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Another “Great Day in Government Edjoo-Kay-Shun History” (Bill’s Opinion)

Earlier today (Friday) S. Medford High lets a couple dozen Future Commies of America out – Was told they protest in solidarity for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. (Each receives an unexcused absence) Clearly it’s time to repeal the 26th Amendment, and remove their right to stupidly influence public policy via their ignorant vote.

Arguably the Medford Education Association/549C does NOT teach these children about “Democide”, which is death at the hands of your own government. A disarmed populace is easy pickings for future tyrants, and a far greater threat to their future liberty.

How ironic – these kids begging for government action when the government FAILED or was CORRUPT at every level in its response to Nikolas Cruz. This site documenting the history of Democide is worth reading. https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM

Bill’s Guests for: Friday, March 2, 2018:

6:35: Nicky Neily, President of Speech First talks with Bill about the attacks on free speech on college campuses.

In her latest piece, Nicole Neily says college students have a new champion on free speech who will take their cause to the courts and put the pedal to metal to hold universities accountable for trampling on students’ rights.

Neily: “We want to send a message to students that if their rights are being violated, they don’t need to take it – there are people across the country who will stand with them and support them. We’d also like to send a message to universities that the era of acting with impunity is over, because if they don’t reform their policies then they’re going to be held accountable in court. We believe that the freedom of speech is a sacrosanct American principle, and we’re sick of seeing the First Amendment trampled on college campuses.”

READ:In The Free Speech Wars, College Students Need A New Champion.”

Also, check out: SpeechFirst.org, and join up to help the fight! Right now, if you use the code: Radio2018, they will waive the $5 membership fee at Speech First.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring to you, the Friday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation talks with Bill. So is it now going to be “Grab Guns, THEN Due Process?” We’ll also touch on the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

See more at: OregonFirearms.org.

8:10: Mark Roberts, an Independent Conservative, running for U.S. Congress, 2nd District, currently held by Greg Walden, joins Bill in studio. Learn more at: ShakeAMillionHands.com.













Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, March 1, 2018:

7:10: Mr. X, crack researcher and expert on all things Enviro-commie, Gang Green, policy consensus shenanigans joins Bill, live in studio.

Should the county fight for its standing in the Klamath Basin Agreement? We’ll discuss it.

8:10: Marc Morano, author of the new book: “The Politically Incorrect Guide To: Climate Change,” talks with Bill this morning.

The media will tell you that it was a “yuge” mistake for The U.S. to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. But, Marc, in his new book will tell you how President Trump has SAVED the U.S. $100 trillion dollars, and only holding off global warming for four years.

The Politically Incorrect Guide To: Climate Change,” is a fast-paced, politically incorrect tour of climate change that’s designed to equip you and your family with the facts you need to understand, resist and fight back against this baseless political agenda.

 Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, February 28, 2018: Live from Kelly Automotive in Grants Pass.

6:15: Lisa Kelly, owner of Kelly Automotive Service talks with Bill to kick off the show to promote the final days of Kelly Automotive’s Peanut Butter drive event.

6:35: Dr. Larry Lewis Ph. D., Director of The CNA Center for Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence talks with Bill this morning.

His areas of expertise include lethal autonomy, reducing civilian casualties, identifying lessons from current operations, security assistance, and counterterrorism. He has authored studies for the Department of Defense and has served as senior advisor to the Department of State’s Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.


Throughout the ages war has evolved from fighting with hand hewn spears to gunpowder -powered projectile weapons to chemical and nuclear weapons. And now we’re looking at the age of wars being waged using AI and autonomy—machines fighting machines.

With possibility of scenarios where wars are fought using autonomous weapons technology, military operations are poised for a dramatic change. Along with change come a rash of challenging issues.

The U.S. military has been wrestling with national and international policy regarding perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new technology: should weapon systems operating autonomously—without a human operator—be allowed to use lethal force?

Should there be a ban for humanitarian reasons to prevent killer robots from killing civilians and committing war crimes?

