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Bill’s Guests: Thursday, May 9, 2019

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill. The mileage tax/attack on driver privacy is being pushed by the feds, including Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.

READ: The Commuter (and Privacy and Other Things) Tax

Don’t forget to check out Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at: EPAutos.com

7:10 Stefan Aarnio an award-winning real estate investor, award-winning serial entrepreneur, motivational coach, educator and author of multiple books including his latest, “Hard Times Create Strong Men.” He talks with Bill today.

Are men becoming obselete? We’ll talk about it with Stephen.

Having built his fortune through purchasing real estate at 40-60 cents on the dollar, Stefan became an avid student of negotiation at a young age testing and learning the principles in this book first hand in the real world. On a day-to-day basis, Stefan is the CEO of two multi-million-dollar companies and travels the world educating business people and entrepreneurs to bring forward the next generation of success.

Get your copy of Stephan’s book right here!

8:10 Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation, talks with Bill. The legislature is effectively shut down on the senate side, with the GOP having walked out.  How does this affect the fight to protect firearms rights?

READ: Senator Knopp Sells Out

Don’t forget to check out more great content on protecting your 2nd Amendment Rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, all over at: OregonFirearms.org

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

6:35 Gerard Scimeca VP of CASE aka Consumer Action for a Strong Economy talks with Bill. Today, we’ll talk with Gerard about his latest piece on government credit/loan regulation:

Another Voice: California consumers will pay dearly for loan regulation bill

For many Americans, small-dollar loans (aka payday loans) are the only good option for accessing short-term credit. These consumers, who often do not have an established credit history, do not qualify for lower-interest loans that require more loan history documentation and credit development.

Well, big government is once again trying to eliminate access to credit that many low-income consumers rely on with new legislation proposed by Sen. Dick Durbin at the national level. If passed, these consumers would have to rely on credit cards (which they may or may not even qualify for) and overdraft protection for their financial services needs.

In his latest piece, Gerard Scimeca (VP of Consumer Action for a Strong Economy) says that people who rely on small-dollar loans will be hurt most by new legislation capping interest rates. If companies cannot price their products at a rate that coincides with the risk they are taking by making loans to high-risk individuals, they may not be able to offer this product in the future, ultimately eliminating their access to credit.

You can learn more over at: CaseforConsumers.org

7:10 Garth and Rosemary Harrington join Bill in studio. Garth and Rose are here to talk about their Experience at the Citizens Academy.

7:35 Sgt. Julie Denny from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, drops by the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

8:10 Dianne Mihocko talks with Bill in studio. Dianne is here to pitch her candidacy for Eagle Point School District #9 Director Position #1.

Learn more about Dianne and her run for the school board on her Facebook page.

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

6:20: Carrie Lukas President of the Independent Women’s Forum talks with Bill. So, do girls and women deserve single-sex sports? We’ll talk with Carrie about a piece that she wrote over at National Review on this very subject.

Girls and Women Deserve Single-Sex Sports

Is the existence of single-sex teams just another manifestation of our culture’s propensity to put girls in pink tutus while handing boys trucks?

No. These distinctions are made, not to discriminate against girls and keep girls out of athletics, but to encourage and facilitate their participation in it. There are separate girls’ and boys’ teams to help girls, to make sure they are competitive, and to prevent boys from dominating athletic competitions. Women simply don’t have the same physical capacities. Recognizing this isn’t rejecting women’s equality. It’s accepting reality, which we have to do if we are to protect women’s interests and ensure that they can fairly and fully participate in athletics.

Read Carrie’s opinion piece on National Review

And, you can read more great stuff over at: IWF.org

6:35: State Senator Dennis Linthicum calls in. The Republicans have had enough, and have walked out of the Legislature. What will be on the horizon? We’ll discuss it.

7:10: William G. Hyland Jr. historian and author of George Mason – The Founding Father Who Gave Us the Bill of Rights, talks with Bill.

Individual freedoms are under attack although they are clearly protected in the Bill of Rights. How do we defend and correctly interpret them? By understanding the man who gave them to us—George Mason.

Mason is America’s most unappreciated and underestimated Founding Father. He was the theorist of the American Revolution who penned the Virginia Declaration of Rights—on which Jefferson based the Declaration of Independence. He was the chief architect of our Bill of Rights. Mason knew people had God-given freedoms and he was determined to forge a constitution that acknowledged and upheld them.

Mason’s reputation has been obscured and neglected in history. Less careful men, who rushed the original Constitutuion through the Philadelphia Convention without any guarantee of the rights of the people, excoriated him because he insisted that those rights needed to be spelled out for our protection. Today, Mason is unjustly known more for refusing to sign the Constitution than for working to add the first crucial ten amendments to it—and writing the language on which they are based.

