07-27 to 07-31-2020

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Bill’s Guests for Friday 07-31-20 6:35 Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government, and we talk a lot about the deadlock on Covid-19 relief funding, the President’s Drug Price Control plan, other news.  7:10 Fire report with Greg Roberts at RogueWeather.com  8:10 Pete Hutchinson, President of the Landmark Legal Foundation and we discuss voting integrity –

Pete’s comment – “The President can’t postpone the election and he knows that as well as anyone. But what Democrats are pushing is even worse – gutting election laws, removing all protections, and forcing an already overwhelmed postal system to administer a national election.  President Trump is shining the light on just how radical and dangerous are the Democrats’ demands.”

8:35 Tony Johnston on to promote their GoFundMe push to raise money and save the railroad park during the pandemic shutdowns and challenges. Go to their Facebook Page to get involved!


Bill’s Guests for Thursday 07-30-20 6:35 Kirsten Tynan, Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association, and there’s good news about a judge trying to railroad a citizen for handing out jury informing pamphlets on a city street. More information is HERE 7:10 Community Activist Mr. X, and more discussion on the county’s response to Governor Brown’s Covid emergency orders 7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer weighs in on the emergency order controversy and the board’s actions 7:50 State Senator Herman Baertschiger with a follow up on the OSHA abuse against Rainey’s Mkt in Sams Valley, also the governor and Portland, other issues 8:10 Capt. William E. Simpson, northern Cal resident who shares his good news story. A wildfire breaks out on property he once owned, and his road building, wild horse grazing of the grasses, and availability of water saves the day.Here’s an article discussing Bill’s POV on wildfire and grazing __________________________________ Bill’s Guests for Wednesday 07-29-20

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at EPAutos.com More Covid Craziness, and the lack of affordability for electrics! 



 7:35 Chloe Ellis, Manager of Rainey’s Market in Sam’s Valley – The Mask Mandates, the fights, the tears, the 24 OSHA complaints, ugh, what a mess, and people are blaming the wrong people. 

8:10 Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News and the author of the upcoming book #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, currently available for preorder on Amazon. He has one of the best networks of Silicon Valley insiders in tech journalism and has published numerous high-impact scoops including the Google Tape, Facebook’s “Hate Agents” Review List and Google’s “The Good Censor.” 

The topic of political censorship is more relevant than ever with Twitter deleting Breitbart News’ Periscope livestream of a Washington D.C. press conference held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

 Bill’s Guests for Tuesday 07-28-20 7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger from Grants Pass, and today’s talk about the Democrat House and Senate letter sent to the Feds demanding the Feds leave Portland. 8:10 Community Activist “Mr. X” and a talk on the way to pressure local government to inform Governor Brown that we ARE responding effectively to the health emergency, and that we are not subject to her emergency orders. 

8:35 I speak with Iain Murray, and today his book The Socialist Temptation is released, tackling the most important policy issues and attitudes of young people headed into the 2020 election, which prove that bad ideas never truly go away. Murray’s book sets out to answer the question “Why is socialism so alluring to modern Americans?”

Filled with historical examples, modern policy ideas, and future implications, Murray’s book delves deep into why socialism is a temptation that America can’t afford to indulge.

 Bill’s Guests for Monday 07-27-20 

6:35 Ryan Ellis, author at The Federalist and president of the Center for a Free Economy. More about Ryan here –https://thefederalist.com/author/ryanellis/ 

President Trump signed an Executive Order Friday that would effectively impose socialist-style price controls on American prescription drugs. Ryan says this is not good. For anybody.  

American drug companies are on the cusp of developing a COVID-19 vaccine in record time but price controls would significantly limit their ability to quickly develop therapies for the next pandemic, superbugs and the next generation of life saving drugs. Socialist-style price controls hinder the means of production for drug therapies and would strangle medical research and innovation.  

7:35 Sherm Simmons, semi-retired CTE teacher from Sams Valley. Sherm and I discuss his approach to schooling, and that the public schools need to reopen for IN PERSON education, not just online. Sherm says there’s intense union pressure being brought to bear to keep the schools closed.

 8:10 Dr. Powers, retired professor of business law, and author of “Where Past Meets Present” (available at HellGate Press Dot Com

P.K. Hallinan

By Dennis Powers

P.K. Hallinan was born in Los Angeles in 1944 and spent his youth in Bethesda, Maryland, and the San Fernando Valley. By his early twenties (1967), he was a toy department manager for a major retailer (Sears and Roebuck) with two young sons. And bored to death: “I needed to make a change,” he wrote much later in his book, A Life That Matters. He was earning a living but then paying it all out for bills. He thought that night about how to make something of his life: He decided to be a “famous novelist” and write the “Great American Novel.”

