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Bill’s Guests: Friday, April 5, 2019

6:15: Jay “The Bird” Reese, sports reporter, checks in live with today’s Early Bird Sports Update.

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government joins the show for the Weekly Swamp Update.

See more great information at: DailyTorch.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

8:10: Tim Nesbitt, Interim Executive Director of PERS Solutions for Public Services talks with Bill.

Two ballot initiative petitions addressing the rising costs of Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) pension program were filed today with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

Chief petitioners for the initiatives are Ted Kulongoski, former Oregon Governor (2003-2011) and Chris Telfer, former State Senator and current Oregon Lottery Commissioner.

“I believe the unsustainability of the Public Employees Retirement System is a critical issue and the time to change it is now,” Kulongoski said. “I and other colleagues are offering necessary and responsible changes to PERS, and our proposals are fair to the taxpayers and to the PERS beneficiaries.”

One initiative establishes an optional 401(k)-style Individual Retirement Savings Plan for new hires as an alternative to the traditional PERS pension plan. For current employees, it maintains all earned benefits, and transitions their current 6% of salary contribution from their separate Individual Account Program to their pensions, protecting their pensions and lowering their employers’ PERS costs.

The second initiative protects pension benefits for covered workers and requires employees enrolled in the pension to contribute one-third of the going-forward cost of future benefits earned.

“PERS costs are climbing for the state, schools and local governments,” Telfer said, “but taxpayers are paying the bill. In 2010, PERS pensions cost each Oregon household about $600 a year. They’re now more than twice that – $1,500 a year. By 2022, the yearly cost will exceed $2,200 a year, and keep climbing.”

In order to qualify for the November 2020 election ballot, initiatives sponsors would need to collect 112,020 signatures from Oregon voters by July 2, 2020.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, April 4, 2019

6:35: Ethan Blevins, attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation talks with Bill today.

Remember the Rent Control Bill? Yeah, you probably do? Well, PLF attorney Ethan Blevins has penned an article over at FoxNews.com that contains a warning for you…

Beware the false promise of rent control

(which Oregon recently passed into law)

Despite bipartisan agreement of its failures, politicians continue to peddle rent control as a solution to housing shortages. Oregon most recently implemented statewide rent control, and soon thereafter, demonstrators took to the streets to call for similar policies in Washington.

“Rent control’s failure begins and ends with the most basic concept in economics: supply and demand,” writes PLF Attorney Ethan Blevins for Fox News. “When politicians slap an artificial squeeze on prices, a shortage results.”

7:10: Todd Sheppard, of the Washington Free Beacon talks with Bill this morning.

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association (PCFFA) has filed a lawsuit holding responsible a handful of energy producers for all climate change. Their lawsuit seeks potentially billions of dollars, alleging fishermen are yielding less seafood as the result of rising ocean temperatures. “The fishermen’s lawsuit appears to be the first time that food producers have sued the fossil fuel industry for allegedly harming the environment.” As the story notes, when reached for comment about what it and its members are doing to reduce emissions, the PCFFA did not comment. Also, the group’s executive director was a former staffer for California Rep. Jared Huffman (D), who lobbied the states attorney general to investigate Exxon “for their longstanding, and potentially illegal, cover-up of the dangers of climate change.”  The fisherman’s group joins municipalities such as San Francisco and Oakland which have initiated hypocritical “jackpot justice” lawsuits of their own against energy producers.

Read Todd’s article: Fisherman’s Association Suing Over Climate Change Refuses Questions on Its Greenness

And, you can read more great content over at: FreeBeacon.com.

8:05: Royal Standley, President and CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, calls in to bring you the daily stock report. You can check out OPFA at their website: OPFA.com, or give Royal a call at: 541-772-1116.

8:10: Kevin Husted, candidate for Medford 549C School Board, Position 4 joins Bill in studio. Learn more about Kevin and his ideas on his Facebook page.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

6:35: Keisha Russell, Associate Counsel at First Liberty Institute talks with Bill today.

Today, we’ll be talking with Keisha, about why banning Chick Fil-A in airports is both bigoted and illegal.

