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Friday 9-30-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government –

We talk about his latest – Biden’s incapacity a threat to the world?



7:10 Greg Roberts, with the Outdoor Report


7:35 Dr. Glenn Gumaer discuss his update on the Red Light Camera controversy in Medford. He goes to court against the city Wednesday 10/5.

8:10 Farm Services Agency Rep Glenn Archambault talks over the state of our food supply chain, threats from Hurricane Ian, How much more expensive will groceries be in the near future?




Thursday 9-29-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Dr. Michael Busler, Ph.D., is a public policy analyst, economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. He is a featured columnist at Newsmax, The Hill, The Western Journal, and

Find him on facebook at

We talk economics today:

Market losses at $9 trillion could affect consumer spending





7:35 State Senator Dennis Linthicum, talking the Gubernatorial election, and his conservative rating. Here’s his latest newsletter:


If Not Conservative,  What … ??

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has a Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), which is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard. Their state program is the only one in the nation that scores all 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.

Last week I received CLA’s highest score for the Oregon Legislature. I am honored to receive the award for the “Most Conservative Legislator in Oregon.” Only 7 Oregon lawmakers earned awards from CPAC for their conservative ratings of 80% or above, while 45 Oregon Democrat party lawmakers earned CPAC’s “Coalition of the Radical Left” award for ratings of 10% or  below. 

You can see their vote tally here:  Oregon Lawmaker Scorecard or download the PDF guide.

My legislative record allows you to see some of the principles that motivate my thoughts. At the most fundamental level, my voting record aligns with our Founders’ vision for this so-called American experiment.

The big-ticket item is our unalienable rights. Every individual’s right to Life, Liberty and their own just pursuits should be a sacred, undebatable, unalienable, and indefeasible right. Yet, the Left often argues that when seeking the  “common good” more importance should be given to the state than to individual people. We must never reject the idea that we have been endowed with rights that can never be stripped from us by a truly just government. Otherwise, our culture will fall prey to injustice under the guise of justice.

We all can clearly see the shortcomings arising from the false promises of the political elites. Whether they are tax and spend destructionists, defund-the-police anarchists, clean-energy hypocrites, big-government cronies, menstruating men, or drag-queen story-hour proponents their efforts will leave your family embattled in cultural turmoil, higher prices, more regulations, and fewer opportunities.

As “conservatives” we must fight for conserving and preserving the ideals of our founders’, our history, freedoms, education, logic, science, traditional values, culture and prosperity.

I appreciate you and your unfailing support for our Constitutional rights and freedoms. Thank you for standing with me as we continue our struggle to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. 


8:45 Open For Business with Ken McLean from Prestige Senior Living Arbor Place.


Ken and Bill talk about ways to communicate better with people suffering from memory or cognitive decline.

-If a loved one is living with cognitive decline, it’s important they retain a sense of value and belonging in their relationships.

-A critical way of encouraging that is ensuring they remain part of conversations and social events, but with that comes adjustments for loved ones.

-Among the things you can do to help ensure someone with cognitive decline remains included in conversations and gatherings:

  • Minimize distractions in their company

When you’re having a conversation, turn off the TV, radio or any music that may be playing and allow the focus to be on the conversation.

  • Don’t interrupt or finish a thought

As someone is telling a story, they may grasp for details or repeat themselves. Allow them space to do so – interrupting them or jumping in to finish their story can be discouraging and make them reluctant to try again in the future.

  • Ask direct questions

People with cognitive decline can struggle with open-ended questions. For instance, asking ‘What would you like to do today?’ forces them to consider options and try to come to a decision. Instead, ask “Would you like to go for a walk?” or offer another activity they enjoy. Yes or no questions help direct their focus.

  • Stay upbeat

It can be difficult watching a loved one struggle to remember names, details or shared memories. That said, they’ll be able to pick up on any sadness, frustration or negativity through your facial expressions and body language. Always try to focus on the positive.

  • Recognize when a break would be welcome

If you sense frustration creeping in, change the topic in conversation, or suggest a different activity – maybe a walk or a change of location. You can even just lean in for a hug or take their hand for support.

