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Much contested election activity occurs overnight with Sidney Powell having “Released the Kraken” by filing lawsuit challenges in Georgia and Michigan, while another lawsuit by other parties was filed in Wisconsin.
 The Georgia complaint claims the Dominion software can not be audited for vote integrity, and brought up how the Secretary of State in Texas back in January rejected the software because of these “features”, as it were.


In the Michigan case she claims “hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate, or purely fictitious ballots” made Biden’s win possible.


The Wisconsin lawsuit, not connected with Powell, claims 144,000 votes were illegally counted, including close to 100,000 voters categorized as “indefinitely confined” but were not in jail. This matters because those voters had no photo ID check. Oh, and the Wisconsin claim adds that the state illegally accepted money from a certain hi-tech titan financed non-profit, and that this was an undue influence on the results.Wisconsin-complaint


Bill’s Guest Information for Wednesday 11/25/20

6:35 Eric Peters, auto journalist at – Lots of topics in transportation this morning, including how Biden’s push for EV’s will likely Thin The Cadillac Herd.

7:10 Anthony Smith, NFIB Oregon State Director, 5

Will Oregon Rally to Help its Small Businesses This Saturday?

“Once again, our small businesses need some help to get them through tough times,” said Anthony Smith, Oregon state director for NFIB. “Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to do just that. Realistically though, they’re going to need our support for more than just one day this year. This is especially true for gyms, bars, restaurants, and other businesses that are currently shut down or operating in a limited capacity due to the governor’s Freeze order.

“If we want our small businesses to survive the pandemic, we have to buy them some more time. They can make it with our help, so this holiday season, give the gift that gives twice by shopping small.”

Smith recommended five ways we can all help:

  • Check to see if local small businesses are open to in-person shopping, and pay them a visit if you feel comfortable (following applicable safety requirements, of course)
  • Call your favorite local merchants to place an order for curbside pickup or delivery
  • See if local small businesses are selling online by visiting their social media pages or websites
  • Buy gift cards/certificates from local small businesses for yourself or as gifts to others
  • Order takeout or delivery from local restaurants, either directly or through your favorite mobile app


8:10 Joe Luppino-Esposito, Deputy Legal Policy Director at Pacific Legal Foundation, Read the full op-ed in today’s The Hill  “Say No to Thanksgiving Mandates” to see the latest series of unconstitutional government overreach governors across the country are engaging in. 


Bill’s Guest Information for Tuesday 11/24/20

6:35 Dr. Chad Savage founded YourChoice Direct Care to practice primary care with a clear focus on the patient and their health through the Direct Primary Care model.  He argues that  “America’s voters and medical patients deserve straight talk from Joe Biden about his health care policies.

Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand up on Health Care?

 By Chad Savage, M.D.
October 28, 2020

America’s voters and medical patients deserve straight talk from Joe Biden about his health care policies. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis of 2020, health care providers have persevered to ensure care remained available in the face of great uncertainty. However, on matters of health care policy the former Vice President’s equivocation presents concerns for what health care policies America will get along with a Biden White House victory.

Throughout the campaign, Biden has offered little in terms of a concrete policy agenda and has explicitly avoided being pinned down on hot topic items. For example, when asked about court-packing, Biden told reporters “you’ll know my position on court-packing the day after the election.” He has done the same on health care, where on the one hand he dedicated his opening statement in September’s debate to attacking the Trump administration’s efforts to unravel the Affordable Care Act. On the other hand, Biden has expressed support for the “principle” of a Medicare for All-type system that inserts government between the patient-physician relationship, and he refused to say whether or not he would veto a bill passed by Congress.

Read More Here:

7:10 Ron Smith, former Josephine County commissioner candidate – We discuss his concerns that the commission’s proposal to vote on approving international green building codes for Jo County residents will diminish property rights.

7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger –The Covid Freeze, reaction to the building code story from Ron Smith, and the push to take over the state GOP leadership!

8:10 Clay Clark, Host of theThriveTime Radio Show and Founder of a highly respected Business School as seen on Forbes, Bloomberg, YahooFinance, etc. 

Get All of the COVID-19 / 2020 Chaos Facts At:  

8:35 Capt. William E. Simpson, rancher and Conservationist. Bill and I discuss his EXCELLENT new article Proposed Klamath River Dams Removal The Height Of Obtuse Thinking? .

Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.

