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Friday 05-14-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and  with this week’s “DC Swamp Update”

Rick’s column – Biden’s America resembles the Bad Old Days –

7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s outdoor report

7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses the board’s work on crafting and implementing a Second Amendment protection ordinance.


8:10 Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, author of Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.

MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military

Irresistible Revolution is a timely and bold contribution from an active-duty Space Force lieutenant colonel who sees the impact of a neo-Marxist agenda at the ground level within our armed forces. 

In it, author Matthew Lohmeier provides answers to many important questions that Americans are currently asking: Is systemic racism a reality, or is much of our talk about race merely a rhetorical tool used to divide Americans? 

Why has the Defense Department suddenly shifted to a focus on extremism within the ranks? Is there really a white supremacy or white nationalist problem within our armed forces? Are the many Diversity and Inclusion trainings that are being conducted in our federal agencies helping solve these problems, or are they creating conflict where none previously existed? What is Marxism, and what does it have to do with all of this?

Though pundits often appear perplexed by current policy decisions being made in our country, our apparent missteps are part of a longstanding plot against America, patiently and methodically pursued by those with a mind intent on the overthrow of the US Government and its replacement with a communist dictatorship. Unfortunately, many of those now furthering that agenda do so unwittingly.

After becoming aware of the Marxist conquest of American society, you will never again look at things in the same way. Mainstream media, social media, the public education system (including universities), as well as federal agencies have all become vessels of various schools of thought that are rooted in Marxist ideology – an ideology bent on the destruction of America’s history, of Western tradition, specifically Judeo-Christian values, and of patriotism and conservatism. 

Marxism’s sinister and dark agenda has led the country into what some have called a cold civil war. The problem has become systemic, a tragedy considering that the defeat of Marxist-communist ideology was the very cause against which our nation spent great treasures of blood and iron during much of the twentieth century.

The book’s three-part framework begins with a discussion of the greatness of the American ideal (including the importance of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the notions of individual and civil liberties), transitions to an examination of the history and overarching narrative of Marxist ideology (specifically Marx’s and Engels’ Communist Manifesto wherein the oppressor vs. oppressed narrative is developed), and concludes by looking into the ongoing transformation of America’s military culture and military policy, while also providing a warning about where the country is headed if we choose to not make an immediate course correction.

Irresistible Revolution also covers a breadth of hot topics everyone is hearing and talking about – topics that actually have implications for our national security: woke ideology, cancel culture, identity politics, the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-racism, postmodernism, political correctness, and critical and cynical theories, to include critical race theory. Lohmeier’s penetrating and common sense look at current events within our military and across American society is a sublimely unique contribution that is certain to be shared, referenced, and discussed for years to come. Every American, including every US military servicemember, needs to read and understand the Irresistible Revolution.


Thursday 5-13-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information 

6:20 KINGSLEY WARD, co-founder of legendary recording studio/farm ROCKFIELD –

The film will be available at as a Watch Now @ Home direct-to-consumer release on May 14th prior to it being available on any other platform.


This is the unlikely tale of how two Welsh farming brothers turned their dairy farm into one of the most successful recording studios of all time, producing four decades of legendary rock music.

Fifty years ago, deep in the Welsh countryside, brothers Kingsley and Charles Ward were starting out in the family dairy farming business. But they yearned to do something different – they wanted to make music. So they built a studio in the attic of their farmhouse and started recording with their friends. Kingsley’s new wife, Ann, left her job in the local bank to do the books, and they continued farming all the while. Animals were kicked out of barns and musicians were moved into Nan’s spare bedroom. Inadvertently, they’d launched the world’s first independent residential recording studio: Rockfield.

Rockfield’s reputation spread like wildfire, quickly garnering international acclaim as the place that bands wanted to record. From Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Queen, to Simple Minds, Iggy Pop and Robert Plant, and later Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Manic Street Preachers and Coldplay – an unbelievable roll call of artists have recorded there over the decades.

Rockfield is an extraordinary story of rock and roll dreams intertwined with a family business’s struggle for survival in the face of an ever-changing music landscape. Amazingly Kingsley and his wife Ann, now in their 80’s are still at the helm today with daughter Lisa ‘front of house’. What is it about this small Welsh farm that made it a major competitor, holding its own against studios such as Abbey Road and Electric Lady. In this film the bands share with us tales of how they ended up at Rockfield, what it was like, and revisit some of the magical moments of musical genius that resulted in some of the best-known songs of our time.

Here’s the trailer:


Gregory Wrightstone from the CO2 Coalitioon and author of INCONVENIENT FACTS: Gregory’s book was the result of a quest for the truth about climate change — a subject uncritically reported by the mainstream media of an Earth lurching inexorably toward climate apocalypse. Contrary to the hyperbole of climate alarmists, Wrightstone’s review of the science provides the historical context of the Earth that shows clearly that rising temperatures and increasing carbon dioxide are benefiting both the planet and the human condition.

