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MAKE YOUR COMMENTS AGAINST HB2020a, The Carbon Cap and Trade “Clean Jobs Bill” (mis-named, imo)

 Here is sample verbiage for a good comment, because the public input is being fabricated supporting this bill. Here are all the state legislative email addresses in text form:

Legislative Email Addresses 2019

Here is Mr. X’s Comment language, so feel free to copy and paste:

This comment provides Public Input and notice to the State of Oregon. Your decisions cause great concern to “the people” as from all aspects and appearances the attempts at implementing laws that have clear violations of the laws of the United States and the State of Oregon. I will first refer you to “ORS 192.620 Policy. The Oregon form of government requires an informed public aware of the deliberations and decisions of governing bodies and the information upon which such decisions were made. It is the intent of ORS 192.610 to 192.690 that decisions of governing bodies be arrived at openly. [1973 c 172 1 }”. Official replies and responses that “concerns will be part of the public record” are deceptive and a clear violation of the protections granted all citizens by the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of the State of Oregon.

A review of information from Renew Oregon states that “700 people, from all 30 Senate districts attended to rally and meet with their elected officials.  Public hearings in Salem and six locations around the state yielded more than 700 people testifying, a majority in favor of cap-and-invest.” This information indicates the use of a “Consensus Process” that inherently falsifies the record and does not consider the true result of actual Public Input.

The lack of Public notice and involvement, lead to a strong public perception of an appearance of impropriety. This is pointed out after discovery of drafts of legislation that have been submitted, approved, circulated and efforts undertaken to fast track these attempts, these actions combined with no protective response from any part of the legislative bodies is an unacceptable breach of your fiduciary duty to the people of the State of Oregon. The fact that a direction and attempts to punitively harm “the people” have already been made while “the people” were kept out of the Public Input Process and considerations of an unresolved potentially frivolous lawsuit (Juliana v. United States) put the interests of a fringe environmental mindset regarding a legally unproven theory of “Atmospheric Trust Litigation” is an abomination of The Public Trust Doctrine which has historic legal definitions, and restrictions, none of which allow for the punitive harms the legislature would inflict upon “the people”.

The law mandates a Public Input Process that is well defined though willfully ignored by the Oregon Legislature. Instead a falsified public input process has been substituted to create a false history of public acceptance. Involvement by “stakeholders” and numerous NGO organizations that are financially supported by organizations outside our State is an unrealistic intrusion by a few overreaching into the lives of the entire population threatening granted rights that is in direct conflict of both Federal and State law.

It can only be concluded that the entire process that has been used, constitutes a broad based scheme of artifice that does not give the actual consent of or allow the ability of “the people” of the State of Oregon to give legitimate public input. Any Consensus based Public Input Process involvement by third party beneficiaries or “ Stakeholders” and documented as “Consent” to proceed is hereby rejected. The falsified historical record of NGO organizations funded by national groups and wealthy individuals that provide undue influence upon the Public Input Process is also rejected as no true public consent has been given nor sought. This plan in its conception and further implementation constitute an unlawful infringement and harm besides having no lawful authority to proceed.

The following passage from the beginning of Oregon Revised Statute 183.502 explains the actual illegal usage of any “Consensus Process” to make war on “the people” by attacking constitutionally protected granted rights. “ORS 183.502 Authority of agencies to use alternative means of dispute resolution; model rules; amendment of agreements and forms; agency alternative dispute resolution programs. (1) Unless otherwise prohibited by law,

The Oregon Administrative Procedures Act section 183.400 (4) (a) specifically addresses the invalidity of any rule by stating “(4) The court shall declare the rule invalid only if it finds that the rule: (a) Violates constitutional provisions;” Legislative considerations should not be based in “theory” and “themes”.

The proponents of HB 2020a have an obvious bias and partisan leaning and in their efforts function under the guise that the unproven theory of modification of The Public Trust Doctrine gives the Legislature of Oregon control over the atmosphere. In the clearest statement that can be made, by any current interpretation, the Public Trust Doctrine does not give control over the atmosphere. As a point of issue the following must be considered. On what lawful principle is the Legislature of the State of Oregon considering any legislation that has to do with “theories “ and “themes”?

As the public becomes more aware of these intrusions and responds in horror is absolute evidence of gross malfeasance or illustrative of a constitutional due process violation.

There are in this time in history many arguments regarding “Climate Change”, many are frivolous in nature and unproven and thus as mentioned earlier are considered “theories” and “themes” and as such are an additional proof of an undue influence to legislatively advance an agenda of policy created by environmental extremists that will ultimately attack and harm the very foundation of society in the State of Oregon. All of this admittedly by its (HB 2020 and HB202a) creators is with no actual net benefit or effect on the environment, only punitive financial harms upon “the people”.

