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Recall Kate Brown!

Independent Recall locations with Both Petitions

Regular locations:

The Recall Effort to remove Governor Kate Brown from office. You can help. The Oregon GOP needs just over 280,050 signatures to force a special election in either late November, or early December. The deadline to get your petitions in is October 14th. There are three other ways to get your petition to sign:

1: Go to:

2: Email:

3: Call: 1-503-595-8881

There is ANOTHER petition – sign them both! The other is

This Weeks locations: Aug 19 – 25, 2019

Monday, Big Daddy’s BBQ, 1104 E Vilas rd, Medford,10 am to 2 pm
*Please don’t drive thru Big Daddy’s, unless ordering of course*

Monday, Food 4 Less, Medford, 4pm to 6pm – Cindy & Karen

Tuesday, 8th & Riverside, Medford, 10am to Noon, Cindy & Karen

Tuesday and Thursday, Republican Party, 311 E Main, Medford, 10am to 4pm

Thursday, Hawthorne Park, Growers Market, Medford, 9am to 1pm – Cindy & Randal

🇱🇷 Volunteers needed 🇱🇷: contact Cindy @ 541-944-5477

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bill Meyer is taking a few days off for decompression, and to get himself focused, with a little trip into nature. He’ll be back on Monday, August 26, 2019 for more talk on the latest news, and issues facing you!

Until then, please enjoy guest hosts Garth & Rosemary Harrington!

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill. Its the Weekly Transportation News Segment.

Well, there’s now a bill in the U.S. Congress that seeks to install technology in new cars, that will watch you, while you’re driving. Yep. We’ll talk with Eric about this potential (and quite scary) invasion of  your privacy behind the wheel.


And, don’t forget to take in more great content, and read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at:

8:10 “Mr X”, researcher and community activist joins Bill in studio.

Is there a connection between the dead whale on the Oregon Coast, and the consensus-based University System? Also, where we should be going to actually have collaborative forest groups do the actual work needed to protect our valley from devastating wildfire smoke.

See more from Mr X’s vast reams of paper, all over at his website:

You can check out the following articles and documents on this very subject:

ODFW – Marine Mammal Stranding

NOAA Fisheries – Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program

NOAA Fisheries – John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program

OSU – Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network: Background

PSU – Daily Astorian: Network of Experts respond to strandings

Seaside Aquarium – Northern Oregon/Southern Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Clatsop News – Seaside Aquarium Leads Marine Mammal Stranding Network Locally

8:45 Mike G. swings by with the latest Britt Festival update and show news.

Get showtimes and tickets, all over at:

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

6:35 Inez Stepman, Senior Policy Analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum chats with Bill. Today we discuss serious ideological bias in government school.

As seen via The Daily Caller

Why Students Need An Escape Hatch From Public Schools

California’s new ethnic studies curriculum is making national headlines. The state’s overhaul is heavy on academic social justice gobbledygook like “cis-heteropatriarchy” and, with its placement of capitalism alongside hateful ideologies like white supremacy, short on truth.

If you’re a parent thinking, “This stuff happens in deep-blue states like California and New Jersey, but it doesn’t happen in my red state, or my child’s school,” think again. In Chandler, Arizona, students were suspended following a demand from the school that they remove their MAGA gear. In Texas, education board commissioner Mike Morath has introduced a recommendation that sex ed begin in Kindergarten. In Alabama, middle schoolers in the Gadsden City School District were selected into “privileged/white people” and “oppressed/black” groups for a series of activities that parents complained led to increased bullying.

See more over at:

7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts is in studio today. This time we’re discussing a recent meeting with local forest collaboratives, and the future for treating our public land forests without burning them in the summer.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, August 19, 2019

7:10 Greg Roberts from and the Outdoor report.

7:35 Filmmaker Vede Seeteram chats with Bill this morning.

Vede’s Kickstarter to support production of Man Down: A Closer Look at Family court is here:

Vede Seeterram, is a Canadian/Trinidadian filmmaker who has attended UCLA Extension, New York Film Academy and Langara College, as well as attended the Cannes Film Festival and the American Film Market on 3 occasions as a distributor.