Naturalist – Author – Conservationist 

Wild Horse Ranch

P.O. Bx. 202 – Yreka, CA 96097

Creator: Wild Horse Fire Brigade (

Author @ HorseTalk

Member:  IMDb

Here’s a PDF of Bill’s articleProposed Klamath River Dams Removal The Height Of Obtuse Thinking


Bill’s Guest Information for Monday 11/23/20

6:35 Rich Higgins, ex-NSC Member and career national security official, and author of “The Memo: 20 Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First”

About Richard Higgins, Twitter: @RichHiggins_DC

Richard Higgins is the President of HTG, LLC, a strategic security and information warfare consulting service as well as Director of Unconstrained Analytics, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the analysis of enemy threat doctrines. Higgins served on the National Security Council as the Director for Strategic Planning until his dismissal in July 2017. In 2004, he formed the Department of Defense’s Irregular Warfare Support program office and served as the organization’s first Program Manager until June 2010.  

The Major Point:
While voter fraud has been investigated on a state-by-state basis, this is the first time that in such a public fashion an enormous threat to the integrity of the election system has been alleged. Rich has worked his entire career at the highest levels of national security, and we discuss his assessment of the situation, and what this means in terms of a threat to democratic institutions.

More on the book:

“The Memo: 20 Years Inside The Deep State Fighting For America First”

7:35 Dr. John Zmirak Senior Editor at the Stream – 

I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth

Back in 2014, I worked freelance for a public relations firm in New York City. It was there that I met an unusual woman. I didn’t know many lawyers or Texans, but I knew better than to chalk up her qualities to either her profession or her home. It’s rare that I encounter someone who I’m afraid to argue with, because of her sheer brain power and towering personal rectitude. But this was such a person.

This woman had quite a career behind her. An evangelical Christian, she’d been a federal prosecutor — and quit, outraged at the corruption she saw among her colleagues. She did more than quit. Horrified by prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence and targeting the innocent because of their personal politics, she became a defense attorney, to help people fight the feds. Read the Rest HERE

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “Where Past Meets Present”

The Lost Frenchman’s Mine (and Gold Deposits)

By Dennis Powers

The Frenchman Louis Belfils, a 25-year-old watchmaker, lived in the early 1850s in Jacksonville. When he needed more business, he saddled up his mule and rode to the mining camps, where the hard-living prospectors were as rough on their pocket watches. Belfils was returning to Jacksonville in 1856 from Sailor Diggings (now abandoned with little remains and located in Josephine County).

He was working his way up an old American Indian trail that wound around Tannen Mountain, north of the Oregon-California border. His mule suddenly froze and an arrow “whooshed by,” just missing Belfil’s nose by inches. Panicked, he dug his heals into his mule to get into a panicked, awkward gallop.

In his haste, Louis lost the trail; however, the Indians on foot had momentarily lost him. Belfils rode all night in heading west. When the sun finally rose, he was perched on a steep mountain ledge with live oak trees on its top. Reaching down, he spotted “Gold!” that was high-grade quartz and littered around him with the chunks of gold. Looking down, he spotted the Indians who were now climbing toward him, having followed his trail.

He jammed a golden rock into his pocket, jumped on his mule, and headed west across the Siskiyous until he reached the worn Happy Camp Trail along Indian Creek and to final safety in California. Once back in Jacksonville, the Frenchman showed his rock to Cornelius Beekman, the to-be banker, who bought it for $100 and for one-half interest, staked Belfils’ search for the claim. Louis spent three years trying to find the ledge of gold—before finally abandoning the area with the legend of the Frenchman’s Mine left behind.

For those of us who hike on or off the trails of Southern Oregon, the legacy of gold mines and miners can been seen. From Ashland to Jacksonville, Gold Hill to outside Grants Pass, the evidence is there. Abandoned mining towns, such as Golden outside of Wolf Creek in Josephine County, are there to see and wonder about. Mining for gold took many forms over time: from hydraulic mining on Rogue River tributaries to panning for gold, surface digging, and then later into hard-rock mining with deep, long tunnels.

This continued for decades in Southern Oregon. For example, Jacksonville residents from the Great Depression and on, would dig mines in their backyards. The mine shafts typically measured about 4-by-6 feet, and miners would dig until they struck bedrock (typically 16 to 20 feet below ground there). Typically they used sluice boxes to work the dirt from lower levels. They could either sell the gold dust or even trade it for groceries, meals, and what they needed. Gas engines pumped out the waters in the holds in the mornings, so that they could dig further down.