First Liberty Institute has asked United States Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to investigate the Texas city’s council for religious discrimination. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has also called for an investigation.

In addition to San Antonio, Chick-fil-A is also being banned now in Buffalo.

7:10: State Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) chats with Bill.

Dennis calls us for an update on SB 978 , the gun-grabbing/control bill and other Salem actions at the legislature.

7:35: Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department drops by the studio for today’s Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University talks with Bill today.

Professor Reilly has written a new book, which is perfect timing after the aftermath of the Jussie Smollett hoax:


“If you believe the news, today’s America is plagued by an epidemic of violent hate crimes.

But is that really true?

In Hate Crime Hoax, Professor Wilfred Reilly examines over one hundred widely publicized incidents of so-called hate crimes that never actually happened. With a critical eye and attention to detail, Reilly debunks these fabricated incidents—many of them alleged to have happened on college campuses—and explores why so many Americans are driven to fake hate crimes. We’re not experiencing an epidemic of hate crimes, Reilly concludes—but we might be experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of hate crime hoaxes.”

Grab your copy right here, or wherever books are sold.

8:40: Bill Gallagher from Trail Christian Fellowship talks with Bill today about his Divorce Recovery Workshop.


  • Thursday, April 4th from 6:30 to 9pm.
  • Friday, April 5th from 6:30 to 9pm.
  • Saturday, April 6th from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

WHERE: The Fireside Room at Trail Christian Fellowship: 18881 Highway 62, Eagle Point.

Registration is $25, and covers child care (0-10years), materials, snacks and a continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

For more information you can call the church at: 541-878-3501


Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

6:35: Chris Chmielenski, Deputy Director of NumbersUSA talks with Bill this morning.

Last month, Border Patrol officers apprehended more than 76,000 illegal border crossers — the most in a month since 2008 – and caravans from Central America continue to head north to the United States. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen anticipates that Border Patrol officers could encounter more than 100,000 illegal border crossers in March.

The current crisis is driven by an influx of Central American family units making their way to the United States. While the recent debate has been centered around Pres. Trump’s call for a border wall, the best way to deter illegal immigration has mostly been left out of the conversation — requiring all businesses to use E-Verify.

Public support for E-Verify is high, typically exceeding 70% in every poll. The employers who currently use the system sing its high praises. And yet, Congress has yet to vote on stand-alone legislation that requires all businesses to use E-Verify, despite support from business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Society for Human Resource Managers. Until Congress takes these actions, nothing will stop the surge of family units crossing the border illegally.

You can see more great stuff over at: NumbersUSA.com.

7:10: Mr. X, Jedi Master of research, Green Mafia expert and all around good dude, joins Bill in studio.

We’ll continue the discussion into SB 978, and how it wants to grab your guns in the name of public safety, and we’ll dig into the fight against HB 2020 the carbon cap and trade bill.

You can see more from Mr. X’s reams of paper over at his website: MrXFiles.com.

8:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill today.

We’ll be talking with Eric about, yet another defective airbag that killed a driver, and why won’t the Feds let us disconnect these bags pending repair? Is this REALLY about safety, or more of a “you will obey,” agenda? We’ll discuss it.

READ: The Airbag Body Count Upticks – And Will Again

Get more great content, and read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks SUVs and bikes all over at his website: EPAutos.com.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, April 1, 2019

6:35: Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph. D, chats with Bill this morning.

I Am Vindicated with the Release of the Mueller Report

By Jerome Corsi

I feel vindicated since I rejected Robert Mueller’s plea deal because I felt it was fraudulent. The one count Mueller wanted me to plea to was my first day testimony when I had not yet downloaded my 2016 e-mails. I wanted to give his prosecutors my computers voluntarily in the condo where they were located since the last day I used them. My “crime?” I had forgotten key e-mails.

Mueller’s prosecutors allowed me to go home for 10 days to load and review the 2016 e-mails. I returned and amended my testimony. The charge Mueller wanted me to plea was the first day’s testimony, when I made memory mistakes. I never knowingly gave Mueller testimony I knew to be false on a material matter because I intended to deceive them. I gave 40 hours of voluntary testimony always intending to tell the truth, admitting my memory of e-mails and conversations from 2016 was not good.