In closing it is respectfully demanded that the bill HB 2020a not be considered further


Bill’s Guests: Friday, June 7, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, joins the show. It’s the Weekly Swamp Update. You can see more great information over at: DailyTorch.com

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you, the Friday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Christine Drazan, State Representative (R-Canby), calls the show.

Representative Drazan released the following statement in reaction to the recent Legislative Council opinion regarding the constitutional implications of the natural gas tax in HB 2020.

“Any revenues from the taxation of natural gas in Oregon must be deposited into the Common School Fund and cannot be used to mitigate climate change. HB 2020 spends millions, but certain natural gas taxes are constitutionally protected. This money belongs in our classrooms.”

“Cap and Trade will unconstitutionally divert money away from our children’s education, into the pet projects of unelected bureaucrats. We cannot let that happen,”

The recently released Legislative Counsel opinion includes a requirement that the tax on natural gas not exceed 6% and that the tax on natural gas must abide by the dormant commerce clause, none of which is included in the language of HB 2020. These additional challenges to the funding and structure of HB 2020, come on the heels of the revelation that cap and trade will harm Oregon’s bond rating and in a matter of years cripple the Highway Trust Fund — effectively reversing recent bipartisan, bicameral legislation adopted to strengthen Oregon’s economy by funding a functional transportation system that efficiently moves people and goods.

She concludes:

“The most recent May 15 legislative opinion makes it clear that Oregon can’t just adopt California’s cap-and-trade scheme. Given what we now know, HB 2020 is not ready for adoption. I encourage my colleagues to take the time necessary to get this right,”

8:35: Gary Lundgren, Director of the new film: “Phoenix, Oregon” chats with Bill in studio.

Joma Films kicks off 70-city national tour with screening of the film “Phoenix, Oregon” at SouthGate Cinema in Grants Pass June 13, 7pm (followed by filmmaker Q&A)

Grants Pass, Or. – The filmmaking team behind Redwood Highway (filmed in Grants Pass in 2012) returns with the fourth feature from Ashland-based studio Joma Films.

Phoenix, Oregon opens at SouthGate Cinema in Grants Pass on Thursday, June 13. The 7PM showing will be followed by a Q&A with Director, Gary Lundgren, Producers Annie Lundgren and Luis Rodriguez. They will be joined by Grants Pass resident, long-time collaborator, and First Assistant Camera, Rocky Garrotto.

While the film will play for at least one week, only fifty seats are available for this special screening. Tickets to the June 13 screening and Q&A are available on the Coming Attractions

Theater”s website

Phoenix, Oregon stars James Le Gros ( Drugstore Cowboy ) and Jesse Borrego ( Fame TV, Blood In Blood Out ) as two friends who, defying midlife haze, seize an unlikely opportunity to reinvent their lives, quitting their jobs to restore an old bowling alley and serve the “world’s greatest pizza.”

Also starring in the film are Lisa Edelstein ( House ), Rey Gallegos (Rambo), Diedrich Bader ( American Housewife ), and Kevin Corrigan ( Goodfellas ).

Joma Films has produced three feature films in Southern Oregon that went on to wider festival and theatrical release— Calvin Marshall in 2009, Redwood Highway in 2014, and Black Road in 2016.

Phoenix, Oregons World Premiere was at the Ashland Independent Film Festival April. According to Richard Herskowitz, AIFF Artistic and Executive Director: Phoenix, Oregon is:

“An entertaining film, with a genuine regional soul. All the actors in the film’s wonderful ensemble create idiosyncratic, funny, and believable characters the audience will love and not want to let go. Bravo. Best bowling film since The Big Lebowski.”

The Grants Pass screening kicks-off a 70-city national screening tour. The first two weeks will find the Lundgrens, Mr Rodriguez, and producing partners Kim & Ben Piper touring twelve Oregon cities in two RVs. Following the Oregon tour, they will embark on an eight week journey taking them to the East Coast and back.

See below for more information on the movie:



Tickets: https://phoenixoregonmovie.com/#tour

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, June 6, 2019

6:35  Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Union chats with Bill.

Today we’ll be talking with Pete about plans to raise the airport tax you pay when flying in and out of Medford. It’s called the “Passenger Facility Charge,” but NTU says it goes to pay for questionable airport projects, and we’ll detail some of those.

Read Pete’s article on this subject, by clicking below:

Congress Has Better Options than Passenger Facility Charge

And, you can learn so much more at: NTU.org.

7:10 Mark Seligman, Josephine County Activist calls the show. Are the majority of hemp farms in southern Oregon illegal? We’ll discuss it.

