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THURSDAY’S “CARBON REDUCTION HEARING” PREP MEETING INFO… (Meeting has already happened, but the main event is SATURDAY.  Get ready for Saturday’s 9a-noon meeting of the “Carbon Reduction Committee” in Medford. We need to formulate testimony, hand out yellow vests to indicate our displeasure of the direction they wish to take our state, our local economy and way of life with a carbon tax scam.

The meeting of the “Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction”, FYI,  happens this Saturday, 2/23, 9-noon,  at Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S. Oakdale Ave in Medford.

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Bill’s Guests: Friday, February 21, 2019

In the spirit of Conspiracy Theory Thursday, here’s a link to an interesting article, I read a number of years ago. Is the “Hippie” movement from the 1960’s little more than a government psy-op?

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation: Part I

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, February 21, 2019

7:10: State Representative Kim Wallan from District 6, checks in with a Legislative update.

7:35: Mr. X, research guru, activist, expert on the Green Enviro Mafia and all around nice guy, joins Bill today, live in studio. To talk about tonight’s preparatory meeting for Saturday’s Carbon Reduction Meeting.

State Representative E. Werner Reschke will also join Bill and Mr. X by phone today with a Carbon Reduction Committee update.

Carbon Reduction Prep Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019. Doors open at 5:30. Meeting begins at 6pm sharp.

WHERE: The Roxyann Grange at 1850 Spring Street in Medford.

Beware: The actual entrance of the Grange is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View.

8:10: “Timber” Tina Scheer, from Survivor: Panama, and Nat Geo’s: Ultimate Survival Alaska talks live in studio with Bill. Timber Tina is going to be a part of the Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show over the weekend.

Check out more from Tina over at ExposureShows.com.

8:45: Dave Fricke, Executive Director of The ARC, and former Executive Director Trish Welch join Bill in studio. Today we’ll be talking with Dave and Trish about Live To Dance 2019.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

6:35: Doug Bibby, President & CEO of the National Multifamily Housing Council talks with Bill today.

The Oregon Senate has voted out the first state-wide rent control measure in US history and the measure is now moving to the House, where it’s expected to be acted upon quickly (today).

But will rent control actually help people who rent and vulnerable families struggling with affordable housing? Probably not, if we use history as a guide. There are better solutions to helping people who grapple with affordable housing.

Doug Bibby, president of the National Multifamily Housing Council. Doug has decades of experience in housing and has a tremendous grasp of the issues.

Learn more for youself at: NMHC.org.

7:10: Randall Barrett with NoSmartMeter.org talks with Bill in studio.

A Grants Pass Smart Meter Town Hall Meeting will be taking place tomorrow. Randall is here today will tell you what you need to know, if you’re not a fan of smartmeters.

Grants Pass Smart Meter Town Hall Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019 starting at 6pm.

WHERE: The Fruitdale Grange. 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass.

No fee to attend. There will be a 30 minute presentation by Randall, followed by a Q&A session.

All persons that live in the unicorporated sectors of Josephine County, and want their smart meter removed, have to act before February 27th. Go on over to NoSmartMeter.org for further information.

7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens with the Medford Police Department comes into the studio for the Southern Oregon Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Karen Straughn, spokesperson for Men’s Rights: Edmonton, and contributor to AvoiceForMen.com talks with Bill.

The Left’s War on Men and Masculinity seems to be still in full force, and Karen is here today to tell us about the latest salvos.

Today, We’re digging into Martina Navritalova “wandering off the PC reservation” and declaring that it’s unfair for trans women to compete against actual women.

READ: “Former tennis champ Martina Navratilova criticized for comments about trans athletes.”

Look below for more reading:

“The Left’s War on Masculinity Must Stop”

Karen Straughn is a prominent Men’s Rights Advocate who came to public attention through her infamous YouTube channel titled “GirlWritesWhat.” She is a mother of several children, and a published writer of Erotica novels.

You can also check out more from Karen below:

YouTube: karen straughan




Facebook: Girlwriteswhat

Twitter: @girlwriteswhat

8:35: Reagan Knopp, Chair of the Jackson County Republican Party joins Bill in studio. Saturday is the annual Lincoln Day Dinner Fundraiser with Yours Truly, Bill as the MC.

Keynote Speakers for the event will be Oregon Senate Republican Leader Herman Baerschiger, and House Republican Leader Carl Wilson on “Overcoming the Supermajority. For more information on the event, go to: JCRPCC.com/LincolnDayDinner.

8:45: Toni Arnspeiger and Darcy Mann Self from the Pear Blossom Festival join Bill, in studio for an update on the latest goings-on with the festival.

You can find out more over at: PearBlossomParade.org.

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

6:35: Charlotte Hays, Director of Cultural Programs with the Independent Women’s Forum talks with Bill today. Today we’ll be discussing a rather racist article in the Yale Daily News.

