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The national Gaslighting operation continues…the media tells you this election was the “Most Secure EVER”. Here’s a more truthful account from the NY Times in 2018. They investigated the systems being used in many of the “swing states” in question. So…were they lying then, or lying now?…/i-hacked-an-election-so-can…
UPDATE – Today’s NYT has THIS headline – BREAKING NEWS
President Trump fired the top official responsible for securing the election, who had disputed “his baseless declarations of fraud”. (emphasis mine) Given this 2018 piece, also in the NYT, how does today’s NYT know DJT’s declarations are “baseless”?



Is the OSP going to be conducting Covid-19 Raids? State Senator Brian Boquist’s correspondence asking clarification from the OSP – READ THE EMAILS

Meanwhile, the Oregon Sheriffs respond to the concerns – READ THEIR RELEASE


Bill’s Guest Information for Thursday 11/19/20

6:35 Sam Anderson, retired educator and researcher. Sam and I discuss how the push for Communism/Marxism in the U.S. has been going on for a LONG time.

7:10 Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler – The Governor’s Covid Orders, how fervently will they be enforced?

8:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks about the recent lawsuit filed to rein in Gov. Brown’s emergency powers, Klamath Basin dam removal “agreement”, too.

8:45 Matt Duste of Dusty’s Transmission for an “Open for Business” segment.


250 N. Front Street (Hwy 99)
Central Point, OR 97502


Bill’s Guest Information for Wednesday 11/18/20

6:15 Dan Gainor, VP of MRC TechWatch discusses Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey’s testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday on their platforms’ handling of censorship, misinformation, suppression, and the 2020 election. 

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at

100% Electric cars by 2030? Ridiculous, says Eric, in “Electric Newspeak”

7:35 Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett, who talks about calls to ARREST her for not wearing a mask at her commission meetings. We also talk of her testimony in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Christian schools suing to be able to provide in-person education.

8:10 Jared Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Health Street, an online employee screening and background check firm. More about his company on

With Oregon becoming the first state to decriminalize all drugs, what do businesses need to know when it comes to maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace moving forward? And what do employees need to know about their rights when it comes to drug and background tests?

8:45 “Open for Business” segment with Mike Robinson – President of Pacific Bible College, 28 S. Fir Street, #212 in Medford. Find out more about the college at or call 541-776-9942. Here are just a few of Pacific Bible’s attributes:

  • The only accredited school between Redding and Eugene.
  • We strive to graduate student’s debt free.  Our tuition is less than the federal gov/t Pell grant awards for qualified students and we also offer general scholarship fund assistance.
  • Current Programs
    • Associates of Biblical Studies-Pastoral vocation.
    • Associates of Applied Science in Christian Counseling
    • Associates of Liberal Arts-2 Yr. Transfer degree
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • COVID compliant and safe, holding face-face classes.
  • Current size
    • 60 students and 16 classes.
    • Of these 16 classes 6 are taught by faculty with doctoral degrees and the rest with subject level master’s degrees.
      • Seasoned and caring mentors.
      • Gifted teacher/mentors who personally and individually assist each student for holistic success.
    • Small Classes with the average of 8 students/class
    • Most classes meet 1/week

Bill’s Guest Information for Tuesday 11/17/20

6:35 Taxpayers Protection Alliance President David Williams

Everyone is watching the Georgia runoff elections because they will determine the balance of power in the Senate. It matters because Democrats like to make mandatory the stuff they want, and ban stuff they don’t. Like your car.

* California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed into law a ban on the sale of new gas cars and trucks by 2035.

7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger talks the Covid changes, and his talks with Governor Kate Brown

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation – Is the OSP going to come after you for violating Kate’s Covid rules? What could this do to your gun rights?


Bill’s Guest Information for Monday 11/16/20

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government,, and we discuss the election count – ALG is offering a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of election fraudsters.

7:10 Greg Roberts from with today’s Outdoor Report

7:35 Andrew Pollack, now from Lake Creek, OR, and the new President of the Crime Prevention Research Center:

Andy at the RNC:

Andy and I talked over the battle for our 2nd Amendment rights, and here’s his latest op-ed on Townhall:

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present”. Today’s history segment is the story behind “Heaven on Earth”.

Heaven on Earth Restaurant & Bakery

By Dennis Powers

 Christine Jackson left San Diego and drove to Oregon in 1973; she was a 23-year-old mother with a 1-year-old child and a colt. She cleaned horse stalls for a real-estate agent in exchange for a place to live above the barn. The real estate agent then helped her acquire her restaurant, which Jackson started with 10 pounds of hamburger and located in a run-down building with a pot-bellied stove and outside rest rooms.

She opened in 1974 the “Heaven on Earth” restaurant in what “might have been an old feed store,” and expanded the dining area in the 1980s. With only a few employees, she grew her business on the “Word of God, generosity, hospitality, persistence, and faith,” as stated on its website.

The huge, age-scarred, beam buildings are located at Exit 86 in Azalea, off Interstate 5 approximately half-way between Grants Pass and Roseburg in Douglas County. Typically, one can smell sweet sugar cinnamon as soon as you step out of your car. The cash register divides a sit-down area from counter seating, and adjacent is the old griddle, about “4-by-3-feet, seasoned black and smooth from use.” Known throughout Oregon, that griddle holds a “tower of cinnamon buns,” baked fresh daily in the stone oven in front of the kitchen.

Christine enjoys helping others because, “I want people to look beyond themselves to see their talents.” As one example, she met a homeless person, Christopher Hastings, in May 2010 while handing out free coffee and dessert in Ashland on National Prayer Day. She next set up a produce stand near her restaurant for Hastings to run on weekends, with the goal of starting a farmers’ market. She paid him wages and provided all the supplies, including a variety of seasonal fruit to sell that she bought locally. Afterwards Christine continued to hire him off and on during the years.  

Continuing this approach, Heaven on Earth Restaurant & Bakery offers paid training and on the job experience to help each employee reach their goals. It has offered scholarships to help its employees gain education.

Heaven on Earth has served food and baked sweets for decades.  Note: “The family-sized cinnamon roll weighs in at 2 to 2 1/2 pounds and is big enough for a crowd,” according to one reviewer.” From truckers to tourists, Southern Oregonians to travelers, Christine and her family-owned restaurant stands out.

Sources: Vera Westbrook, “Restaurant owner plays role in helping homeless,” Mail Tribune, July 16, 2010, at Helping Others; Maureen Battistella, “Dining: Heaven on Earth a must stop on Interstate 5,” Mail Tribune, November 9 2018, at Background and Meals; See “Heaven on Earth Restaurant” website at Its Website.

8:35 – “Open for Business” Segment with Lindsey McCauley from Humphrey and Pace, the local agent for Atrio Health Plans, and Jim Myers, also of Atrio Health Plans. It’s Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage Plans, and Atrio is a LOCAL plan with some options with no premium and no copay. Find out more by calling Lindsey at (541) 779-5881, and online at

Signup deadline for open enrollment is December 7th!

8:45 I talk with Nate Custer from FEMA, and today’s the final day to sign up for wildfire assistance (update, it has been extended to November 30th) and you can call 800-621-3362, log on, or on your mobile device, download the FEMA app, and sign up there! 

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