7:35 Randall Barrett with NoSmartMeter.org joins Bill in studio. Today, we’re discusses his power disconnection, as he wouldn’t pay the Pacific Power fees for opting out of the smart meter.

8:10 Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation chats with Bill this morning.

President Donald Trump said he’ll “seriously look” at banning gun silencers after last week’s mass shooting in Virginia. We’ll talk with Kevin about it.

See more great information at: OregonFirearms.org

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

6:20: Jim “Mr. Skin” McBride, the man known as “Mr. Skin” calls the show. After 20 years of founding and running the Website: MrSkin.com, Jim has written a new book about his experiences over the last two decades of being the internet’s leading catalogue of nudie scenes from TV and cinema.

Being Mr. Skin: 20 Years of Nip Slips, Cheek Peeks and Fast Forwarding To The Good Parts

Mr. Skin has turned TWENTY and Jim “Mr. Skin” McBride has written his tell-all autobiography on how a suburban teen turned his love of seeing celebrity skin into a multi-million-dollar empire, building the world’s largest online database of TV & movie scenes (more than 43,000 to date).

6:35: Eric Peters, Automotive Journalist with EpAutos.com joins Bill for the latest transportation news. Today, we’ll talk with Eric about the rise of the “connected car,” and the “selling of you.”

Where’s Our Cut?

Don’t forget, you can read more great articles, and get his latest reviews on the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at:


8:10: Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council talks with Bill.

“Family Guy’s” Seth MacFarlane was attacked by conservative TV watchdog. Now they’re friends

A very strange bedfellows story here. Tim Winter works to bring cleaner TV to the kids, and he and Seth McFarlane of “Family Guy” become friends after Tim “gets in his grill” over sex and violence issues.

8:45: Mike G, Marketing Director for the Britt Arts & Music Festival joins Bill in studio to tell you about the latest goings on from Britt Fest.

You can find showtimes, information and get tickets all over at: BrittFest.org

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

6:35 Dr. Freida Birnbaum, Research Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Author of ” Life Begins at 60: A New View on Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing Ourselves.” She’s an expert on depression, women’s issues, and attaining happiness.

Today we’re discussing if the “I’m Offended” trend is indicative of mental illness?

See more over at her website: DrFreida.com

7:10 David Staudenraus of Grants Pass talks with Bill.

David says he’s going to file a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industry against the City of Grants Pass regarding alleged harassment concerning speaking out against what he calls hate speech because of teachings at various churches. He believes some churches in Grants Pass are unduly influencing the election of people to city government, and also controlling where the money goes, and we’ll discuss his POV.

8:35 Randall Lee and Brent Homan with Advanced Air join Bill in studio for today’s Business Segment.


Reminder to schedule seasonal maintenance now; don’t wait until it is too hot

Manage expectations for wait times during extreme heat

1 month remaining for factory rebates

Smoke filtration

How to correctly use thermostat in summer

Continuous fan usage in summer

Variable speed benefits

PHONE: 541-772-6866

Bill’s Guests: Monday, June 3, 2019

6:35  Mighty John Marshall the Record Guy – MoneyMusic.com Mighty John is an amazing record collector/seller, put his kids through college with money he made on old vinyl. We’ll be discussing the 10 records where little things make the BIG difference in value

10. 1966 Dunhill LP… Mamas and Papas… “If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears”
(Picture of toilet is blocked off on cover)………………………………………………..$25.00
(Cover shows full view of toilet)……………………………………………………………$250.00

9. 1970 MGM 45…Osmonds… “One Bad Apple”
(record with picture sleeve that credits “Osmonds”)…………………………..$10.00
(record with picture sleeve that credits “Osmond Brothers”)………………$300.00

8. 1975 Columbia LP…Bruce Springsteen… “Born to Run”

(“Born to Run” in BLOCK LETTERING on cover)……………………………………….$10.00
(“Born to Run” in script lettering (like hand-writing) on cover)……..………$750.00

7. 1966 Columbia LP… Bob Dylan… “Blonde on Blonde”
(with Dylan’s photo on inside of jacket)………………………………..…………………$50.00
(with “female photos” on inside of jacket)………..……………………………………$750.00

6. 1974 Casablanca LP… Kiss… “Kiss”
(Contains the song “Kissin Time)…………………………………………………………….$10.00
(Does not contain the song “Kissin Time”……………………….…………………….$750.00

5. 1963/1965 Motown LP…Supremes… “Meet the Supremes”
(1965 cover shows face shots of the Supremes)……………………………………..$75.00
(1963 cover shows Supremes sitting on stools)……………………………………..$800.00

4. 1960 King LP…James Brown… “Think”
(cover picture several photos of James Brown)………………………………………$100.00
(cover pictures a baby)…………………………………………….…………………………….$800.00