A Shockingly Racist Article in the Yale Daily News

In a racist article in the Yale Daily News, Isis Davis-Marks, who describes herself as approaching graduation at the Ivy League college, urges fellow Yalies to collect information on white, male classmates now; it could come in handy later on to destroy their careers.

We should all be appalled by racist or sexist remarks but at the same Ms. Davis-Marks’ animosity is also distressing. Is the atmosphere at Yale really as cruel as Ms. Davis-Marks makes it out to be? If Yale is a hot house of racism and sexism, don’t wait 15 years to call out the culprits! They will benefit more by it now. Setting up a spy state to ruin people is a less wholesome alternative. Another Yale student, Karl Notturno, writing at American Greatness, points out another drawback to planned character assassination: it encourages rumors that are not true.

7:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy, chats with Bill this morning.

So, today we’ll be talking with Eric about his article over at EPAutos.com: “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafe New Cars?”

“If cars are so much saaaaaaaaaaaafer than they used to be – courtesy of the beneficence of the federal government – how come fatalities are increasing rather than decreasing?”

Catch more great content, and read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at EPAutos.com.

8:10: Mr. X, political research Jedi, activist, expert on all things Green Mafia and all around nice guy, joins Bill in studio today to chat about the upcoming “Carbon Reduction Hearing,” which is set for Saturday at Central Medford High School.

A “prep meeting” is being scheduled for this Thursday, for all who wish to attend that Saturday meeting.

Carbon Reduction Prep Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019. Doors open at 5:30. Meeting begins at 6pm sharp.

WHERE: The Roxyann Grange at 1850 Spring Street in Medford.

Beware: The actual entrance of the Grange is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, February 18, 2019

6:35: Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial Services talks with Bill today.

Government Shutdown Is Proving Americans Are Not Prepared For A Recession

The brutal reality is that most Americans are not prepared for the next economic downturn or recession. The government shutdown is highlighting just how much Americans rely on others as opposed to themselves, and how little they have saved for an emergency.

According to the newest op-ed article by Market Watch, the government shutdown is perfectly proving that Americans are not prepared for a financial disaster of any kind, let alone an economic recession. Many have long assumed that the government (which as we all know is almost $22 trillion in debt) will be using their money (stolen funds aka, taxation) to bail out those who get themselves into trouble. But the shutdown is proving just how little the government actually doesand just how financially illiterate many Americans have allowed themselves to become.

Almost 60% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings for a rainy day fund or an immediate emergency. It’s been ten years since the Great Recession left many Americans jobless with no money, and it appears most have learned nothing. The government shutdown serves as a painful warning and preview for what will happen once unemployment rises from 50-year lows.  Americans are far too dependent on others, including the government, for their survival.

Within just a few weeks into the government shutdown, people are struggling to cope. We hear stories about people turning to food banks to feed their families. We hear stories about people who are in dire straits because they can’t get loans. We hear stories about people who can’t pay their mortgages. That’s not even one month into the shutdown. –Market Watch

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, including those who work for the government.  Many won’t live below their means in order to save and it certainly seems that most citizens have picked up the government’s spending habits. They have also stopped saving for themselves. According to a recent GoBankingRates survey, only 21% of Americans have more than $10,000 in savings,with nearly 60% having less than $1,000 in savings. Almost 32% of Americans have nothing saved up at all.

And something most don’t want to hear is that every economic cycle will end and hit a low again despite the rosy attestations of those who wish to keep confidence high.There is nothing in history that suggests that extremely low unemployment can be maintained for an extended period of time. Indeed, it is precisely at the end of an economic cycle that low unemployment rates tend to reverse rather suddenly.

There is one way to prepare for a recession and it’s to end dependence on debt and save some money for an emergency. Without the shackles of credit card debt, student loan debt, and car payments, Americans could not only save more, but their money would go much further as no one has already claimed it in the form of debt repayment.

Brad has over 25 years of addressing the financial concerns of retirees and business owners.  Add his strong communication skills and Brad, after first listening to his clients’ needs and concerns, is able to simplify and explain in everyday language even the most complex concepts and alternatives.

Check out more from Brad at his site: AskBradWilliams.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Monday, Outdoor Report.

7:20: Mr. X, discusses the prep meeting for this weekend’s Carbon Reduction Committee public hearing. Here’s more:.

This preparatory meeting is this Thursday 2/21, 6pm, at the Roxy Ann Grange, 1850 Spring Street in Medford, but the actual entrance is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View. Doors open at 5:30p, meeting starts at 6pm.  Map Link HERE:

This Thursday meeting is to get ready for Saturday’s 9a-noon meeting of the “Carbon Reduction Committee” in Medford. We need to formulate testimony, hand out yellow vests to indicate our displeasure of the direction they wish to take our state, our local economy and way of life with a carbon tax scam.

