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TIME TO SNAP OUT OF YOUR GOV/MEDIA COVID HYPNOSIS(opinion) Here is a series of 4 screenshots from the CDC keeping track of HOSPITALIZATIONS, really sick people, not “Positive Tests” or “CASES, CASES, CASES”. The first is the Oregon weekly hospitalization rate, again DROPPING to 2.1 per 100,000 people.   We have 4.2 million in the state so you multiply 42 to get 88 people in the hospital STATEWIDE that week. This is not a large amount of sick patients in 4.2 million people, and with 6800 hospital beds available.  The 2nd slide is hospitalizations CUMULATIVE, 45.4 per 100,000, meaning 1906 people have been in Oregon hospitals TOTAL since March 7th, the start of all this stuff.        Now there is Slide 3, weekly hospitalization rate per 100,000, all ages broken out.    This is designed to get you fearful…naturally the older, the higher. But you can have a high rate per 100,000 of older people in the hospital, but there are small numbers of aged 85+ people in the actual population…it’s another way to distort and feed the hysteria. Finally, here’s the default CDC Oregon view, cumulative weekly hospitalizations overall…it is designed to push pants-wetting hysteria.  Look at that 85+ years old number at the top of the right side. We’re dying, we’re dying, the hospitals are filled?? Not even close. We have largely very sick elderly people with pre-existing sicknesses being counted among the vast majority of the deaths. Do NOT BE FOOLED by the continued Doom stats of POSITIVE TESTS which they call CASES. I give you this post not to make light of our deaths and sickness, or to say there’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s about providing context and reality to the gov/media spin machine. Here’s the site for the Covid-19 hospitalizations with the CDC, so you can modify the view and see stats for the country and individual states yourself! ________________________________________Bill’s Guests for Thursday 8-13-20

6:35 Jeremy Dys, attorey with First Liberty Institute

If this year has revealed anything, it’s that politicians love power.In an op-ed in Newsweek, First Liberty’s Jeremy Dys discusses how religious liberty reveals this brilliantly.

Newsweek – Religious Liberty Will Prevail Over the Pandemic | Opinion

Jeremy Dys: “If it takes converting casinos, laundromats, beaches and abortion clinics into the 21st-century version of the catacombs in order for Americans to meet and exercise their faith, religious liberty will find a way to survive the authoritarian dictates of elected officials treating the faithful like second-class citizens.”


7:10 Sam Anderson, local retired educator and researcher. Here are some of her notes of our discussion today detailing the spread of collectivism/Communism via public education.

Collectivizing Society to Cancel a Culture – requires a  process a culling of ideas or people – cannot arrive at complete unity in a world having mutually exclusive mind sets.


What is a Soviet? – A soviet is a  system of councils” or a system of school districts each one composed of people who agree to build consensus to arrive at a predetermined outcome. Goals 2000 solidified a restructuring of education – a 90’s rendition of arriving at equity (parity) was called out-come based education –  freedom of bias or favoritism for a personal ideology or personal achievement– freedom from religious or parental authority – to free the child is the aim of a Pedagogy of Emancipation – freedom from any unauthorized instruction.

2 people who have addressed the Oregon legislature in regard to educational perestroika, the Russian term for restructuring 

Linda Darling-Hammond is likely the most often quoted name in progressive school restructuring. Referenced 14 times in a 700 page the book titled “Workforce for Children; Birth Through Age 8.” She wrote before the Berlin Wall fell westward, “If you listen to the rhetoric of Perestroika in the Soviet Union and those East European countries that are restructuring their governments and institutions, you will hear precisely the kinds of talk that you hear in the school restructuring movement in this country.”

Andy Hargreaves from Boston U. wrote the foreword to Pasi Sahlberg’s book Finnish Lessons and adds his contempt for America on the back jacket cover; “It’s now time to break down the ideology of American exceptionalism in the United States and other Anglo-American nations if we are to truly inspire our teachers to improve learning for all our students.”

When should have we, the general public, took note of a rising revolution?  “When our turn comes, we shall not disguise our terrorism”


Dispel the myth that democratic socialism is not communism:

  1. S.S.R – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.              
  2. Hear it from Stalin himself “The experience of our country has shown that it is quite possible to build socialism in a single country taken separately. What argument can be advanced against that fact?”[ P. 49 Stalin’s Report of the Work of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the International Conciliation publication, No. 305, Dec. 1934.]