Mueller’s prosecutors blew up my testimony because they couldn’t believe that in July, 2016 I figured out Assange had Podesta e-mails he planned to make public in October 2016.

That Mueller did not indict me proves they wanted me to plead guilty to someone Mueller could not prove was a “lie.” I never had any contact with Assange directly or indirectly. Mueller’s prosecutors were convinced I was the link between Roger Stone and Assange. That never happened and the prosecutors couldn’t prove otherwise.

I wrote Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt” to give a firsthand account of what I consider to have been abusive questioning, especially in the last 20 hours when I was honestly trying to see if there might have been anyone who could have connected me to Assange. The FBI visited or otherwise questioned virtually everyone I contacted in 2016 and 2017. In the end, I knew I could not stand before a federal judge and swear under oath that I committed a crime I know I did not commit.

My wife woke up one morning while I was struggling over the plea deal and told me she would rather visit me in prison the rest of my life than have me be a different person than the man she married. I would not lie if that was what it took to keep me out of prison. That was a critical moment in my decision to resist Mueller.

Silent No More documents the abuse I suffered and is the background for the federal civil suit I filed in U.S. District Court in D.C. I wrote the book because I wanted people to understand the Kafka-like torture Mueller has put me and my family through for the past seven months. This book details the psychological torment I underwent because of the attempts by the prosecutors to break me.

This is not justice in America. Nobody in this country should ever again be forced to experience what I went through – prosecutorial abuse of power I believe was criminal in nature. I did nothing wrong and the prosecutors made it clear they hated me for my books, going back to co-authoring UNFIT FOR COMMAND in 2004. [more…] Watch Dr. Corsi on FNC.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is an investigative journalist and senior staff writer for several conservative websites. Corsi is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Unfit for Command, #1 New York Times bestseller The Obama Nation and author of bestseller, Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump.

You can get even more great info over at: CorsiNation.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

7:35: Kevin Starrett with the Oregon Firearms Federation joins Bill this morning.

Today, we’re talking with Kevin about Oregon SB978. Comments and testimony are still needed as this bill has become one big monster gun grabbing effort by urban leftists in the Legislature, that believe that anyone south of Multnomah County and Salem are a bunch of toothless hillbillies that don’t know any better and need to be saved from the horrors of gun ownership by the cultured and sophisticated, soy latte sipping city hipsters.

Read Kevin’s take on the Bill over at: OregonFirearms.org

“SB 978 Turns Into Monster Anti-Gun Bill.”

Find out even more over at: OregonFirearms.org.

Click here to read Mr. X and Bill’s “Cease and Desist Order” to the Oregon Legislature, that goes to fight against this very bill.

To throw your hat in the ring, you can upload your testimony at: sjud.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

Also, you can contact the others that are allowing this outrage to continue:

Senate President Peter Courtney: 503-986-1600.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian joins Bill live in studio for today’s edition of:

What Made Southern Oregon Great!


By Dennis Powers

Four men owning equal shares, including C.C. Beekman, in October 1883 conveyed land to the Oregon & California Railroad Co. for its depot, right-of-way, and facilities. The railroad surveyor (and his son) surveyed the new townsite, and Medford was founded on December 20, 1883, when the plat was recorded. David Loring, the railroad’s civil engineer and right-of-way agent, named the start-up town for his home town of Medford, Massachusetts.

The railroad tracks reached Medford in mid-January 1884. At the time, Medford had a few wooden store buildings and a few saloons, some of them occupying tents. Frequently, one could hear the men riding up and down Main and Front streets while shooting their guns into the air.

Within three months, the sparse settlement on the unbroken land covered by high brush had grown to thirty-six structures. As quickly as supplies of lumber from Grants Pass and brick manufactured locally became available, houses and commercial buildings rose; by early spring two hotels, saloons, a livery stable, and a dozen businesses “already dotted the muddy streets of this rapidly growing railroad town.” By December, Medford had 110 businesses and residences with a population of 400; the businesses ranged from dry goods, meat markets, and furniture to livery stables, drug stores, and general stores.