-At Prestige Senior Living Arbor Place, we have resources available to help you and your loved one through the journey of cognitive decline, and our team is here to help.

– At our website, you can download a free guide that covers a wide variety of topics related to cognitive health, including information about the different stages of memory loss, advice for those living with cognitive decline and their caregivers, tips on tending to mental health, cognitive assessments, memory games and much more. 

-To download our free guide to cognitive health, visit


Wednesday 9-28-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information



6:20 CHEF JET TILA, Co-Host of the Halloween Cookie Challenge Monday nights on FOOD NETWORK.


Tila grew up in his family’s restaurant kitchens and markets in Los Angeles, home to the world’s largest Thai population outside of Thailand. As a boy, he spent time learning the ancient traditions of Asian cuisine from his Cantonese grandmother and working in the famed Bangkok Market, which opened in 1972, and Royal Thai restaurant, which opened in 1978. “I call it birth luck,” he says. “I was born into the ‘first family’ of Thai food in Los Angeles. My parents came here separately in 1966 and went on to open the first restaurants and grocery stores in this country and I was the kid doing homework in the back corner of the restaurant.”

Tila’s current and future projects promise to bring him and his culinary skills to more prominence. He is currently working with the Compass Group to open Modern Asian Kitchen, a fast-casual Pan-Asian concept with locations nationwide, and is branching out on his own to open Kuma Snowcream, a shaved-ice concept launching in Las Vegas in spring 2013-the product of which he says is “like fresh, powdered snow, but that is creamy and tastes like ice cream.” “At this point, I am interested in creating concepts, not just one-offs,” he says. “I am and always will be a chef, but I am also always interested in new ways to combine cooking, business, and communication, since I enjoy all of them as much as I enjoy teaching people about where I come from through my food.” Tila currently lives in Los Angeles with wife, Allison, their two children, as well as two dogs.

6:35 Eric Peters at with today’s “Wheels Up Wednesday” articles including:




7:35 Dr. Jane Orient M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons –  We talk about the attempt to “Normalize” the explosion of myocarditis in young children receiving Covid vaccines.


8:15 Prof. John Ellis –  More on John:

John M. Ellis, a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, recounted 50 years of frustration in his 2020 book, “The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done.” Ellis declared that “campuses are now miserable caricatures of what they once were” and called for repression as the answer. He demanded “the removal of radical activists who politicize classrooms” and urged state legislatures to “investigate and then cancel funding for departments that are found to be hopelessly corrupted.” When colleges and universities have so willfully ignored the purposes for which their independence was granted and have corrupted themselves beyond their ability to self-repair, only outside intervention can restore them to the purpose for which they were created. [more…]

Here’s an article illustrating what Prof. Ellis says you can’t let the “Woke” get away with…the claim that pulling back on woke violates academic freedom.


 Tuesday 9-27-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 China Analyst/Tech Advisor Scott Spacek, author of the thriller China Hand
Rumors of Chairman Xi Coup? We discuss that and more.

Scott Spacek, author of China Hand. Originally from Cleveland, Scott Spacek has lived in China for most of the last two decades, working as a technology executive and advisor to leading corporations and governmental organizations. He attended Harvard University and speaks Mandarin Chinese. Teaching at an elite university in Beijing after college provided revealing details for CHINA HAND, his first novel.

INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS: When a high-ranking Chinese general wants to defect to the US, the CIA tries to recruit a recent Harvard grad teaching at a Beijing university to exfiltrate the man’s daughter – a treacherous operation that could shape the balance of power for decades.

The whole debacle was classified and buried. Until now.

It’s 1998, and China’s political and military leaders are torn by ideological divisions. Amid these seething rivalries, Andrew Callahan arrives in Beijing fresh out of Harvard, planning to spend an adventurous year studying Mandarin and teaching at the renowned International Affairs University. The IAU is known as a training ground for diplomats and spies. But Andrew has no idea that his budding relationship with the attractive and self-assured dean’s assistant, Lily Jiang, will also entangle him in a conspiratorial web of worldwide proportions.