Is there a bias against men in family courts? 

How does this system hurt families

and our society?

What really goes on in family court — the friendly-sounding name for divorce court?

For many men, the prospect has become so fearsome they are turning their backs on getting married in the first place — and avoiding what they see as the bear trap of long-term commitment to women, kids, and family.

Especially younger men.

There’s even an acronym for it — MGTOW.

Men Going Their Own Way.

It’s grassroots and YouTube’d blowback against a culture and court system that seems to be stacked against men simply because they are men.

Especially men who are fathers.

But what’s the actuality behind the closed doors of family court? And if the deck is stacked against men, why is it stacked?

And what can be done to fix that?

Canadian filmmaker Vede Seeterram has been doing background research for a new documentary called “Man Down: A Closer Look at Family Court” that will open the closed doors of family court.

And hopefully, open some minds.

He has already uncovered some startling facts.









TWITTER: @mandownthedoc

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Visiting Past and Present” Check out more from Dr. Powers at his website:

Willie Illingworth’s Driftboats

By Dennis Powers

Willie Illingworth was a fishing guide on the Rogue River and thought that an aluminum driftboat would certainly be easier to work with. Maneuvering a twenty-foot, heavy boat made of cedar or plywood was tortuous to row or handle in the rapids, not to mention the constant maintenance due to splintered wood, rot, and leaks. The design in use then was from the McKenzie River near Eugene with a pointed bow at both ends.

His design of a high flared bow, squat stern, and steep curves would work well in the Rogue’s swift, shallow rapidsbut welding aluminum together was a difficult task at best. Willie asked the acclaimed Glenn Wooldridge, then building his boats with wood, to make an aluminum one. Wooldridge said “no”. Although he had no money, no welding experience, and only one hand (due to an accident as a child), Willie decided to do it himself.

He convinced Jim Parsonsan Ashland sawmill owner and fishing clientinto loaning him $4,000 to build six driftboats. Illingworth then spent the first three months in 1971 in shearing out patterns and welding the first aluminum boat in his Medford shop. When the prototype proved to be a success in being lighter and easier to handle on the Rogue, Willie set up in White City his boat-building company, Alumaweld, just as the name implies. He had figured out how to leave cedar planks behind and use welded aluminum.

He sold his interest six years later and in 1981 formed Willie Boats that continues to the present. Illingworth was as much a maverick in person, as he was in coming up with the idea that he could build an aluminum boat with nothing in his favor. Bill Monroefor the Oregonian and whose article is linked belowwrote that Willie was: “A loud, mischievous, party-hearty, hard-drinking and often profane exterior (that) masked a private generous, caring and delightfully intelligent personality.”

When Willie knew that he was dying from brain cancer, he held his own living wake in January 2007. Passing around a signup sheet for vials that would contain his ashes, he said then, “I don’t want to miss my own party.” More than sixty friends signed up. After he died two months later, his friends took the vials of his ashes for when fishing on the Rogue, guiding clients, traveling outside Oregon, or even halibut fishing in Alaska.

Willie Illingworth is credited with being the first among the many aluminum boat manufacturers of the 1970s. His determination and approach created a huge boat-building industry in the Pacific Northwest with Medford still being a center of the aluminum driftboat and powerboat industry. Willie Boats now manufactures some 250 driftboats with 100 powerboats annually at its Central Point facility—and Willie would still be proud.

Sources: See generally, “Willie Boats,” at Willie Boats; Mark Freeman, “Willie’s Legacy,” Mail Tribune, April 14, 2010 at Background on Willie; Bill Monroe, “Where’s Willie? Everywhere, and always with us,” The Oregonian, May 29, 2010, at Willie’s Vials (and Image). A fine driftboat article is Bob Woodward, “The Oregon Driftboat,” Oregon Magazine, October 1, 2010, at Driftboats (With Images).

8:45 Monte Bischoff, owner of Payroll Specialties, in studio for today’s Local Business Segment.

They’re celebrating 25 years in business with a party, and YOU’RE INVITED 3-6pm at the Payroll specialties office – Wednesday  2021 Commerce Drive behind Cash and Carry.