Medford incorporated in early 1885, and its first city ordinance was to prevent and punish disorderly conduct, riots, and disturbances. The second one was “to prevent minors from loitering about the depot,” and another banned hogs from running wild. After the boom of its first two years, Medford settled into a steady growth—that is, until the orchard boom began.

With access by railroad to faraway markets, the orchard industry flourished; hundreds of thousands of apple and pear trees were planted in the early 1900s, and the Valley’s major export was that of commercial fruit. The Medford Commercial Club (presently its Chamber of Commerce) promoted a very successful advertising campaign in the early 1900s about the great advantages of the area’s orchard industry: Easy money was to be had. This, Southern Pacific’s advertising, and real estate agents pushed the boom. The agents met the out-of-townersarriving in numbersat the train station to promote this “easy business.”

By 1909, numerous Medford buildings were under construction or in the planning stages. Buildings with the names of Sparta, the Carnegie library, Woolworth building, and four-story Liberty brick building were built or underway. The newcomers wanted also the new “horseless buggies” to travel from their country homes to the city. A Medford Mail Tribune article on November 28th reported that the city led the world in the number of automobiles per capita in 1909: It had one automobile for every 30 people when nationally there was only one car for every 500.

One year later, more people were there than could be housed. Since the town couldn’t handle the incoming swell, the city erected a tent city and the railroad even put up overnight the new arrivals in its train station. By 1912, Medford had a high school, four banks, three elementary schools, a city park, new passenger depot, Carnegie library, indoor swimming pool, several movie theatres, and an opera house. Mountain water came by way of 21 miles of wooden pipe; electricity and telephone service was reaching to the outskirts. The streets were paved and with fruit packing sheds with warehouses built by the train yard, Medford was Jackson County’s transportation and commercial center.

The boom turned to bust, however, owing to the real estate speculation, property overvaluation, and fruit oversupply. By the mid-teens, Medford’s population had declined with the World War I blockades having ended its international markets; insect blight, frost, and drought didn’t help either. Medford’s population by 1920 had dropped by 28 percent, all due to the orchard bust, and this took years to recover.

Despite the economic setbacks that came and went, Medford during the Roaring Twenties opened its fairgrounds with five exhibition buildings and racetracks for car, motorcycle, and horse racing. A dirt landing strip inside the racetrack became Oregon’s first municipal airport in 1922. Medford’s campaign won later, and the city was selected to be the county seat in 1927. Owing to a successful bond issue, a new and larger airport opened in late 1929 at its present location on Biddle Road and greatly expanded over the years.

World War II finally overcame the last remnants of the Great Depression. The round-the-clock building of nearby Camp White brought about such heavy traffic over Crater Lake Highway, it became one-way from Medford with Table Rock Road heading back in the other. More than 10,000 workers were involved, and many lived in tent or trailer cities. Completed in some six months, the camp was officially dedicated on August 15, 1942, and nearly 40,000 soldiers at a time trained there, greatly helping to bring prosperity back when on leave.

After the war, the pent-up, regional demand for housing sparked a boom for the area’s timber industry. However, the consistent economic cycles of boom and bust continued into the 1980s, the lumber industry falling into long-term stagnation. The services of healthcare, the Internet with computers, retailing cars, shopping centers (with Californians avoiding their sales taxes), and real estate construction took over, only to be followed by the Great Recession of 2008.

With this recovery, another boom starts, followed by another ending. Throughout it all, Medford continues to flourish as the center of Jackson County and for those close enough in Northern California.

Sources: “City of Medford: The History of Medford,” at Medford’s History; Paul Fattig, “1909: The year that changed Medford,” Mail Tribune, November 1, 2009, at The Orchard Boom (and 1909); Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present,” (Hellgate Press, Ashland, Oregon), pp. 387-390. eH

8:35: Meghan Flowers from Sanctuary One joins Bill in studio. It’s the 3rd Annual Volunteer Week at Sanctuary One and Meghan is here to talk about it with Bill. If you’d like to volunteer, you can head over to: SanctuaryOne.org/volunteerweek

8:45: Ben McReynolds with Knox Classical Academy joins Bill in studio for today’s Whose Business Is It Anyway? Segment.