A CIA officer approaches Andrew and informs him that Lily’s father is a top Chinese general caught in a power struggle. The general wants to defect but won’t do so without his wife and daughter. Even more shocking is that the Agency needs Andrew’s assistance for Lily to evade round-the-clock surveillance and escape to the US.

If Andrew agrees, he’ll face lethal odds against China’s ruthless security services to help pull off one of the greatest intelligence coups in American history. If he refuses, it could cost Lily and her family their lives.

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful culture at a turbulent time, China Hand is the story of a reluctant spy and a mission whose deadly consequences continue to reverberate today.



7:10 Bob Hart – discussing tonight’s SB762 meeding. (From Bob) We are conducting a meeting Tuesday -27 night starting at 5:30 at the Medford library to update people on SB 762 Wildfire The State release a new time frame to bring the map back on March 1, 2023. The issues like Defensive Space and Building Codes are still being finalized. We will provide comment cards to oppose the bill at it was adopted.  I will call in to talk about this in the morning. I would appreciate if you can announce this meeting a few times in the morning. We will also have Colleen Roberts, Kim Wallan, Randy Sparacino to make a few remarks about this legislation.

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner

8:35 Donice Smith, Constitution Party Nominee for Oregon Governor –


Monday 9-26-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


7:10 Mr. Outdoors, Greg Roberts from and today’s Outdoor Report.


7:35 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation, and an update on Measure 114. Join the fight here –  and more about Kevin at



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, with this week’s “Where Past Meets Present”. More about Dr. Powers at


The City of Phoenix

By Dennis Powers

The first resident of what later became Phoenix was Samuel Colver, who in 1851 took out a donation land claim. He built a cabin on what is presently Highway 99 in Phoenix. With the discovery of gold in Jacksonville, miners and settlers came into the Rogue Valley in numbers, including around where Colver had his land. In 1854, he laid out the town, which was known then as Gasburg.

As the story goes, numbers of young bachelors were in the town and working at the local flour mill, but with very few young, marriageable women. Kate Clayton was helping to cook for the men at the mill and had different admirers. She was about twenty years old, but had a remarkable ability to carry on different conversations with her smitten men, while she was cooking at the same time. Owing to her skills at conversation and not missing an order, she received the nickname of “Gassy Kate.” When the men were deciding on the name for the town, the men came to naming it after Kate as “Gasburg.”

The owner of the grist mill was Sylvester Wait, who was also an agent for the Phoenix Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. When the post office was established at the mill in 1857, he took the large metal, insurance-company plate and attached it to the front of his building as the name of the post office. Although it took time for the residents to stop calling the town as Gasburg, it eventually took the name of the post office of Phoenix.

When the railroad came through in 1884, Phoenix was on the line and a possible nominee for the county seat. Nearby Medford won the nod and became the county seat and largest city in Jackson County. The city of Phoenix was incorporated in 1910 when the area’s Orchard Boom was taking place.

Phoenix was and still is centrally located in being close to Medford. Residents lived in homes built over time and commuted to jobs that changed from lumbering, orchards, and agriculture to technology, medical, tourism, and more service oriented. It still retains the charm of those yesteryears.

Sources: Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present,” Ashland, Oregon: Hellgate Press, 2017 (Pp. 383-384); Tammy Asnicar, “Next Stop: Gasburg?”, Mail Tribune, April 24, 2016, at History of Towns (inc. Phoenix); “Phoenix, Oregon: History of the City,” at City of Phoenix: History.








THURSDAY 9-22-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information, Day 2 of “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” Live in Washington DC.

6:15 Dan Stein, President of FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform discusses the state of immigration and where we “find ourselves”. 

 6:35  – John and Jobeth Ladd  Arizona Cattle Ranchers

The Ladd’s are fourth generation ranchers that live in Arizona along the Mexico border. Border Patrol has caught over a half million illegal aliens on their property in the last 30 years. Their ranch spans ten and a half miles of the border with Mexico.