 “Cultural Marxism” – The left has accused the Right of this expression in name calling to thwart progressive reforms. The Frankfurt School and the New School for Social Research (Columbia University) – put culture on the front burner to launch Stalin’s Sverdlov University lectures that indicated that “cultural and educational organizations” would be allies in forwarding communism.

Horkheimer and others developed Marxist Critical Theory – the strategy was to insert critical theory into social sciences and the humanities – not to merely interpret or understand concepts or an author’s message but as a force to change society as a whole. If you count all the social sciences inclusive economics, sociology, history, political science, anthropology and psychology that’s a huge chunk of traditional subject matter. 

Why are young people so attracted to Socialism? – they were schooled in critical theory – to look at their world through a critical lens.


Pathways of Collectivism into American institutions

  1. Decades of international exchanges and the resulting infiltration of universities in 1930’s – VOKS- Russian non-governmental org tasked with showcasing Soviet culture for foreigners and intellegensia.

As a side note: ‘Friends’ have traveled the world inconspicuously for decades, friends of this or that, a very different group of Germans: the pro-Soviet founding members of the newly created Society of Friends of the New Russia. (gesellschaft der Freunde des neuen Russlands), the prototype for VOKS’s cultural friendship societies around Europe and, later, the world [Showcasing the Great Experiment by Michael David Fox.]


[Author – Louis F. Budenz  Chapter X. – 1954. Resource for those who would like to know more about Communists in America for other purposes than just education. – Louis Francis Budenz (pronounced “byew-DENZ”; July 17, 1891 – April 27, 1972) was an American activist and writer, as well as a Soviet espionage agent and head of the Buben group of spies. He began as a labor activist and became a member of the Communist Party USA.[1] In 1945 Budenz renounced Communism and became a vocal anti-Communist, appearing as an expert witness at various governmental hearings and authoring a series of books on his experiences. [Wikipedia]


  1. 5th Column in America was unified in the 50s by UNESCO in lock step with the Progressive Education Movement/Society and in a large part the Democratic Party.
  2. In April 1944 – UNESCO Initially named United Nations Organization for Educational and Cultural Reconstruction. Nov,1945 they removed their purpose to Reconstruct to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO’s Preamble to their Constitution declares that “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed” Ideally, peaceful coexistence can only be obtained when no one loves anything for which they would die for.
  3. Semi-secret National Society for the Study of Education yearbooks. – 1954 edition off limits to open discourse. The National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE) has published 2 yearbooks per year since 1902, private books supplanting the open cultivation of restructuring American institutions. Biannual yearbooks were compiled for individual membership only, “not to be held by libraries, schools or other institutions, either directly or indirectly.” (Appendix i).
  4. National Society for the Study of Education founded by John Dewey, Charles Judd and Nicolas Murray Butler first Yearbook published in 1902.
  5. John Dewey – Journeyed to Soviet Union as his concepts of what ed should be were widely read by early Soviet revolutionaries.
  6. Charles Judd – “Judd obtained a PhD at the University of Leipzig under the tutelage of Wilhelm Wundt.[3] brought psychology into education
  7. Nicholas Murray Butler – Pres. of Columbia U. – Prestigious career thanks to Carnegie. Initiated Teachers College and the College Entrance examination. Must not forget he was friends with Benito Mussolini. Theodore Roosevelt called him Nicolas Miraculous – 37 Honorary degrees and acclaude from 15 government – head of Andrew Carnegie for Peace. – He was a Fabian – London speech.  Communism is the instrument with which the financial world can topple national governments and then erect a world government with a world police and world money.
  8. 1954 Yearbook purposed to support UNESCO’s path to peace, hinged upon the reconsideration of the separation of church and state to the extent of adding a common spirituality with one another and with nature while reconstructing the social order. 9 American Philosophers and their consultants headed by John. S. Brubacher as chair were purposed to find a unifying philosophy for education and more specifically to address the relationships between self, society and religion.
  9. Jacques Maritain – a professed secular humanist, co-authored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that maintained freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Followed by men who were enjoined to dismiss these freedoms. 
  10. James K. Feibleman- contributed to the Theory of Unlearning. Feibleman flatly stated; We should not accept dogma-this is what we have been saying . . . The process of education requires as much effort and time to unlearn the wrong beliefs as it does to indoctrinate the right ones.” This is exactly what had been put on the table during their face-to-face meeting of the whole group.
  11. Kenneth Burke – the King of Babel –Marxist linguist – America’s answer to Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels – his support was in transforming the traditional definitions of terms such as property, freedom and abolishing use of pure literatures
  12. Robert H. Beck of the University of Minnesota– In 1990 US DOE grant of 4,000,000 dollars for his expertise on Polytechnical Education: A Step.
  13. Kenneth Benne – Guru of Group Theory
  14. Herbert Feigl – was the University of Minnesota’s émigré from the Vienna Circle of logical positivists.
  15. Theodore Greene Idealist stated the laudable motto of early communism, From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” might well be adopted as the key formula of such a liberal school community.
  16. George Geiger – Geiger confirmed the Party directive ‘supposedly’ given to the 5th column professors nor have they taken the trouble to read the official instructions of the communist party to its members which includes, among other items, the charge “to take advantage of the position in the classroom without exposing themselves.
  17. Robert Cohen contributed a Marxist Education essay, plowing the path in beating a sickle into a UNESCO plowshare. Cohen stated “The importance of the school to a new socialist order, faced with problems of construction is enormous; and it would be so no matter how the transition to such a new order of society might be carried out. The democratic electoral road to socialism of the capitalist countries would lead to cultural and educational difficulties as serious as those of the violent road traversed in Russia and China. In every case, it is essential to avoid any pseudo-militant destruction or denial of the previous social order’s culture . . . must necessarily be one of respect and caution, of new experience and critical comparison with the old.” Today we are witnessing a pseudo-militant destruction in city streets and toppling of our culture.
  18. Anton Makarenko – Cohen’s “dead consultant” was a prominent soviet educator who was entirely misrepresented in Medford Oregon symposium in 1995 as respecting his students.

