On Air - KMED

Monday-Friday12:00-3:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
Monday-Friday3:00-5:00Hugh Hewitt
Tuesday - Saturday2:00 - 4:00Lars Larson Natl SHow (KCMD Only)
Monday-Friday5:00-6:00This Morning with Gordon Deal
Monday-Friday6:00-9:00The Bill Meyer Show
Monday-Friday9:00-12:00 Markley, VanCamp, & Robbins
Monday-Friday12:00-3:00Lars Larson
Monday-Friday3:00-6:00Sean Hannity
Monday-Friday6:00-8:00Joe Pags
Monday-Friday8:00-10:00Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
Monday-Friday10:00-12:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
Saturday12:00-6:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
Saturday6:00 - 7:00Town Hall Week in Review
Saturday7:00-10:00Kim Komando
Saturday10:00-12:00The Rogue Gardener Stan Mapolski
Saturday12:00-12:30Clear Connections with Bill Meyer
Saturday12:30-1:00Paid Programming
Saturday1:00-4:00Handel On The Law
Saturday4:00 - 7:00The Weekend with Michael Brown
Saturday8:00-10:00Ark Midnight with John B. Wells
Saturday10:00-12:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
Sunday12:00- 5:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
Sunday5:00-6;00Northwest Outdoor Show
Sunday6:00-8:00Danielle Lin
Sunday8:00- 8:30Jones Financial Talk with Nick Jones
Sunday 08:30- 09:00Paid Programming
Sunday9:00-10:00The Rogue Gardener Stan Mapolski
Sunday10:00-11:00Judge Jeanine Pirro
Sunday11:00-2:00Gun Talk with Tom Gresham
Sunday4:00-7:00Best of Markley, Van Camp, & Robbins
Sunday7:00-10:00Bill Cunningham
Sunday10:00-12:00Coast To Coast AM with George Noory

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