With the most cutting-edge advances in autonomy and AI taking place in the commercial sector and available to many countries, can the U.S. retain its military position as the most powerful nation in the world?

Here are two studies you can read:

“Redefining Human Control: Broadening The Safety Net”

“Summary: Arms Control and Lethal Autonomy”

7:35: Lily Morgan, Josephine County Commissioner sits down with Bill for a talk about the latest goings-on in Josephine County.

8:10: Jonathan Knapp, a candidate for Josephine County Sheriff joins Bill for a chat about his running for Sheriff. You can find out more at: KnappForSheriff.com

Also, you can follow on social media: Twitter: @SheriffKnapp

8:35: Kit Doyle from The Murphy Hemp Company joins Bill, live for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” Could there really be a cannabinoid treatment for your pets’ ailments? Kt from The Murphy Hemp Company says, Yes.


Happened to see Governor Rick Scott and others on a FOX news conference, more on “What’s Needed”. Frankly, makes me want to throw up – How many times do we have to remind folks that Broward County’s mass shooting was NOT a gun control or even a mental health fail, but a GOVERNMENT failure. The corrupt lib sheriff and others are working overtime to deflect away from the obvious. FL Gov. Rick Scott even says “We Need More Mental Health Counselors in Schools” “We Need Threat Assessment Teams in the Schools”, etc. Fine…so what exactly about 3-4 DOZEN law enforcement incidents, tips, warnings, etc, would have been solved by a government that didn’t see or WANT to see what was happening?

Sure, there was a special kind of crazy with Nikolas Cruz, but he wasn’t exactly being subtle about it. More Counselors would have helped? GIVE ME A BREAK. Incompetence with the FBI and BCSO and the BCSD at the very least, “Let it Happen” at the very worst, and arguably a corrupt “Keep it dialed down, because we wanted grant stream funding for keeping our schools APPEARING to be safe”. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled for a MINUTE what this is all about…And a lack of gun control ain’t what it’s all about. #CORRUPTION

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Willow, a listener from Ashland called in to the show this morning, with her concerns about the situation facing the Ashland Senior Center, and it’s takeover by the city’s Parks & Recreation Department. A recall effort toward three commissioners is moving forth in the March 13th special election.

Find our more information at: BallotPedia.org. And, for further reading on this issue, go to: AshlandRecall.com.

Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, February 27, 2018:

6:35: Dr. Ryan T. Anderson Ph. D., talks with Bill today. There’s more shenanigans coming around with the transgender issue. It seems that an Ohio couple has lost custody of their 17-year-old daughter, because a judge decreed that they were unfit parents, because they were opposed to their daughter wanting to become a boy. We’ll discuss it.

Get your copy of Dr. Anderson’s new book: “When Harry Became Sally: Responding To The Transgender Moment.”

READ:Parents Just Lost Custody of Teenage Daughter Who Wants To ‘Transition’ To A Boy: What You Need To Know.”

Read more from Dr. Anderson at: Heritage.org.

7:35: State Rep Sal Esquivel calls the show to give you an update on the current goings-on in Salem.

8:10: Curt Ankerburg, a local CPA and former Medford City Council candidate drops by the studio. Curt is tossing his hat into the race for Oregon Senate District 3, which is currently held by Senator Alan DeBoer, who has announced that he is not running for re-election. Curt is running on the GOP ticket in the upcoming primaries.

 Bill’s Guests for: Monday, February 26, 2018:

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill this morning. Rick is here this morning to bring to you the latest goings-on from The Swamp.

See more at: GetLiberty.org, and at: NetRightDaily.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com calls in to bring you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report.

7:35: Lou Ogden, candidate for Oreogn’s Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industry talks with Bill. Mr. Ogden will be going up against current Commissioner Brad Avakian in the upcoming election. You can find out more on his Facebook page:


8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers calls in for today’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.”

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Lab


Dennis Powers

Prior to the creation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (“USFWS”) Forensics Laboratory in Ashland, it was difficult to prosecute wildlife lawbreakers for violations. Needing to prove an individual’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” was difficult, as eye-witness testimony (if present) is questionable and to link any physical evidence required corroborating expert testimony. Prior to 1988, wildlife law enforcement officers were at a real disadvantage due to their little or no access to wildlife-related forensics services.