For the past 16 months they have rented a portion of their ranch as a lay down area to the contractor building the border fence. They have been interviewed by many news outlets in the United States along with ones from countries around the globe.

7:10 – Chris Chmielenski Deputy Director, Numbers USA

Chris Chmielenski is the deputy director of Numbers USA, the nation’s largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization with more than 8 million participants in all 435 congressional districts. Numbers USA provides a civil forum for Americans of all political and ethnic backgrounds to focus on a single issue, the numerical level of U.S. immigration. You’ll want to interview Chris to talk numbers – how to choose the right number of authorized immigrants in future years, numerical limits on family chain migration, and reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants in the country.




7:35  – Spencer Raley FAIR Director of Research/Spokesperson

Educating the public on the harmful impact and cost of mass immigration is FAIR’s primary mission. To that end, Spencer spearheads the organization’s vast research efforts and is an all-around go-to expert for the media. But if you want to know specifically what the actual costs are nationally or in your state, that’s his forte. And by the time radio row occurs, he will have just completed a unique study into what impact Biden’s Border Crisis is having in your kid’s school by way of massive Limited English Proficiency (LEP) increases.

11:10  Ken Cuccinelli Senior Fellow at Center for Renewing America and Former Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary.

What does immigration in the national interest look like? Ask Ken Cuccinelli, who served first as the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and then as the acting deputy secretary for the Department of Homeland Security 7 during the Trump administration. In this capacity, one of Ken’s guiding principles was that “America’s immigration system is first and foremost, for the benefit of America.”

During his tenure, Ken oversaw changes to enhance protections for American workers and the American public, including reforms to the public charge rule, tightening of foreign guest worker programs, more robust naturalizations standards and improvements to the adjustment of status process. Ken also served as a leading spokesman for the administration on immigration, election security and homeland security issues, and was appointed by the president to serve as an original member of the Coronavirus Task Force upon the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

11:35 – Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government – A live weekly DC Swamp Update, live from the swamp itself. (This Time) 


Wednesday 9-21-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information, Day 1 of “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” Live in Washington DC.

6:35 – Steve Camarota – Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Director of Research

One of Washington’s top experts on the demographics of immigration, Dr. Camarota can discuss demographic trends, the census and the cost of refugee resettlement among other issues. He serves as the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington, D.C.-based research institute that examines the consequences of legal and illegal immigration on the United States. The Center promotes an informed debate on comprehensive immigration reform by providing policymakers, academics, media, and citizens with fact-based information on immigration.

Dr. Camarota was the lead researcher on a contract with the Census Bureau examining the quality of immigrant data used in the American Community Survey.

7:10 Dan Carter  – Pro-English Director of Government Relations

Curious about why English should be preserved as the common language in the U.S. and whether or not it should be made the official language of the nation? Dan L. Carter, director of government relations for ProEnglish, is responsible for advancing the goals of ProEnglish on Capitol Hill and among state and local governments. As a former public liaison to Secretary Elaine Chao during the George W. Bush Administration, Dan understands how Washington works and what needs to happen to make English the nation’s official language.

7:35 – Robert Spenser, Director, Jihad Watch & Bestselling author

With the implosion of the American presence in Afghanistan, what new threats does America face from radical Islam and the global jihadist mentality? We are entering a whole new world, and nobody can provide a clearer picture of this than Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Spencer is the author of 23 books, including the bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), The Truth About Muhammad, The History of Jihad, and Did Muhammad Exist? He is a former consultant for the FBI and the US military.

8:10  – Lora Ries, Director of Heritage’s Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation.

Lora is director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation. She has over 25 years’ experience in the immigration and homeland security arena. Ries twice worked at the Department of Homeland Security on management and immigration policy and operations issues, most recently as the Acting Deputy Chief of Staff.

8:35 Congressman Cliff Bentz talks with Bill about his take on the illegal immigration issue, plus the struggles for political power in the House, the upcoming midterm elections and other issues.