Makarenko – created labor colonies as an answer to soviet schooling, later joining the NKVD. Makarenko’s re-educative methods also called unmasking were sharpened in Romanian prisons after WWII  –  the use of the ‘internal’ and the ‘external exposure’, followed by public humiliation – mainly blaspheming religious texts or symbols There were two stages of unmasking used in the Pitești Experiment on 1000 young adult students, external and internal. The external unmasking aimed not only at the inmate but also at those close to him, and targeted against the thing dearest to his heart – faith, family, friends.

Note: During the cultural revolution in China to ‘re-educate’ or “unmask” persons,  a resistor was exposed publicly in front of family, friends and co-workers to force a confession of blaspheming the Party line. Consider how it mirrors the liberal actions of people of kneeling on the city streets in humble confession of their innate racism. – New Phenomenon to be studied or might they have been paid for as active citizens.

  1. John Brubacher, the Yearbook committee chair, wrote a university text, stamped with the same title as the NSSE’s Yearbook, Modern Philosophies of Education [McGraw Hill, 1962], it circulated on a global scale, meriting 91 editions published between 1939 and 1978 in 4 languages and held by 2,065 World Cat member libraries worldwide. Consensus Among Philosophies of Education, a solution for a unified global philosophy, namely the bipolarity of an organic philosophy of education; More attention should be paid to the children’s collective as an organic whole. To this end it is imperative to reorganize the outlook of the school teacher. . . They must rise above these divisions and achieve some consensus if they are to become molders of the new world order. (P. 349, ibid)

Influence of Saul Alinsky

  1. 30-year correspondence with Jacques Maritain, coauthor of Declaration of Human Rights. – Maritain was one of the nine philosophers in the 1954 Yearbook.
  2. Alinsky in the neighborhoods – the Catholic “Campaign for Human Development, founded in 1969, is U.S. Catholicism’s most significant and longest social experiment in the 20th century. How the poor can reach for power – new theology on the ground rather in the church work. The priests become Alinsky’s interns. Later Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, as Pres. of Notre Dame and internationalist, removed Catholic education from the university.