In 1979, Terry Grosz in the Division of Law Enforcement of the USFWS had persisted in his belief as to this need, and the agency hired Ken Goddard, a police crime laboratory director from southern California, to set up a wildlife forensics program. In six months he drafted the forensic wildlife protocols and manual chapters. Six years later, the initial funding for the laboratory was approved. This took the help of numerous people, including Dr. Ralph Wehinger of Eagle Point, who had listened to a lecture on illicit falconry in Portland, and Oregon Senators Hatfield and Packwood (enlisted by Dr. Wehinger).

Due to these efforts and particularly Wehinger’s, the USFWS selected Ashland for the lab’s location. When the 23,000 square-foot building was completed in 1988 on the Southern Oregon State College campus (now SOU), Goddard hired the initial lab team of 10 forensic scientists and support staff plus purchased the first equipment. Crimes against wildlife include illegal hunting, trafficking in endangered species, and producing and selling products made from endangered or threatened species; thus, the situations being faced varied greatly.

The lab handled investigations ranging from the nailing of a spotted owl to a park sign to whether fish eggs sold as caviar were from a sturgeon (okay) or a protected paddlefish (not okay). A particularly unusual case occurred when 300 headless walruses washed up on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula (later determined to be tribal tusk hunters). These cases involved investigating the Hells Angels in Alaska for illegally trafficking in walrus ivory, as well as whether ivory tusks were from modern elephants (illegal) or Ice Age mammoths (legal).

In 1991, the facility was rededicated as the Clark R. Bavin NFWS Forensic Laboratory in memory of its late, law enforcement chief. Although the lab was assisting in investigations outside the U.S. that involved this country, treaties were signed in 1998 at Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France, that designated the facility as the official lab of Interpol’s Wildlife Working Group.

The investigations centered into the multi-billion-dollar, black-market international criminal enterprises that traded in skins, eggs, organs, hides, and other wildlife specimens. As the world’s only specialized wildlife police laboratory, a sizeable portion of its caseload involved Caviar samples; in one three-year period, federal agents seized $180 million worth of caviar that inundated the lab with sample testing. From tiger penises to ground rhino horns, the world abounds in different cultural beliefs to increase virilityand these investigations determined if they were from a protected species or simply ground chalk.

In 2007, the lab’s new 17,000 square-foot addition was completed with expanded and upgraded labs, an airtight bug room for flesh-eating beetles (creating skeletons in two weeks), and an outdoor forensics garden that doubles as its homeland security barrier.  Technology plays its prominent role: a laser surface scanner creates three-dimensional “pixel-skin” images of bones and skulls; DNA analysis is used to connect the fibers on a person’s clothing with a protected species; electron microscopy is employed, for example, to distinguish between modern elephant ivory and an ancient mammoth.

The laboratory works with federal agents, the 50 state fish-and-game commissions, and some 150 countries that are signatories to the convention prohibiting international trading in endangered species. Headed since its inception by Ken Goddardalso a very successful writer of crime novels staffing has more than tripled from its original levels. Called wildlife’s “Scotland Yard” with scientists who are “”animal detectives,” this facility continues in its fight to protect wildlife as the laws intendedand nature requires.

Sources: “U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Our Lab’s History,” at Lab History; Bryan Denson, “Bad guys who hurt animals? Ashland forensics lab is on the hunt,” The Oregonian, June 7, 2009 (updated September 28, 2009) at More on the Lab; Michelle Pahl, “U.S. ‘Animal Detectives’ Fight Crime in Forensics Lab,” National Geographic Today, April 2, 2003 at Write-up on Ken Goddard and USFWS Lab.

Bill’s Guests for: Friday, February 23, 2018:

6:35: Ron Gibson, a local Property Rights advocate talks with Bill. Ron is holding another event in Williams on Sunday to teach people how to “patent” their properties.