Miners were not supposed to dig laterally beyond property limits, but that never stopped them, and the town experienced sunken roads and property for decades. In 1982 a hole up to 10 feet deep and approximately 12 by 30 feet opened up on Fourth Street just off California. Sunken grades and cave-ins, however, decreased as the years passed.

Abandoned mine shafts abound in the wilderness where the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has responsibility. You’ll find the warning signs when looking down a gaping hole. In fact, online sites indicate the locations of old mines to explore at your own risk with the GPS given to find a particular shaft. The BLM has listed some 1,900 abandoned mining “features” with over 425 abandoned hard-rock mines that have underground workings, many with vertical shafts or horizontal tunnels (known as adits).

Over time, the BLM has been plugging the most dangerous openings with everything from fill to polyurethane foam. In addition to BLM land, at least as many exist in national forests and on private lands in our area, as this author can attest to. Asking friends who live in very rural areas can lead to these discoveries—but be very careful in your search. This is a real part of our region’s history… with gold at near $1900/ounce still hidden in today’s fast-moving world.

Sources: Bill Miller, “He’d always remember where he found gold, but couldn’t get back,” Mail Tribune, Sept. 27, 2009 at The Lost Frenchman’s Mine; Tony Boom, “Mining their own business,” Mail Tribune, March 29, 2009 at Mining in Jacksonville; Paul Fattig, “Danger in the Mountains,” Mail Tribune, Oct. 2, 2011, at Mine Shafts Still Around


MONDAY 11-16-20 PODCASTS 6AM   7AM   8AM




FRIDAY 11/06/20 PODCASTS 6AM   7AM   8AM



The national Gaslighting operation continues…the media tells you this election was the “Most Secure EVER”. Here’s a more truthful account from the NY Times in 2018. They investigated the systems being used in many of the “swing states” in question. So…were they lying then, or lying now?…/i-hacked-an-election-so-can…UPDATE – Today’s NYT has THIS headline – BREAKING NEWSPresident Trump fired the top official responsible for securing the election, who had disputed “his baseless declarations of fraud”. (emphasis mine) Given this 2018 piece, also in the NYT, how does today’s NYT know DJT’s declarations are “baseless”?



Is the OSP going to be conducting Covid-19 Raids? State Senator Brian Boquist’s correspondence asking clarification from the OSP – READ THE EMAILS

Meanwhile, the Oregon Sheriffs respond to the concerns – READ THEIR RELEASE


Bill’s Guest Information for Thursday 11/19/20

6:35 Sam Anderson, retired educator and researcher. Sam and I discuss how the push for Communism/Marxism in the U.S. has been going on for a LONG time.

7:10 Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler – The Governor’s Covid Orders, how fervently will they be enforced?

8:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks about the recent lawsuit filed to rein in Gov. Brown’s emergency powers, Klamath Basin dam removal “agreement”, too.

8:45 Matt Duste of Dusty’s Transmission for an “Open for Business” segment.


250 N. Front Street (Hwy 99)
Central Point, OR 97502


Bill’s Guest Information for Wednesday 11/18/20

6:15 Dan Gainor, VP of MRC TechWatch discusses Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey’s testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday on their platforms’ handling of censorship, misinformation, suppression, and the 2020 election. 

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at

100% Electric cars by 2030? Ridiculous, says Eric, in “Electric Newspeak”

7:35 Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett, who talks about calls to ARREST her for not wearing a mask at her commission meetings. We also talk of her testimony in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Christian schools suing to be able to provide in-person education.

8:10 Jared Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Health Street, an online employee screening and background check firm. More about his company on

With Oregon becoming the first state to decriminalize all drugs, what do businesses need to know when it comes to maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace moving forward? And what do employees need to know about their rights when it comes to drug and background tests?

8:45 “Open for Business” segment with Mike Robinson – President of Pacific Bible College, 28 S. Fir Street, #212 in Medford. Find out more about the college at or call 541-776-9942. Here are just a few of Pacific Bible’s attributes:

  • The only accredited school between Redding and Eugene.
  • We strive to graduate student’s debt free.  Our tuition is less than the federal gov/t Pell grant awards for qualified students and we also offer general scholarship fund assistance.
  • Current Programs
    • Associates of Biblical Studies-Pastoral vocation.
    • Associates of Applied Science in Christian Counseling
    • Associates of Liberal Arts-2 Yr. Transfer degree
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • COVID compliant and safe, holding face-face classes.
  • Current size
    • 60 students and 16 classes.
    • Of these 16 classes 6 are taught by faculty with doctoral degrees and the rest with subject level master’s degrees.
      • Seasoned and caring mentors.
      • Gifted teacher/mentors who personally and individually assist each student for holistic success.
    • Small Classes with the average of 8 students/class
    • Most classes meet 1/week

Bill’s Guest Information for Tuesday 11/17/20

6:35 Taxpayers Protection Alliance President David Williams

Everyone is watching the Georgia runoff elections because they will determine the balance of power in the Senate. It matters because Democrats like to make mandatory the stuff they want, and ban stuff they don’t. Like your car.

