daily Stock & Financial Report.

Check out more over at: OPFA.com, or give Royal a call at: 541-772-1116

8:35: Dr. Paul Nathanson, a Gender Relations Academic Professor and author of numerous books on the subject of mysandry talks with Bill today. Professor Nathanson has defined the field of misandry in American culture.

“Male executives on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement that they’re avoiding women altogether, a Bloomberg report said Monday.

Interviews with more than 30 senior executives suggest that the #MeToo movement has led to “gender segregation” in the workplace, Bloomberg reported.

“It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells,” one adviser told the publication.

Another said just hiring a woman these days can present “an unknown risk.”

“Women are grasping for ideas on how to deal with it, because it is affecting our careers,” said Karen Elinski, president of the Financial Women’s Association and a senior vice president at Wells Fargo & Co. “It’s a real loss.”

READ: “Wall Street execs too afraid to hire women in wake of #MeToo: Report”

Prof. Nathanson is the author of numerous books:

  1. Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture 
  2. Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination against Men 
  3. Replacing Misandry: A Revolutionary History of Men 
  4. Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man.

You can find all of his books by clicking here

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and automotive car guy talks with Bill today.

Well, Tesla seems to be at it again. This time, they appear to be telling China, HOW TO SPY ON ITS OWN CITIZENS!!! Not cool. We’ll talk with Eric about the technology that’s being used to do this.

Read Eric’s article on this: “Teslian eFleas” And, don’t forget to check out Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUV’s and bikes, all over at:


7:35: Sgt. Jeff Proulx of the Oregon State Police comes into the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

Would you like to know more?

8:35: Bob Haworth, vocalist for The Kingston Trio, and folk music icon, calls in from Spokane, Washington. Bob is here today to talk about his show, tomorrow night at the Rogue Theater in Grants Pass starting at 8pm.

Head over to RogueTheatre.org to get tickets and showtimes.

Find out more at: BobHaworth.com

8:45: Randy McKay, Executive Director of the Holly Theater drops by the studio to talk about the latest progress on the theater’s restoration project.

Would you like to know more? HollyTheatre.org

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, December 4, 2018

7:10: David Bossie, co-author of “Trump’s Enemies: How The Deep State Is Undermining The Presidency,” talks with Bill.

Corey R. Lewandowski and David N. Bossie, the authors of the blockbuster, Let Trump Be Trump: the Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency, are back with their next New York Times bestseller.

This book will reveal the heart of the hostile bureaucratic network that has been operating in the shadows until the American people voted Trump into office. Trump’s determination to transform the government, wipe out the swamp, and reduce the power of the bureaucratic machine has set him on a collision course with agencies populated by a workforce resistant to the American people’s agenda.

That collision, however, is one that the president is prepared to meet head-on. Why? Because it is the key to unraveling the very swamp the administration is determined to end. This book exposes the political and bureaucratic underbelly, its struggle to survive against an unorthodox commander-and-chief, and its willingness to do almost anything to stop him.

Be sure to get your copy by clicking HERE.

7:35: Mr. X, crack researcher, Gang Green expert, friend of the Bill Meyer Show and all around nice guy, joins Bill in studio.

Today we talk  ith Mr. X about the upcoming “Fire & Smoke Summit,” meeting to be held next week. We’ll discuss the issues at hand, and how YOU can make an effective public comment. BTW you can email your comment to the Jackson County Board: BoC_CAO_Admin@jacksoncounty.org or to Colleen Roberts – robertscl@jacksoncounty.org

Fire & Smoke Summit Public Meeting:

WHEN: Tuesday, Decmeber 11, 2018, starting at 5PM.

WHERE: North Medford High School

This is a public meeting and anyone can attend.

Some of what we discussed today

Here’s the Butte County Community Wildfire Plan (Which failed miserably in Paradise)


Here are some statements from Zinke in an article which fully supports our thinking about what’s needed: An Emergency Smoke Ordinance



8:45: Brent Homan and Randal Lee, the fellas from Advanced Air, drop by the studio for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” Today, we’ll be talking with Brent and Randal about the great services that Advanced Air offers.

You can find out more at their website: AdvancedAir.com, or give them a call at: 541-772-6866.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, December 3, 2018

6:35: Paul Driessen, Senior Policy Analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, (CFACT), talks with Bill today.

CFACT is sending a delegation of science and policy experts to COP 24, the UN conference on climate change.  COP 24 runs from December 2nd to December 14th in Katowice, Poland.

The UN left its Paris Climate Agreement deliberately vague, and seemingly nonbinding, to enable then President Obama to sign on.  The UN plans to finalize the “rulebook” for the Agreement in Katowice.  In other words, put in all the requirements and restrictions that President Obama could not have openly signed.

President Trump has announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but the earliest date he can do so is November 20, 2020, just after the U.S. presidential election.  In the meantime, the U.S. continues to participate in the climate talks as if nothing ever happened, or ever will.

CFACT President Crait Rucker said, “CFACT intends to shine a bright light of inquiry on all that is going on at the UN climate conference.  We remain confident that the more people know about what the UN has in store, the more they will back the President’s decision and make U.S. withdrawal permanent.”