WHEN: Sunday, February 25th.

WHERE: The Williams Grange.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

7:20: Paul, a listener from Talent, joins Bill, live in studio to talk about how the American culture appears to be shifting. We’ll delve into the history of it all.

8:10: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer and journalist over at MyOutdoorBuddy.com and The Western Journal calls into the show. Capt. Bill is here to tell you how wildfire is triggering massive increases in your insurance premiums. Will your home be affected?

READ: “Insurers Fleeing Wildfire Exposure; Will Our Children Inherit A Bleak Future.”

Also: “Report: California homeowners insurance more difficult to get after devastating wildfires.”

8:45: Dave Jones from the Newswatch 12 Sportsmen & Outdoors Show talks with Bill this morning about all the happenings at the show this weekend. Dave is a fishing guide based out of Eugene, who will have his own booth at the event.



It’s pretty well known that Sen. Alan DeBoer will probably not run for re-election, although the official word comes Saturday. Worst kept non-secret in the valley. Says he wants to endorse Jessica Gomez to replace him. With all due respect I ignore ANY politician telling us who we should replace him/her with. My friends you are witnessing the Good Old Boy Network in action. The Senator should have said something officially early, VERY early. This is about making sure no one other than the pre-selected outcome has a chance. Nothing against Gomez, I don’t know her, but running a business doesn’t pre-qualify you for an automatic state senator swap. And by delaying the run/not-run, it keeps possible candidates to a low number, as few party members want to fight an incumbent. I recall everyone was up in arms with the Linthicum/Reschke dustup…Where’s the outrage now?

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, February 22, 2018:

6:35: Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation talks with Bill.

In The Hill, IPI resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews says millions of Americans want to buy good health insurance coverage that is less comprehensive than ObamaCare.

He writes:

“The good news is that the Republican tax reform passed in December will end the mandate to have government-approved health insurance coverage beginning in 2019. The bad news is that, unless Congress acts — or unless states decide to work around the law — individuals won’t have any good policies to buy.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, required all health insurance to cover a list of “essential health benefits.” In addition, ObamaCare imposed numerous burdensome regulations on the health insurance industry — including the requirement to accept anyone regardless of health status, administrative-cost price controls and no lifetime limits.

Those mandated coverages and requirements made ObamaCare coverage very expensive. Thanks to tax reform, individuals beginning in 2019 will no longer be required to buy that coverage or face a penalty tax.
7:10: James Bennett, a Sonoma County, California resident (Email James Here) businessman, property rights advocate, worked with Rose Koire on the fight against Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development. He’s moving to Southern Oregon, and we discuss the attacks on your lives, and how to fight back.

Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, February 21, 2018:

6:35: Kevin Mooney, journalist at The Daily Signal talks with Bill. It seems to be an unending broken record with the whole Russia, Russia, Russia (Brady Bunch anyone?) Collusion situation. However, what part of that story is the mainstream media NOT telling us? And, how does it correlate to our own Enviro-Green Commies?

Kevin Mooney is a writer at The Daily Signal, and he’s written an interesting article on the subject.

READ:Stronger Law on Foreign Agents Eyed Amid Russian Links to Green Groups.”

Late last week, the Justice Department of a major announcement by the U.S. Department of Justice that it has announced the indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election. At the same time, Congress is moving closer to taking action against individuals and groups working against American interests on behalf of Russia. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., who introduced a bill amending the Foreign Agents Registration Act, told Kevin Mooney in The Daily Signal.

Russian government has secretly been funding U.S. environmental groups’ “keep it in the ground” propaganda war against fossil fuels, according to numerous government reports.

7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department joins Bill, live in studio for the Southern Oregon Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

This Week: Stolen Kubota

8:10: Greg Wooldridge, former U.S. Navy pilot, former Commander of The Blue Angels and Portland resident talks with Bill today. Mr. Wooldridge is tossing his hat into the race for Oregon Governor on the GOP ticket. This could be a potential shake-up for the Republican Party in the primary this may.

Check out more at: WooldridgeForOregon.com.