* California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed into law a ban on the sale of new gas cars and trucks by 2035.

7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger talks the Covid changes, and his talks with Governor Kate Brown

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation – Is the OSP going to come after you for violating Kate’s Covid rules? What could this do to your gun rights?


Bill’s Guest Information for Monday 11/16/20

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government,, and we discuss the election count – ALG is offering a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of election fraudsters.

7:10 Greg Roberts from with today’s Outdoor Report

7:35 Andrew Pollack, now from Lake Creek, OR, and the new President of the Crime Prevention Research Center:

Andy at the RNC:

Andy and I talked over the battle for our 2nd Amendment rights, and here’s his latest op-ed on Townhall:

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present”. Today’s history segment is the story behind “Heaven on Earth”.

Heaven on Earth Restaurant & Bakery

By Dennis Powers

 Christine Jackson left San Diego and drove to Oregon in 1973; she was a 23-year-old mother with a 1-year-old child and a colt. She cleaned horse stalls for a real-estate agent in exchange for a place to live above the barn. The real estate agent then helped her acquire her restaurant, which Jackson started with 10 pounds of hamburger and located in a run-down building with a pot-bellied stove and outside rest rooms.

She opened in 1974 the “Heaven on Earth” restaurant in what “might have been an old feed store,” and expanded the dining area in the 1980s. With only a few employees, she grew her business on the “Word of God, generosity, hospitality, persistence, and faith,” as stated on its website.

The huge, age-scarred, beam buildings are located at Exit 86 in Azalea, off Interstate 5 approximately half-way between Grants Pass and Roseburg in Douglas County. Typically, one can smell sweet sugar cinnamon as soon as you step out of your car. The cash register divides a sit-down area from counter seating, and adjacent is the old griddle, about “4-by-3-feet, seasoned black and smooth from use.” Known throughout Oregon, that griddle holds a “tower of cinnamon buns,” baked fresh daily in the stone oven in front of the kitchen.

Christine enjoys helping others because, “I want people to look beyond themselves to see their talents.” As one example, she met a homeless person, Christopher Hastings, in May 2010 while handing out free coffee and dessert in Ashland on National Prayer Day. She next set up a produce stand near her restaurant for Hastings to run on weekends, with the goal of starting a farmers’ market. She paid him wages and provided all the supplies, including a variety of seasonal fruit to sell that she bought locally. Afterwards Christine continued to hire him off and on during the years.  

Continuing this approach, Heaven on Earth Restaurant & Bakery offers paid training and on the job experience to help each employee reach their goals. It has offered scholarships to help its employees gain education.

Heaven on Earth has served food and baked sweets for decades.  Note: “The family-sized cinnamon roll weighs in at 2 to 2 1/2 pounds and is big enough for a crowd,” according to one reviewer.” From truckers to tourists, Southern Oregonians to travelers, Christine and her family-owned restaurant stands out.

Sources: Vera Westbrook, “Restaurant owner plays role in helping homeless,” Mail Tribune, July 16, 2010, at Helping Others; Maureen Battistella, “Dining: Heaven on Earth a must stop on Interstate 5,” Mail Tribune, November 9 2018, at Background and Meals; See “Heaven on Earth Restaurant” website at Its Website.

8:35 – “Open for Business” Segment with Lindsey McCauley from Humphrey and Pace, the local agent for Atrio Health Plans, and Jim Myers, also of Atrio Health Plans. It’s Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage Plans, and Atrio is a LOCAL plan with some options with no premium and no copay. Find out more by calling Lindsey at (541) 779-5881, and online at

Signup deadline for open enrollment is December 7th!

8:45 I talk with Nate Custer from FEMA, and today’s the final day to sign up for wildfire assistance (update, it has been extended to November 30th) and you can call 800-621-3362, log on, or on your mobile device, download the FEMA app, and sign up there!