Now, William Hyland digs into the fascinating history of the revolution and the founding to reclaim Mason for modern Americans, at a time when the rights Mason secured at the beginning of the republic are under threat.

Get your copy of William’s book right here.

7:35: James Horner is in studio, and is running for re-election to the Medford 549C school board.

8:20: Bailey Corcoran, Agriculture Science & Technology Teacher Crater High School – School of Business, Innovation, and Science

They are doing their annual high school class plant sale, and we’ll discuss what the kids are doing, how this project is done and what the money raised is going towards.

Crater FFA & Horticulture Plant Sale

WHEN: Thursday, May 9th – Saturday, May 11th: 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Crater High School Greenhouses, 655 N. 3rd St, Central Point

8:35: Brent Homan from Advanced Air drop by the studio for today’s Whose Business is it Anyway segment.

The temperature is rising, but, according to experts, we still have a bit of rain and cold weather on the way. You don’t want to be cold, or super-hot right? Well, tune in and listen to their latest deals over at Advanced Air!

Advanced Air

695 E. Vilas Road, Central Point

PHONE: 541-772-6866

ONLINE: AdvancedAir.com

Bill’s Guests: Monday, May 6, 2019

6:35 Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform talks with Bill.

There’s been a lot of chatter in DC this week about a grand plan for improving the nation’s infrastructure and how to pay for it. But Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist warns that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi may be setting a tax trap for the president. Check out Grover’s piece in the Washington Examiner:


And, you can check out more great content over at: ATR.org

7:10 Greg Roberts calls us from RogueWeather.com with today’s Outdoor Report.

7:35 Julian Cordle in studio, candidate for Eagle Point School Board joins Bill in studio.

Find out more at his website: JulianForDistrict9.com

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “What Made Southern Oregon Great” segment. DennisPowersBooks.com

 Thomas Chavner: the Founder of an Entire Town

By Dennis Powers

Born in 1814 in Ireland, Thomas Chavner came to the United States when he was six-years-old. He was a cabin boy on riverboats, a trapper with Kit Carson, a Comanche interpreter, and fought in the Mexican War (1846-1847). Chavner arrived in the Rogue Valley in 1856. He next bought land near Dardanelles, directly across the Rogue River from where Gold Hill is now. Buying another 160 acres for $750, he built a farm near what would become Gold Hill on the other side of the river.

Two of his ranch hands were looking for stray horses four years later in the hills above Chavner’s property to the south of the Rogue River. Sitting down on a large rock, one of the men looked around and stared at a “dull, yellowish something” that was embedded in the boulder. He brought a piece of the brilliant white rock to his boss, Thomas Chavner, who immediately recognized this as being houndstooth quartz and heavily laced with gold.

Five menbeing Chavner, the two “finders”, and the property ownersimmediately filed mining claims. By the following night, however, 150 men had staked claims around the mountain top, as one of the owners had a “strong liking” for liquor and blurted out the news. Known as the Gold Hill Pocket that stood above the town-to-be, this rich discovery was one of the better ones. The pocket was above ground, heavy with gold, and pieces were so knit together with gold threads, a sledgehammer’s blow couldn’t separate them.

Although the find played out in eight months, some $700,000 (or nearly $40 million in today’s dollars) of fine “jewelry like” gold was taken out. Chavner had bought out his other partners before then, and he was a wealthy man. As miners flooded the area and region searching for gold, Chavner used his proceeds to acquire more real estateand more real estate.

When farmers and ranchers asked him for loans, he would grant them, naturally expecting repayment. When they didn’t or couldn’t pay him back, Thomas Chavner foreclosed. By this and outright acquisitions, he had accumulated 2,000-plus acres by 1880 that stretched three miles up the valley along the Rogue River to Central Point. He also owned ranches, orchards, farms, and assorted businesses from hotels and bars to toll bridges and blacksmith shops.

When the Oregon & California Railroad was approaching the area, Thomas Chavner was ready. In late 1883, he sold 17 acres to the railroad for its Gold Hill depot, right-of-way, freight office, and stockyard. On January 7, 1884, he and his wife, Rosa, recorded a plat map encompassing 80 acres that surrounded the railroad’s center; he donated the intended streets and alleys to the public and sold the individual lots to the people.

When he died in 1888, the 74-year-old Chavner had four adult children to continue the family’s businesses. Gold Hill was incorporated in 1895, and the town at its core is basically as he had recorded. Thomas Chavner was the man who had created an entire town.

Sources: Dennis M. Powers, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: City of Gold Hill,” at Gold Hill; Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present” (Hellgate Press: Ashland, OR, 2017). Pp. 396-398.

8:45: Ben McReynolds of Knox Classical Academy stop by the studio for today’s Whose Business Is It Anyway? segment.

Knox Classical Academy

Located in Medford, next to KOBI 5.

PHONE: 541-200-2294

ONLINE: KnoxClassicalAcademy.com