“Well, it also helps if you know how to write, but that didn’t stop me. I plowed ahead and churned out two really terrible manuscripts that are now in a landfill in Kearny Mesa, California, where they belong.” And to do this, he left his retail job for another that gave him better working hours.

Christmas was drawing near and his wife asked him to write a “little children’s book” for their kids as a Christmas present. Over the next two weeks, he scribbled out a story and drew some pen-and-ink cartoons of his kids. Much to his surprise, his kids, family, and friends liked it and said he should write more children’s books. He did.

While he worked on his books, P.K. also worked as a project scheduler for Lockheed (1970-1973); in 1972, a publisher wrote that it wanted to publish one of his children’s books. They hired an illustrator, however, paid him more than P.K., and the author was aghast at the illustrations. He decided to never let anyone else do the drawings on his books–which meant, he had to learn how to draw.

He started on his next book, and a publisher accepted this one on his terms. But P.K. continued working to pay the bills while he created different children’s books. From 1973 – 1985, he worked for a company in San Diego as the Director of Marketing Communications, but lost his position when a large Chicago company bought the business. (“This after twelve long years of sort-of loyal service,” he wrote later.) He had published five children’s books by then, but still needed to have a day job; P.K. worked in corporate America for more than twenty years after he had sold his first children’s book.

Then the time came. A publisher asked him to send one in, as it didn’t have enough books for its spring catalog. How Do I Love You? Soon became published and went on to become his best-selling book ever, now over the two-million-copies-sold mark. “It was simply a matter of preparation and opportunity crossing.” He and his family moved in 1990 from San Diego to the Rogue Valley “for a change of scenery and to enjoy the seasons.” 

P.K. didn’t feel successful two years later, even though he was: He questioned, “Is that all there is?” Feeling there was a “spiritual hole” within himself and his marriage, he and his wife Jeanne began their spiritual search. After visiting different churches in the area, friends invited them to the Applegate Christian Fellowship in Ruch, where P.K. “found himself sitting with 5,000 Christians in the outdoor amphitheater.” Liking that they played their guitars “well”, he went back. “I went for the music, but I stayed for the Word,” he often said.

His true conversion to Christianity did not happen until one year later. It was November 4, 1993. Scheduled to do book sales and signings during school visits in Central California, he was concentrating on reading the bible in a Fresno hotel room. The readings crystalized his conversion that night. A few weeks later, Jon Courson asked him to start a men’s morning Bible study.

P.K. became the assistant pastor in Green Springs in the mountains above Ashland; when the pastor left for a fellowship in the Salem area, Hallinan was asked in July 1995 to be the new pastor there. He accepted. As strange as it may seem, “I was offered the position of pastor even though I had been a Christian for only eighteen months,” he wrote in his book. After this and another pastor position out of town, he founded in 1999 and became the pastor for the tiny Joy Chapel Christian Fellowship in downtown Ashland. Held in the Community Center across from Lithia Park for some fifteen years, P.K. at the same time was creating more books.  

All in all, P.K. has written and illustrated nearly 100 children’s books, selling more than 9,000,000 copies worldwide. His children’s books are filled with rhythm, rhyme, and life lessons about love and kindness–covering topics of inspiration, friendship, love, relationships, and life values. Early Childhood News recognized his book For the Love of Our Earth (1992) as one of America’s “100 Best Product Picks for Children.” We’re Very Good Friends, My Mother and I (2015) and We’re Very Good Friends, My Father and I (2015) made the “Top Five” of Waldenbooks National Bestsellers list. One of his favorite awards was when Focus on the Family named his Let’s Be Kind as “One of America’s Top 10 Children’s Books” in 2008.

He lives with his wife, Jeanne, his dog Betty, and “a very annoying cat” still in the mountains above Ashland, Oregon, with a summer home in Brookings.

Sources: See Amazon.com: P.K. Hallinan” at P.K. Bio and Books; P.K. Hallinan, “It’s about what we give out,” Mail Tribune, January 11, 2015, at Happiness; Angela Decker, “Children’s author P.K. Hallinan upbeat amid adversity,” Mail Tribune, April 8, 2015, at Adversity; P.K. Hallinan, A Life That Matters: Five Steps to Making a Difference, Kregel Publications: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2012.

8:45 Char Hodel and Patrick Rochen join the show. Today their Five County Emergency Guide is released to the public. This is a fabulous resource to get prepared for a variety of disasters. It’s a way you can get connected with various resources in your county. Head to EMERGGUIDE.com for questions and answers to critical emergency and safety questions.