Monday 9-19-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Dick Morris, More info on Dick:

New York Times Censors Dick Morris Book on Trump

The New York Times’ bestsellers list appears to be censoring Newsmax host Dick Morris and his new bestseller, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback. “The Return” is topping several bestseller lists, including Amazon, Publisher’s Weekly, and others, but is nowhere to be found on the Times’ nonfiction list. Based on retail sales compiled by Bookscan for the week of Aug. 28, “The Return” should be No. 4 on the Times’ list. [more…]

Trump Docs Could Be Used Against FBI in 2023

By Dick Morris

My top predictions about the Mar-a-Lago documents:

  • U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision to grant the Trump team’s special master request will be sustained, after the DOJ appeal.
  • There won’t be enough incriminating documents to formally indict Trump in a grand-jury setting.
  • The Republicans will claim the majority in the House and Senate chambers for the upcoming midterm elections (Nov. 8).
  • Starting as early as January 2023, House GOP investigators will put the FBI and DOJ under further scrutiny, in terms of explaining or justifying the FBI’s Aug. 8 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, along with the House hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the Capitol.

The Mar-a-Lago documents will be Exhibits A, B, and C in the case against the FBI. Regarding the document dispute, Morris believes Trump’s legal team has a strong case of historical precedent on their side – due to the wide-ranging scope of the Presidential Records Act. [more…]

Dick’s #1 bestselling book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback.

“‘The Return’ is a fantastic political analysis of what very well may be taking place in the not-too-distant future. Dick Morris is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, who is also a true political pro. Great book, get it now!” said Pres. Trump on Truth Social.



7:10 John Furnish, one of the parents at last week’s Medford 549C School Board meeting regarding the hiring of the non-binary 1st grade teacher at a local elementary school.                       


7:35 Tammi and Tomas Garcia share the tragic story of their son Alex, who recently died from an overdose of Fentanyl.



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, with this week’s “Where Past Meets Present”. More about Dr. Powers at



The City of Rogue River

By Dennis Powers


The town owes its start to a card shark named Davis “Coyote” Evans, who built cabins and a ferry in 1851 to cross the Rogue River near where Evans Creek poured into the Rogue. A swinging footbridge was later built for prospectors to cross at “Tailholt” for the gold on Evans Creek.

As the story goes, if miners couldn’t pay the toll to cross the river, they crossed by pulling their horse into the river, then grabbing its tail to hold on as it swam across. Thus, the name given to the tiny settlement was Tailholt. Some feel that the name meant more than crossing the Rogue. “Tailholt” could also mean, to some, that the settlers had found a tough life, but it was more dangerous to let go, having made a “tail-hold” there: A tailholt was better than no holt at all.’”

Building a home and store of boards milled on Evans Creek in the early 1870s, John Woods picked the location at Tailholt. This was not only where people and mail were dropped off for the prospectors working Evans Creek, but also where folks crossed the Rogue for the other side. Although it wasn’t an official stage stop, Woods kept an extra team of horses for the stage line.

As the industrious Woods ran his general store and added a post office, people stayed at the location. Establishing the post office in his home in 1876 as the town’s first postmaster, he named the town as Woodville. When the Oregon & California Railroad came there, set up a station stop, the next stop being Gold Hill, Woodville gained in importance in 1884.

With nearby Medford and undergoing the early-1900s Orchard Boom, the first bridge to allow wagons, buggies, and teams to cross to the other side was constructed in 1909. The residents then decided in 1912 a new name would be better and voted for its incorporation as the City of Rogue River.

Mr. H.B. Taylor in 1910 bought John Wood’s place. Tearing down the old structure, he replaced it with a new one named the Waldorf Rooms Hotel. The hotel was a popular place for not only the “drummers” (the salesmen traveling over the railroad line), but for tourists and passers-by, alike.

As sawmills and farming gave way to tourism and commuting for work, the Rogue River Rooster Crow started up in 1953 to publicize the city. Since that time, its National Rooster Crow Championship has been held on the last Saturday in June. The three-day festival kicks off on Friday with a dinner at the Rogue River Community Center and ends on Sunday with an antique and “sporty” car show.