Defend the 2nd Amendment!

Gun Vest1


SB978 Amendment Dash-1 SB978Amendment-1

SB978 Amendment Dash-2 SB978 Amendment-2

SB978 Amendment Dash-3 SB978Amendment-3

Here’s some information needed to comment on SB978. “Mr. X” (BTW not an attorney, extends no liability to this citizen response to legislative intrusion) has crafted this “Cease and Desist” letter for the legislators.

DOWNLOAD – “Cease and Desist Order”

Leave the language of this document as-is, (cut and paste into your additional comments) just putting your name, date, and other info in the beginning and end.  I have pasted Oregon Firearms’ alert on this bill below, which has the links to the legislative site. BTW, this Cease and Desist is NOT the only comment you can make. Write them with all your criticisms!

If you cannot be there in person please upload testimony to sjud.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

REPRESENTATIVES: (copy and paste into your email program)

Rep.TeresaAlonsoLeon@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JeffBarker@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.GregBarreto@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DenycBoles@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DanielBonham@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.shellyboshartdavis@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JanelleBynum@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.BrianClem@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.MargaretDoherty@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.PaulEvans@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.christinedrazan@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JulieFahey@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.LynnFindley@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.ChrisGorsek@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.MitchGreenlick@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.CedricHayden@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.KenHelm@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.CheriHelt@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DiegoHernandez@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.PaulHolvey@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.AlissaKenyGuyer@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.TinaKotek@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.GaryLeif@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.RickLewis@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JohnLively@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.PamMarsh@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.CaddyMcKeown@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.SusanMclain@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.MikeMcLane@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.MarkMeek@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.TiffinyMitchell@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.NancyNathanson@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.MikeNearman@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.courtneyneron@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.RonNoble@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.RobNosse@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.CarlaPiluso@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.BillPost@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.KarinPower@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.RachelPrusak@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DanRayfield@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JeffReardon@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.EWernerReschke@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.AndreaSalinas@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.TawnaSanchez@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.SheriSchouten@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.GregSmith@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.BarbaraSmithWarner@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DavidBrockSmith@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JaneenSollman@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.SherrieSprenger@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DuaneStark@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.kimwallan@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.martywilde@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.AnnaWilliams@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JenniferWilliamson@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.CarlWilson@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.BradWitt@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JackZika@oregonlegislature.gov,


Sen.HermanBaertschiger@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.CliffBentz@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.LeeBeyer@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.BrianBoquist@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.GinnyBurdick@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.PeterCourtney@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.ShemiaFagan@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.MichaelDembrow@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.LewFrederick@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.SaraGelser@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.FredGirod@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.JeffGolden@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.BillHansell@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.MarkHass@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.DallasHeard@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.BetsyJohnson@oregonlegislature.gov, sen.timknopp@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.DennisLinthicum@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.JamesManning@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.LaurieMonnesAnderson@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.FloydProzanski@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.AlanOlsen@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.ChuckRiley@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.ElizabethSteinerHayward@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.KathleenTaylor@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.ChuckThomsen@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.RobWagner@oregonlegislature.gov, Sen.JackieWinters@oregonlegislature.gov,

STATE REPRESENTATIVES (in Outlook format with semi-colons)
Rep.TeresaAlonsoLeon@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JeffBarker@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.GregBarreto@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DenycBoles@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DanielBonham@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.shellyboshartdavis@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JanelleBynum@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.BrianClem@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.MargaretDoherty@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.PaulEvans@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.christinedrazan@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JulieFahey@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.LynnFindley@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.ChrisGorsek@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.MitchGreenlick@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.CedricHayden@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.KenHelm@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.CheriHelt@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DiegoHernandez@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.PaulHolvey@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.AlissaKenyGuyer@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.TinaKotek@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.RickLewis@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JohnLively@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.PamMarsh@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.CaddyMcKeown@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.SusanMclain@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.MikeMcLane@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.MarkMeek@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.TiffinyMitchell@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.NancyNathanson@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.MikeNearman@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.courtneyneron@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.RonNoble@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.RobNosse@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.CarlaPiluso@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.BillPost@oregonlegislature.gov;
Rep.KarinPower@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.RachelPrusak@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DanRayfield@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JeffReardon@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.EWernerReschke@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.AndreaSalinas@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.TawnaSanchez@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.SheriSchouten@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.GregSmith@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.BarbaraSmithWarner@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DavidBrockSmith@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JaneenSollman@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.SherrieSprenger@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.DuaneStark@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.kimwallan@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.martywilde@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.AnnaWilliams@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.JenniferWilliamson@oregonlegislature.gov; Rep.CarlWilson@oregonlegislature.gov;