3. 1964 London LP…Rolling Stones…  (debut album)“The Rolling Stones”
(Does not have “Full Frequency Range Recording” printed on label)………$300.00
(DOES have “Full Frequency Range Recording” printed on label)…………$1,000.00

2. 1965 RCA 45…Elvis Presley… “Do the Clam” w/ps
(If picture sleeve reads “Coming Soon! Girl Happy LP Album”)……………….$40.00
(If picture sleeve reads “Ask For Girl Happy LP Album”)………………………..$1,500.00

  1. 1966 Capitol LP…Beatles… “Yesterday and Today” (stereo)
    (cover pictures the Beatles around a steamer trunk)……………………………..$125.00
    (cover pictures the Beatles dressed as butchers)…………………………………$15,000.00

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at RogueWeather.com, sponsored by Oregon Truck and Auto Authority, powered by Line-X

7:35 Community Activist and researcher “Mr. X” is in studio – MrXFiles.com, and we break down the need to oppose HB 2020, the Carbon Capt And Tax/Trade bill. Meeting to discuss this further is tomorrow night, Roxy Ann Grange 1850 Spring Street in Medford. Doors open at 5, meeting starts at 6pm.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “What Made Southern Oregon Great”, and he’s author of “Where Past Meets Present”, available on hellgatepress.com. See more great stuff from Dr. Powers over at his website: DennisPowersBooks.com.


By Dennis Powers

The first settler credited with establishing roots in the Talent area was Jacob Wagner, who in the spring of 1852 filed a 160-acre donation claim along the banks of the creek that bears his name, Wagner Creek. The land was some five miles north of Ashland and near the present city of Talent. Wagner was successful in farming and raising stock; one year later, he built a log stockade known as “Fort Wagner.”

He constructed the fort with the help of Yreka’s Captain Alden and his men, and this was a place of safety during the Rogue River Indian Wars of 1853 and 1855. The surrounding walls covered an acre, were two-feet thick and twelve-feet high, with portholes for rifle fire. A large “blockhouse” was built inside for the Wagner family, but this was the place of refuge during attacks. Once these conflicts ended, the settlements of Ashland and Jacksonville developed quicker than the smaller places as Phoenix and Talent. In turn, Jacob Wagner later sold most of his townsite area to Horace Root for $3,500 and moved to Ashland, where among other pursuits, he started up a bottling enterprise with Lithia Spring waters.

A Tennessee carpenter by the name of Aaron P. (“A.P.”) Talent moved into the area in 1875 and in few years had purchased part of the original Wagner claim and adjoining lands that totaled 106 acres. He began to subdivide this into lots and blocks. Having foreseen the coming growth with the railroad’s approach, Talent by the early 1880s had opened a general store north of the old fort site (which was disintegrating from lack of use).

As the area was quite suitable for growing fruits and vegetables, different structures and enterprises began to rise around his store, which in 1883 became the site of a new post office. After a short-term political appointment, A.P. Talent became the new postmaster, which position he held for seven years. When residents went there for their mail and purchases, it was commonplace they would head to “Talent’s” and the name stuck. This is despite that Wagner Creek encompassed a much wider area with more farms and ranches around the creek’s water table.

Although the railroad came by Talent, it didn’t establish a station as in Central Point, Medford, Phoenix, and then Ashland. Talent was a stopping point, but its leaders were never able to secure a depot. Despite this, landowners as Horace Root, A.P. Talent, the Wagner Creek Baptist Church, and E.K. Anderson (for whom Anderson Creek is named) created the town of Talent by subdividing their lands, selling off lots, deeding streets, and recording a plat map in 1889.

Talent was a beneficiary of the early 1900’s Orchard Boom and incorporated in 1910. Its growth was somewhat set back by a destructive fire one year later, but itlike Phoenixcontinued expanding, although experiencing the downturn of the Orchard Bust in the late-1910s. With the growth and selection of Medford as the county seat, coupled with the depression years, Talent lost employers and employment.

After World War II and over the years, however, it transformed into a residential community due to its location and less-expensive housing versus Medford and Ashland. In June 2011, the new Camelot Theatre opened with the production of “Sweeney Todd” in the James Morrison Collier Theatre. With this, the town joined then with other Rogue Valley performing centers, from Ashland’s Oregon Shakespearean Festival to Medford’s Craterian, in providing top-quality artistic productionsbut in Talent. A prime landmark, it is rare to find such a theatre with its capabilities in a very small town with less than 7,000 residents.

Sources: For different images and history, see “Talent Historical Society,” generally at Talent History; See George Kramer, “Historic Context Statement for the City of Talent, Oregon,” at Detailed History of Talent.