US Department of Education

  1. Office of Education Research and Improvement; One example OERI’s mission is to State School Secretaries revealed in New Habits of Mind and Heart – recruitment of education administrators. Restructuring is the Hegelian notion that “society is always evolving” –  Established 57 LEAD centers for the training of school administrators. In the intro quotes Pres. Bush as saying “When tradition become hollow convention, then we must not hesitate to shatter tradition.”
  2. Report states Education is the last of the big dinosaurs. Brick and mortar schools are to collapse or be retooled as Community Learning Centers for all ages.  Restructuring is a process, not a product. A school district or school never reaches the final state of being restructured. The process is dynamic.
  3. Oregon’s socialist beginnings – Who is John Reed and why hasn’t his memorial bench suffered graffiti or destruction? Reed was a journalist who became an ardent Marxist activist– Buried in the Kremlin Wall in a area reserved for prominent Soviet leaders.
  4. Reed was an American journalist who first gained prominence as a war correspondent during the first World War, and later became best known for his coverage of the October Revolution in Petrograd, Russia, which he wrote about in his book Ten Days That Shook the World. In 1987, Portland Mayer bud Clark officially declared his 100th B-day in Oct. 22 to be John Reed Day
  5. Indicators of Identity Politics in Oregon – taking “class” out of “class struggle”.
  6. Legislative encroachment on academic freedom.
  7. Sexual conferences in Seaside Oregon approved by OHA and DOE.
  8. Enforcement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statements on University faculty.
  9. Insertion of Howard Zinn’s social textbooks and more recently the 1619 Project.
  10. 1619 Project – The goal of The 1619 Project is to reframe American history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation’s birth year- the year a Virginia ship brought the first slaves [New York Times Magazine, Jake Silverstein]
  11. Banning of climate change denying resources in Portland schools.
  12. Focus of soviet style upbringing (vospitanie) of activist children for social justice causes.
  13. Confucius Institutes exist in Southern Oregon schools – rather than serving as a friendly multicultural resource it serves as the CCP’s strategy to spread communism.

  Bill’s Guests for Wednesday 8-12-20 6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with and we dig into Safety Features that actually make cars less safe! 8:10 Kathy Barnette, author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America. Kathy is also currently running for U.S. Congress in the 4th District of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.





TWITTER: @Kathy4Truth

____________________________________________Bill’s Guests for Tuesday 8-11-20

6:35 Mark W. Scheeren, co-founder of Baldwin Research Institute and St. Jude Retreats, author of “The Freedom Model For Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap” Mark is the only addictions researcher in the world to have studied individuals with substance use issues by living with the study subjects for a period of twelve years. “This was the only way to truly understand the issues concerning this population, and to build solutions that actually promoted success. More about the book here:

The Freedom Model debunks the addiction disease concept as well as the idea that “recovery” is needed after you’ve decided to abstain or moderate your use.

7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger and an update from Monday’s special session

8:10 Colton Grace with Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Autism/Marijuana link?

According to a new Canadian study published in Nature Medicine, women who use marijuana during pregnancy have a more than 50 percent greater chance to give birth to a child with autism versus non-users. The study also found the risk for other neurodevelopmental disorders was heightened.

“This is an extremely concerning development,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and a former Senior White House drug policy advisor. “We have long known that marijuana use during pregnancy should be discouraged for its many links to harmful health outcomes, and it was recently discovered that the marijuana industry was recommending its highly potent products to pregnant mothers in Colorado. It is time we get serious about reigning in this runaway industry, before it is too late.”

______________________________________________ Bill’s Guests for Monday 8-10-20 6:35 Dr. Carole Lieberman, psychiatrist and public health expert. Elon Musk’s Neuralink currently develops a new feature on their brain chip that will enable humans to go forth and choose the mood by balancing off a person’s hormone levels. The brain-implanted chip, that is capable of controlling a human’s emotion and mood by emitting waves that are beyond the usual or natural frequency and amplitude.


Dr. Carole Lieberman and I discuss the danger of such tech, and other mental health issues. 

Get the latest on everything Dr. Lieberman at


Additionally, Dr. Carole hosts two radio shows/podcasts and travels the world speaking about her books, especially her latest book for children (and their parents and teachers), Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror (Troika Publishing).

 7:10 Greg Roberts with today’s Outdoor Report

 7:35 Joe Henry, father of Franklin Henry, a 24-year old autistic man who was bullied and beaten by a teenage mob last week.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present” history segment, and today’s profile is about MY history.