A five-minute drive from its downtown, Orin Palmerton had operated a plant and tree nursery with many domestic and exotic trees that eventually became the property of the city. Rogue River maintains this beautiful setting with Evans Creek on one side as part of its park system. Palmerton Park is an arboretum (a place for the study and exhibit of trees) with 96 distinct tree specimens, including pines from Japan, cedars from the Mediterranean, and large coastal redwoods native to the Pacific Northwest.

Buildings and brides were replaced. For example, the Waldorf became the Walling Old Inn after World War II; Gulf Oil bought the Inn in 1967, tore it down, and built a service station. Located in the Hatch House constructed in 1909, the Woodville Museum in Rogue River opened in 1986 with numerous, interesting exhibits about the town’s life. The bridge over the river was replaced in 1950, and then again in 2006. This project attracted national attention, as the designers employed a “slow slide” to move the 550-ton, 300-foot long bridge into its final position.

Located some 20 miles northwest of Medford on I-5, it has survived the Rogue River floods of 1955 and 1964. Over 100 years later, the city of Rogue River is still known for its fishing, rafting, and beautiful scenery along the river, not to mention its history and future.

Sources: Bill Miller, “Keeping a ‘tailholt’ attitude,” Mail Tribune, January 17, 2010; Cleve Twitchell, “A Woodville, A Rogue River or a Tailholt by any other Name,” Mail Tribune, February 10, 1991, at On Tailholt; Randy Johnson, “City of Rogue River: The City of Rogue River’s Centennial Year,” at Centennial Video.       


Friday 09-16-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and


DC Swamp Update time – Rick’s latest –



7:10 Greg Roberts, “Mr. Outdoors” from with today’s Outdoor Report.



7:35 Dr. John Zmirak senior editor from the STREAM

Is the Trump Movement Like Syria’s Kurds, an Indispensible Ally for Christians?

By John Zmirak Published on September 12, 2022

John Zmirak

This is the last installment of my long-term series examining the links between the Christian worldview, resistance to tyranny, and the gun rights ensconced at the heart of the American Bill of Rights. In the last column, I told the tragic story of the ancient Christian community in Iraq.




8:10 Jeff Bermant, Founder and CEO of TUSK, what he claims is the world’s first truly free speech based browser. Find out more at and we talk about the drive to restore free speech to high tech, and how his larger plans include developing a search engine that doesn’t censor conservative views.

First, and most importantly, TUSK founder, Jeff Bermant is a Patriot who loves the United States of America with all his heart. That’s why he’s putting his money where his mouth is in founding TUSK.

Jeff has taken Mark Levin’s call to action seriously. When asked “What should I do right now?’, Levin replied, “…You should get involved right now.”

After graduating from USC with a major in U.S. history, Jeff Bermant founded one of the largest real estate development groups in Santa Barbara, California before his passion led him into the digital world of browser development with products like Cocoon VPN and Cocoon MyData Rewards.

An entrepreneur with over thirteen years in the field of browser development, combined with his deep love of America, Jeff Bermant is the right person at the right time in history to effect change.

About TUSK:

The first and only “Freedom First” Web Browser with Uncensored News.  Built from the ground up to ensure Conservatives can access the stories that matter. With TUSK, you choose the media outlets you trust so you can browse a news feed with the most relevant stories for you, by you.

Your web browsing with HTTP is not encrypted and is vulnerable to attackers who are eavesdropping and can gain access to website databases and sensitive information. TUSK forces sites to use HTTPS connections when available, protecting your data from prying eyes. These encrypted connections, on both the client and server sides, ensures data security over the network, especially public networks like Wi-Fi.

We are working on our own search, providing an alternative to the search engines that exist today. We are working on something designed by Conservatives, for Conservatives. And since we don’t censor anyone, you will always have a choice to use whatever search you like  


8:35 Terry Haines, Chairman of the Rogue Chapter of the Non-Commissionerd Officers Association. October 8th is the next VeteRUN and he’s looking for runners, sponsors, and find out more at