Rucker continued, “Extreme elements of the climate movement sought to include radical provisions in the Paris agreement such as an international court of “climate justice” and liability for developed nations for “loss and damage” suffered by less developed nations due to weather.  They seek to use Katowiceto make such provisions policy.  This is a dangerous mistake for America and the world.”

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you, the Monday Outdoor Report. The Outdoor Report is brought to you by Water World Boat & Powersport.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, local historian and author joins Bill, live in studio, for this week’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Check out more great content, and get copies of Dr. Powers’ books over at his website: DennisPowersBooks.com.

“The Holmes Park House” by Dennis Powers

By the late 1920’s the Medford brothers, Harry and David Rosenberg, developed one of the first specialty item mail-order operations that included the “Fruit of the Month” club and became one of the nation’s largest ones. Harry with his wife, Eleanor, decided to build a much larger home in 1939. They purchased 20 acres on what’s now South Modoc Road and near their Bear Creek Orchards.

The couple hired the African-American architect, Paul R. Williams, who designed homes for the rich and famous in Southern California. Orphaned at age four, Williams spent the rest of his life overcoming obstacles. Designing from luxury hotels and public schools to churches, commercial buildings, and Hollywood mansions, he was best known for his residential projects. Frank Sinatra hired Williams to design a Beverly Hills bachelor pad and Lucille Ball for her ranch-style Palm Springs retreat. Others included Tyrone Power, Johnny Weismuller, Lon Chaney, Cary Grant, and Audrey Hepburn—to name a few.

Although not licensed to practice in Oregon, Paul Williams quickly established a collaboration with the respected local architects Frank Clark and Robert J. Keeney. In 1939-1940, Williams designed a California Georgian style home for Harry and Eleanor, and the 6,260 square-foot mansion had five bedrooms with 6½ bathrooms.

With rooms showcasing views of the surrounding hills, swimming pool, and mountains, it included a curved driveway with a grand entry featuring an elegantly curved staircase. A gated, curved, paver driveway led past manicured gardens and oaks to an impressive frontcourt entrance with a portico of pediment and columns; a swimming pool (one of the first here) with more landscaping was in back with prominent mountain views.

Eleanor died in 1948 and Harry in 1959. Their son, John, sold the house on 1.7 acres in 1963. He donated the remaining 18-plus acres to the City of Medford in 1973–and which led to the creation of Holmes Park.

The Holmes Park Hospice House story began when a tiny resale boutique (Hospice Unique Boutique) opened on Ashland Street in Ashland in 2009. From the start, there was a shared vision that one day the Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice (“SOFH”) would have a hospice house in Southern Oregon.

Medical, governmental, and community leaders joined together, as SOFH searched for a park-like property between the two major hospitals in Medford, Rogue Regional and Providence Medford Medical Center. The colonial revival-style mansion was purchased in April 2016 for $1.3 million from Jay Beckstead, a Medford pathologist, and his wife, Paula Stenberg, who had owned the property for 18 years.

Embarking on a $4 million fund drive, SOFH raised the moneys to transform the estate by mid-2018 into hospice care. A compatible new wing added eight private rooms, each with a patio or small balcony, plus quiet sitting rooms and kitchenettes. Many of the ground-floor rooms have wide doors opening to the outside with an upstairs “treehouse” sunroom. Today, the Holmes House has been remade into Holmes Park House, a 12-bed, standalone-residential care facility dedicated to hospice and comfort care. The grassroots, volunteer-driven nonprofit SOFH provides round-the-clock care to people who are terminally ill as well as private spaces for families to say goodbye.

With the 4,797-square-foot addition, the home includes places for families to spend time and even nights, as if they were at a home. The organization estimates that 180 patients will be served annually, with an average stay of 14 days. Six of the beds are subsidized through funding by hospital grants, Medicaid, and scholarships by donors and the nonprofit’s Hospice Unique Boutique. Patients and/or their families will pay to use the other six.

Asante, Providence, and Signature provide hospice care. The care team includes a hospice nurse manager and certified nurse assistants trained in hospice care. Volunteers trained in caring for families and sitting at bedside provide support, as well as a key role in running the house, kitchen, and gardens.

In 2017, Williams was awarded the prestigious American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, posthumously, for his more than three thousand projects. (Frank Lloyd Wright also received AIA’s Gold Medal.) He was the first licensed African-American architect west of the Mississippi and overcame cultural barriers over his 50-year career. With a strong thanks to everyone with the Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice, we now think differently about environments for end-of-life care programs.

Sources: Kaylee Tornay, “Renovated hospice house nearing fundraising deadline,” Mail Tribune, April 13, 2018, at Holmes House; Janet Eastman, “Harry & David mansion by famed architect becomes hospice facility,” The Oregonian, May 31, 2017, at Paul Franklin; John Darling, “Holmes Mansion converts to hospice,” Mail Tribune, May 16, 2016, at Hospice Purchase; Ethel Ann Ackerman, “Notes: A brief history of the Family,” September 18, 2017, Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice.