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Bill’s Guests for: Friday, April 20, 2018:

6:35: Dr. Tim Ball, the author of “Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History,” and an environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba. Dr. Ball is the Chief Science Adviser of International Climate Science Coalition talks with Bill.

This book examines the claims of human induced global warming made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) using proper journalistic and investigative techniques. It explains how it was a premeditated, orchestrated deception, using science to impose a political agenda. It fooled a majority including most scientists.

To get your copy of Dr. Ball’s book click HERE.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

7:35: Lou Ogden, candidate for Bureau of Labor and Industries calls the show today. Vote4LouOgden.com.

8:10: Allen Alley, former Chairman for the Oregon Republican Party and former Oregon Gubernatorial candidate talks with Bill today. Allen has penned an interesting op-ed in The Oregonian, about a play he recently attended, and it’s apparent, anti-Mormon message.

READ: “We Love To Laugh at ‘The Book of Mormon.” What if it was ‘The Book of The Koran?'”

8:45: Kathleen Kellenbeck from Storage at Exit 24 drop by the studio for today’s segment of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?”

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, April 19, 2018:

7:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian thinker joins Bill today. This day, we’re discussing a new kind of parking meter, which does pretty much everything except do your taxes.

You used to feed the meter. Soon, the meter will feed on you. It will also know exactly who you are and where you are – as well as where you’re going and how long you stayed there and also when you left.

Naturally, so with the government…

Read the rest of Eric’s article: “When the Meter Feeds on You,” over at EPAutos.com. And don’t forget to check out Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUV’s and bikes. All, over at: EPAutos.com.

8:10: Todd McNutt, author of “Other People’s Secrets…Your Life UN-redacted,” talks with Bill.

From Zuckerberg to the Department of Homeland Security?
Facebook/Cambridge is absolutely nothing, compared to the Enhanced Driver’s License!

Author Todd A. McNutt, “Other People’s Secrets…Your Life UN-redacted” says that it’s over.

The United States Senate and House hearings with Mark Zuckerberg WERE the story.  McNutt said, “I honestly hoped for more, but in spite of all of the talk about privacy in the hearings it will be the end of the story, or will it?  Why don’t we make this a campaign issue on a Gubernatorial level and make the next Senate and Congressional hearings be about how the Department of Homeland Security is putting the privacy of EVERY U.S. Citizen in it’s cross-hairs.”

McNutt says, “There were a few Senators and Congressmen/women who actually asked one good question here and there, so maybe it’s time to ask some of those questions to other people who are working to steal all privacy from all U.S. Citizens.  What concerns me, is that there is no support for the ‘Real ID Act’ and yet someone has not only pushed it into law, but the Department of Homeland Security is moving ahead with it as if it’s their number one mandate.”

READ:The Real ID Act: Opposition From The Beginning.”

8:45: Mark Reeves from EZ Sleep Matress drops by the studio for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?”


Mail Tribune opines regarding Ashland going back to a regular insurance company for employees: “If Ashland city employees eventually wind up with higher deductibles and copays, as seems likely, that will be unfortunate for them, but they cannot expect to continue receiving better coverage than EMPLOYEES OF COMPARABLE CITIES.” (emphasis mine) This is the artificial reality government employment creates..A more sensible take is “Better coverage than private sector employees.”

You want to talk sustainable? Trash this concept that government employment is some sacred class, deserving only to be compensated based on other government gang’s pay and benefits. As is, most public sector workers have pay, vacation, sick leave, retirement, etc, that private sector milk cows can only dream of. However, the private sector milk cow is tasked with getting milked ever harder for the government priesthood. Time to close the church, folks.

Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, April 18, 2018:

6:35: Elizabeth Johnston, Traditional Values activist, publisher of ActivistMommy.com, and mother of 10 talks with Bill today.

Parents are pulling their children out of public schools for a day to protest sex education that they say has become graphic, hedonistic and ideological under the influence of pro-choice and gay rights groups. The Sex Ed Sit Out started with parents in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has spread to nearly a dozen other cities in three countries. The April 23rd protest is a grass-roots effort, spearheaded by mothers who said they are disturbed by the “pornographic” content that has made its way into the classroom.

Elizabeth Johnston is a social conservative activist who blogs under the name Activist Mommy, and is one of the protest’s organizers. She said that most parents wouldn’t “stand for the kind of graphic, gender-bending sex ed” that schools are teaching. “Most parents do not know that this is taking place in schools,” Ms. Johnston said. “The wool is completely being pulled over their eyes, and sometimes when parents catch on and start inquiring, bureaucrats are using deceptive means of not informing them of what is being taught.”

She said the movement will continue to grow as more parents become aware.

In addition to the demonstration in Charlotte, protests are being planned in:

Sacramento, California

Bloomington, Indiana

Austin and San Antonio, Texas

Spokane, Washington

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Rallies are also being scheduled in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia.

Check out more at ActivistMommy.com. And, check out SexEdSitOut.com.

7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department drops by the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Dr. Marylin Singleton M.D. J.D. A California Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Board Member and President-Elect of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons chats with Bill.

Today, we’re discussing how more and more people in California are clamoring for a single payer healthcare system. But, what they don’t know about is the rationing that such a system could bring.

8:35: Terry Baker, Phoenix City Councilman calls in for a chat. We’ll talk about what’s next, now that the city and the people have decided to reverse the “Road Diet.”

Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, April 17, 2018:

6:35: Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center talks with Bill. Today, we’ll talk about how big tech could actually throttle free speech.

The Media Research Center, aka MRC, released an extensive report on Monday, documenting the censorship of conservative voices on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

The release of this report follows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress last week. Zuck was questioned about the growing concern that Facebook engages in political bias and censorship.

READ:CENSORED! How Online Media Companies are Suppressing Conservative Speech.”

In the report, you will find out these key findings:

  • Twitter Leads in Censorship: Project Veritas caught Twitter staffers bragging about censoring conservatives through deceptive techniques like “shadow banning.” In 2016 Twitter was exposed for attempting to manipulate election-related tweets by limiting the use of hashtags like: #PodestaEmails and #DNCLeak.
  • Facebook’s Trending Feed Hides Conservative Topics: A 2016 Gizmodo story detailed claims by former employees that Facebook’s news curators hid conservative content from the “trending” section.
  • Tech Firms Rely on Groups That Hate Conservatives: Top tech firms like Google, YouTube and Twitter partner with leftist groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center attempting to censor conservatives.
  • YouTube Removes Conservative Content: YouTube moderators have shut down entire conservative channels and removed videos that promote right-wing political views, without ANY warning.
  • Liberal Twitter Advisors Outnumber Conservatives 12 to 1: 12 of the 25 U.S. Members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council – which helps guide its policies – are liberal, while only 1 is conservative.

7:10: Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner, and candidate for U.S. Congress talks with Bill. We’ll talk a bit about “salvage logging,” in the area of the Chetco Bar Fire, and other topics.

Learn more about Court and his campaign at: CourtBoiceforCongress.org.

7:35: State Representative Sal Esquivel calls into the show to let you know about the latest goings-on in the State Legislature.

Bill’s Guests for: Monday, April 16, 2018:

6:10: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government chats with Bill. Today, we’ll be talking about Comey’s book, the President’s attack on alleged Syrian chemical weapons, TPP, the Scooter Libby pardon and more in today’s Swamp Update.

You can always check out more at: GetLiberty.org and NetRightDaily.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you today’s Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report.

7:20: Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, and author of the new book: “Texit: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union,” talks with Bill.

Texit is a provocative new book from Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Texit is the first thoroughly researched, nonfiction book to delve into the motivations, process and practicality of a peaceful, modern-day Texas exit from the United States. Channeling his 20 years of experience on the issue, Miller takes readers through the historical and cultural foundations for a potential “Texit” and shares its impact on mainstream politics. He also plainly enumerates the grievances expressed by many Texans who support an independent Texas while also disputing some of the most common arguments against Texit.

Ultimately, Miller describes a clear path showing how Texit could become a reality with a glimpse into what Texas could look like in the aftermath of an exit from the union. Though Texas-focused, Texit brings the concept of secession to a universal audience.

You can get the book at either: DefiancePress.com, or DanielOMiller.com. And, check out more on Facebook. And follow along on Twitter.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers drops by the studio for this week’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.”

The Shasta Valley Stone Circles


Dennis Powers

Mysterious stone circles lie in the Shasta Valley off Highway 97 from Interstate-5, located between the tiny town of Tennant (41 people discovered in the 2010 census) and Mt. Shasta’s base. These odd earth foundations are set over 600 acres of the flat prairie near the northwestern foot of the peak. The Shasta Valley is randomly strewn with volcanic stones.

Each concentric mound is the same, 60 feet in diameter, with the dirt rising in an almost perfect circle to a crest approximately 2 feet above the level of the surrounding plain. A stone path, or mosaic, surrounds each ring; and the rocks were obviously gathered from the countless stones surrounding the area. The circular paths start from pebbles with smaller ones at the bottom working into larger sizes and boulders at the top.

