9-3 to 3-6-2019

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CLICK TO DOWNLOAD & Read the Inspector General Report re Comey JUST OUT TODAY (THURSDAY)  A.G.  Barr won’t prosecute. (!?!?!?)

Recall Kate Brown!

Independent Recall locations with Both Petitions

Regular locations:

The Recall Effort to remove Governor Kate Brown from office. You can help. The Oregon GOP needs just over 280,050 signatures to force a special election in either late November, or early December. The deadline to get your petitions in is October 14th. There are three other ways to get your petition to sign:

1: Go to: Stoptheabuse-recallkatebrown.org/petition.pdf

2: Email: petition@oregon.gop

3: Call: 1-503-595-8881

There is ANOTHER petition – sign them both! The other is FlushDownKateBrown.com

 This Week’s locations: 

Sept 2nd – Sept 8th, 2019

Jackson County:

Monday, Grocery Outlet, White City, Hwy 62 & Antelope, 10am to 2pm

Wednesday, Jacksonville Post Office, 10am to 2pm

Tuesday and Thursday, Republican Party, 311 E Main, Medford, 10am to 4pm

Saturday, sidewalk at Costco, Table Rock Rd & Hamrick, Central Point, 10am to 2pm

Saturday, Welburns Weapons, Hwy 62 Just south of White City, 10a-2p

Jackson County volunteers needed: contact Cindy @ 541-944-5477

Josephine County:

Monday thru Friday

513 NE 6th, Across from JoCo Courthouse, Grants Pass,  8am to 5pm,

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, September 5

6:35 Rick Manning with Americans for Limited Government – DC Swamp news report, the Trump jobs report and more. http://www.dailytorch.com

7:10 Outdoor report with Greg Roberts at RogueWeather.com

7:55 Jo County Commissioner Lily Morgan – the latest on the new Public Records rules.

8:10 State Sen. Dennis Linthicum – Is the special session Gov Brown wishes to call (to fix the death penalty bill) possibly a TRAP to bring back some or all of the dead/defeated bills from the earlier session?

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, September 5

6:35 Sarah Lauffer, Senior Research Programmer at Mathematica Policy Research. A proposed USDA rule that would eliminate the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) broad-based categorical eligibility (BBCE) puts more than three million SNAP participants nationwide at risk of losing their benefits—making it harder for families to make ends meet and increasing food insecurity.

7:35 Kevin Starrett at http://www.oregonfirearms.org Oregon Firearms Federation – Red Flag Laws, how to handle yourself on social media to keep Big Lib and Big Fed (sometimes one in the same) off your case.

8:35 Curtis Houck with Newsbusters.org – The craziness known as Wednesday night’s 7 hour Climate Change Townhall – https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2019/09/05/circus-five-cnn-hosts-spend-six-hours-blaming-climate-change

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill. Its the Weekly Transportation Update. Today, we talk about of couple of Eric’s articles over at EPAutos.com

Eric has some insight on what is behind the “electric/automated” car push in America.

Crushed Every Four Years

Next up, licenses for cyclists? Death of Car Culture?

Cycling vs. Driving and the Death of Car Culture

Don’t forget. You can check out Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUV’s and bikes. All over at: EPAutos.com

7:10 Ron Gibson, Chairman of the Jefferson Mining District, Josephine County Commissioners vote today to tighten public records requests, and we discuss the issues involved.

7:35 Charles Hernick, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions chats with Bill today.

It seems that 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) wants to, at some point, bring the American economy to a 100% carbon neutral economy, by the year 2045. Booker plans to spend about three TRILLION dollars by 2030 to fund his idea if elected President. But, the meat of his plan is to institute “environmental justice,” by placing people over polluters. Charles thinks this is, all in all, a bad idea. We’ll talk with him about it.

Charles offered his analysis of the Booker plan:

“Walking away from fossil fuels is a direct transfer of global power to “not-our-friends” in the Middle East and Russia. US-sourced natural gas and oil from fracking is the primary reason current turmoil with Iran hasn’t resulted in surging gas prices and lines around the block to fuel up our cars like there were in the 70s and 80s. Natural gas is also part of the reason the US is #1 in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These plans aren’t based in reality.”

Click here to learn more about Booker’s plan.

8:20 Mike G.drops by the studio for you weekly Britt update.

For showtimes and tickets, head on over to BrittFest.org

8:35 Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funding joins Bill in studio for today’s Business Segment.

3539 Heathrow way Ste. 103

Medford, OR 97504

Direct: (541) 897-4464

Mobile: (541) 324-8887

Fax: (541) 288-9450



Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

7:10 Greg Roberts calls in to bring to you today’s Outdoor Report. Check out more from Greg over at his website: RogueWeather.com

7:20 Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler is in studio – possible jail budget cuts, what to expect, other law enforcement issues to discuss.

8:10 Capt. William E. Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, outdoor journalist and emergency preparedness expert talks with Bill today.

Department of Interior plans to BURN even more land. (They call it “treatment”) Click below to read more:

Rancher, Logger, Author and Naturalist William E. Simpson II Disagrees with DOI’s Plan of Burning America; Says It Adds to Mismanagement of Wild Horses

Study Reveals Solution for Range War Between Wild Horses and Cattle Ranchers

For more information on the Wild Horse Brigade idea:


8:45: Brent and Randall from Advanced Air join Bill in studio for today’s business segment.

Advanced Air

695 E. Vilas Road, Central Point

PHONE: 541-772-6866

ONLINE: AdvancedAir.com