There is some confusion on whether Saturday’s public hearing is at Central Medford High School, or the Medford City Council Chambers in Medford. I’ll get back to you soon with that information.

Today we’re promoting this

7:35: Jeffrey Katz, author of the new book: “The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from The Great Teacher,” talks with Bill.

 “In my new book, The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom, we can directly tie Maimonides’ teachings to the issue of whether Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should resign.  And yes, he should resign. They tell us that, on an interpersonal level, one should be quick to forgive someone who asks forgiveness. But full redemption is available only when one again finds himself in the same position but chooses to act differently the second time around. In Northam’s case, this would mean that in the 35 years since his blackface incident, he has worked to soothe racial tensions in this country and advance the cause of African-Americans, rather than do the opposite. But, indeed, he has done the opposite.

By his exploitation of the race issue for personal political gain in his last campaign against Ed Gillespie, Northam showed no desire to soothe racial tensions, but instead inflamed them. He did this through his outrageous campaign ads painting supporters of Gillespie as vicious racists. He has earned no redemption on the race issue and needs to resign under the principles taught by Maimonides.

The Secret Life illuminates ancient teachings that are as relevant today as they were over 800 years ago, which will help you discover that true wisdom and success in every aspect of life comes not from our public persona, as so many believe, but from our secret thoughts and actions. Maimonides shows how every person can find their true and best self, not only deriving happiness for themselves, but spreading that bliss to everyone they touch.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeffrey Katz is a lifelong student and teacher of rationalist religious philosophy. He has rabbinic ordination as well as a law degree and is a practicing attorney. He has appeared on national television on a broad range of issues and has lectured widely

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great!” Check out more from Dr. Powers over at his website: DennisPowersBooks.com.

Shirley Patton: A Legend in Her Own Time

By Dennis Powers

Shirley Patton’s family moved from a small town in Washington to Portland during World War II. She loved acting in high school and was a theater major at Stanford University where she learned of Angus Bowmer and his tiny theater company in Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (“OSF”). After graduation, Patton came to Ashland in 1958.

Shirley was asked to play the role of Viola in “Twelfth Night,” the morning of the opening night when the original actress was hospitalized the night before. “I wasn’t even the understudy,” Patton said. This started her acting career at OSF. Although she returned to Portland to teach in supplementing her acting, Bowmer invited her to return although he had given out all of the scholarships he had at that time.

Shirley met her husband, Bill Patton, only minutes after she got off the bus. Bill was the general manager of the company at the time. They were married six months later, about when the theater was torn down when the fire department condemned it. They were married for 52 years before Bill passed away in 2011. The OSF dedicated its 2011 season, its 76th, to Patton, who had led the company from 1953 to 1995–another story in itself.

Her life revolved around the theater, and she was a member of the OSF acting company for 30 seasons and played more than 50 roles. After leaving OSF, she performed in numerous local theater venues on many stages, such as the Camelot Theatre, Southern Oregon University, and the Craterian Theater in a variety of roles.

One of her most memorable roles was in the Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning story of “Driving Miss Daisy” in 2014 at the Camelot Theatre. Livia Genise, the artistic director, asked her whether she would like to play Daisy Werthan–but there was a problem. Patton had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system for which there is no cure. Patients in the early stages often develop tremors, move slowly, and have trouble walking. Speech can be affected.

Shirley said, “If Daisy can have Parkinson’s, then yes.” She’d work on the problems but she couldn’t mask a tremor in one hand. So this Daisy had a tremor. Patton came to the first rehearsal in January with nearly all of her lines memorized. She worked on balance, the quick changes needed of costumes, voice, and breathing. The applause on opening night went deservedly for a long time.

In January 2019, Shirley Patton was in her 75th year of acting and celebrated 60 years of service with the Tudor Guild, as its longest standing member. The Tudor Guild supports OSF financially through its gift shop. Patton, however, also helped find housing and household items for actors, along with child care for employees, volunteers, and even audience members. Shirley is also the voice for JPR’s “As It Was” stories since 2005.

She’ll star in Camelot Theatre’s “The Gin Game” in May 2019. Southern Oregonians are lucky to have seen or know Shirley Patton over these years. She is not only very talented and dedicated, but also someone you would like to know as a friend.

Sources: Caitlin Fowlkes, “OSF legend celebrates 60 years,” Mail Tribune, January 16, 2019, at Acting and Oregon; Bill Varble, “OSF’s Bill Patton dies at age 83,” Mail Tribune, January 14, 2011, at Bill Patton; Bill Varble, “Fear and trembling–and triumph,” Mail Tribune, February 11, 2014, at Overcoming Disabilities.