Constructed of “pure” dirt, the mounds rest on the hard pan surrounding the area. Appearing smooth surfaced–as if to make it easier to walk over–the rock rings are smooth surfaced. This is far easier to walk over then the scatterings of rocks nearby where only sage brush and weeds can grow.

The trenches and mounds are man-made–not natural–and it was first thought that the stone circles were the result of human agricultural activity. Anthropologists have discounted this idea, since virtually no other artifacts have been discovered in the area, and the Native Americans who lived here subsisted primarily on fishing and hunting.

The Indian elders of the region just shrugged their shoulders and said that they had no idea where the mounds came from. This certainly looked like the work of many men, but no tools, no relics, no artifacts nearby were ever discovered. A few of the theories attribute the mounds to upheaving by frost, gopher activity, or erosion by wind and water. The origin of the stone circles remains a mystery to this day–and several of the mysterious mound clusters are at different locations around the mountain.

With Mt. Shasta famous (or notorious) for its numerous UFO sightings, the underground Lemurian city of Telos, its Bigfoot sightings, and the supernatural, these mounds add to its allure. An interpretive sign off U.S. Interstate 5 (at the Weed Airport Rest Area) notes that archaeologists and geologists are in conflict over what brought about these mounds—and that the “origin of the Stone Circles remains a mystery to today.”

Sources: Brad Olson, “Discovering Forbidden Archaeology,” Perceptive Travel, at Images and Text on the Mounds; see Bruce Walton, editor, Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients, pages 32-35; see the following page for two images.

image001  image002

 Bill’s Guests for: Friday, April 13, 2018: Friday The 13th

6:35: Jim Rafferty, candidate for Josephine County Commission, Position 1, chats with Bill, and is open for questions if you have any. You can learn more at: W4ACG.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report for Friday, April 13, 2018.
7:35: Major Jason Koenig, with The Salvation Army joins Bill, live in studio. Today, we’re talking about the Salvation Army’s program: H.O.P.E. Housing and Apartments. Could this program work to help curb the Valley’s homeless problem? We’ll discuss.

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, April 12, 2018:

6:35: Dr. John Zmirak of The Stream talks with Bill.

The Stream’s John Zmirak writes that Christians, who have been in Iraq since the time of the apostles, are literally feeling Iraq because of attacks from ISIS.

Now, the same thing is beginning to happen in Syria to the Christians.

John observes, The same people who assured us that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat to America are now saying that of Assad. They’re telling us that “moderate rebels” exist who would be America’s allies if they came to power. And they’re braying that we have a profound moral obligation to punish Assad for attacking civilians. Maybe he did.”

You can read more at TheStream.org

8:10: Professor Mark W. Hendrickson, Adjunct Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship at Grove City College chats with Bill.

The upcoming “March for Science” in our nation’s capital, as well as Earth Day events across the nation, will spotlight the issue of global warming in the coming weeks ahead. But how much does the American public know about the crucial and controversial science of climate change?

“Not much,” says Professor Mark W. Hendrickson of Grove City College, “and that’s why I wrote my new book called, “The Big Picture, The Science, Politics, and Economics of Climate Change.” http://www.cfactstore.com/product/the-big-picture/

In this book, economist Mark Hendrickson walks the reader systematically through the science, politics, and economics of climate change and shows how interwoven they are. His book provides a needed comprehensive overview of the various aspects of the climate change debate to help the reader better understand what is at stake for all of us.

What are the cost/benefit economic tradeoffs involved if governments curtail the use of fossil fuels? Is it possible that the cure will make the human race worse off instead of better? The book is an easy-to-understand narrative showing the limitations, uncertainties and sometimes even misuses of scientific data and studies, and how the climate change issue is being exploited by ambitious people with political and economic agendas involving centralization of power and the transfer of massive sums of wealth. “Regardless of which side of the climate change issue you are on, the fact is that climate change has become a major battlefront in today’s impassioned political tug-of-war between two opposing mindsets or worldviews.”

Mark W. Hendrickson is an adjunct professor of economics and entrepreneurship at Grove City College and fellow for Economic and Social Policy with the Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. The author of hundreds of articles, many published in prominent news outlets both at home and abroad, Dr. Hendrickson is a Contributing Editor of The St. Croix Review and selfeducatedamerican.com. His most recent books are Problems with Piketty: The Flaws and Fallacies in ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century,’ God and Man on Wall Street: The Conscience of Capitalism (co-authored with Dr. Craig Columbus)