STATE SENATORS: (in outlook format with semi-colons)

Sen.HermanBaertschiger@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.CliffBentz@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.LeeBeyer@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.BrianBoquist@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.GinnyBurdick@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.PeterCourtney@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.ShemiaFagan@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.MichaelDembrow@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.LewFrederick@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.SaraGelser@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.FredGirod@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.JeffGolden@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.BillHansell@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.MarkHass@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.DallasHeard@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.BetsyJohnson@oregonlegislature.gov; sen.timknopp@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.DennisLinthicum@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.JamesManning@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.LaurieMonnesAnderson@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.FloydProzanski@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.AlanOlsen@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.ChuckRiley@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.ElizabethSteinerHayward@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.KathleenTaylor@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.ChuckThomsen@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.RobWagner@oregonlegislature.gov; Sen.JackieWinters@oregonlegislature.gov;

You can contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee herehttps://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Committees/SJUD/Overview

Here are email addresses of the State House: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/house/Pages/RepresentativesAll.aspx

Here are email addresses for all State Senators


Call State Senate President Peter Courtney at 503-986-1600 and express your se severe displeasure with him allowing this abomination to proceed.

(The following is from Oregon Firearms)

SB 978 has it’s first “amendment”. It’s 44 pages long and turns the bill into a nightmare anti-gun bill.

We told you about SB 978 yesterday and assured you that this harmless looking bill was going to be gut and stuffed with draconian anti-gun language, and it has.

Here is a link to the “Dash 1″ amendment to the bill. And of course we use the word amendment quite loosely.

The “amendment” is 44 pages long. The “bill” was a few paragraphs.

After our first review of the bill here are the elements we noticed immediately. No doubt we missed a few.

If this “amendment” is adopted, the bill will:

Allow gun stores to refuse to sell firearms and ammunition to young adults (As Bi-mart, Walmart and Fred Meyers have done in violation of the law.)

Exonerate gun dealers who violated our anti-discrimination laws, even if they did it before this bill was passed. (Get out of jail free card for corporations that broke the law.)

Require that your self-defense firearms be locked up. Under this bill you can be prosecuted even if you did lock up your guns with a cable lock if someone has “access” to a device to defeat the lock. Which of course, is anyone who has access to almost any tool.

Hold gun owners responsible for two years for guns they “transferred” unless they could prove the transferred gun had a trigger or cable lock. (This is one of the most inane ideas we have ever seen.)

Hold gun owners responsible for crimes committed with guns that were stolen from them.

Treat “80 % lowers” as complete guns requiring background checks and registration. If the lower is transferred and has no serial number, the police need a “detailed description: or the lower.

Ban “undetectable firearms.”

Ban “untraceable firearms”

Increase CHL fees.

Allows cities, counties, metropolitan service districts, airports, schools, colleges and universities to ban CHL holders from “public buildings.” Please note. The bill does NOT say buildings owned by those entities. It says “public buildings.” Under this bill a school in John Day could forbid you from carrying your firearm in a public building in Troutdale.

Ban CHL holders from airports. No, not just the terminal. But the parking lots and grounds “adjacent” to parking lots. Picking up your spouse at the airport? Go to jail.

This “amendment” is insane. If you can come to the capitol on April 2nd to testify against this please come. The sideshow hearing starts at 8am with sign ups to testify starting at 7.30 am in room 50 in the Capitol basement.

The Senators who support your rights on that committee are:

Kim Thatcher, Cliff Bentz and Dennis Linthicum. The rest are opposed to your rights.