Greg is a strong proponent of the scientific process and believes that policy decisions should be driven by science, facts and data — not a political agenda.

 BOOK: Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know.





7:10 Benjamin Buchta, candidate for Medford School District School Board

7:35 Kari Bassett, candidate for Grants Pass School District 7 position 5 school board.


Wednesday 05-12-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest information

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist from (GREAT site on transportation and politics)

Tesla and GM finally admit it – they can’t “sell” electric cars –

The “Gazzuline” shortage –

 2021 Kia Sorrento review –

7:10 Ron Gordon – Candidate for Rogue Community College Director Zone 2

 7:35 Grants Pass Mayor Sara Bristol – we discuss the “Boatnik drama”

8:10  Robin Lee, Candidate for Medford School District 549C Director, Position 1


Tuesday 05-11-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest information

6:35 Nicole Neily, President and Founder of  Parents Defending Education

 Parents Defending Education, a national grassroots organization working to depoliticize our classrooms released the results of one of the first national polls to ask detailed questions of American voters about efforts to impose Critical Race Theory and “social justice” curriculum on K-12 schools found overwhelming opposition to it and strong support for a de-politicized curriculu

Click here to read the full poll. 

Key findings include: 

  • 25% said it was somewhat or very important for schools to “teach students that their race is the most important thing about them” compared to 70% who said this is not important or not at all important.
  • When asked whether teachers should present students with multiple perspectives on contentious political and social issues, 87% agreed, compared to 6% who believe teachers should present one perspective that the school believes is correct.
  • When asked whether their local K-12 school has increased or decreased its emphasis on issues of race, gender, and activism in the last two years, 52% said it had increased a lot or a little. Only 2% said it had decreased. Similarly, 57% said their local schools had become more political, with only 4% saying less political.
  • 74% said they were somewhat or strongly opposed to teaching students that white people are inherently privileged and black and other people of color are inherently oppressed. Similarly, only 6% of respondents favored schools assigning white students the status of “privileged” and non-white students the status of “oppressed” – versus 88% opposed, including 78% strongly opposed.
  • 69% opposed schools teaching that America was founded on racism and is structurally racist.
  • 75% oppose teaching there is no such thing as biological sex, and that people should choose whatever gender they prefer for themselves. Only 18% supported teaching such concepts. 
  • 80% oppose the use of classrooms to promote political activism to students, including 64% who strongly oppose

The poll of more than 800 active voters was in the field from April 9th to the 19th.

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner, ORP Vice Chair and former State Senator Herman Baertschiger


8:10 Community organizer Mr. X – How to make a meaningful public comment in favor of the reopen proclamation. (Instructions at the top of this page, below podcast links)

8:45 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts weighs in on the importance of public comment on the reopen proclamation.


Monday 05-10-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest information

 6:35 Dr. Ben Miller of the Well Being Trust

Nearly 10% of Oregon residents struggle with substance use disorder and more than 5% have suicidal thoughts, both among the worst in the nation. It’s not enough to talk about mental health this mental health awareness month, but rather we need to actually take action.

Dr. Ben Miller, a clinical psychologist and mental health policy expert, discuses  about the resources available for both those struggling during the pandemic and those who want to make a difference this month. Dr. Miller also talks about policies currently in the legislature that can make a big difference.

Dr. Miller’s organization, Well Being Trust, works closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Their Oregon chapter is a great place to learn more about the group.

7:10 Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from with today’s outdoor report

7:35 Mark Seligman –candidate for 3 Rivers School Board, and we mostly dig into his concerns about Commissioner Baertschiger and other issues in Jo Co.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law, and we dig into economic/government news of the day.

8:45 “Open for Business” with Cheriesse from No Wires Now. Call or text Cheriess at 541-680-5875 and find out how No Wires Now can save you big money on phone, internet, TV and Sat services.

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(Take note of the law’s section 5)

This is the Law Governor Brown Used for the Lockdown Emergency:

ORS 401.165¹

Declaration of state of emergency

(1) The Governor may declare a state of emergency by proclamation at the request of a county governing body or after determining that an emergency has occurred or is imminent.

(2) All requests by a county governing body that the Governor declare an emergency shall be sent to the Office of Emergency Management. Cities must submit requests through the governing body of the county in which the majority of the city’s property is located. Requests from counties shall be in writing and include the following:

(a) A certification signed by the county governing body that all local resources have been expended; and

(b) A preliminary assessment of property damage or loss, injuries and deaths.

(3)(a) If, in the judgment of the Adjutant General, the Governor cannot be reached by available communications facilities in time to respond appropriately to an emergency, the Adjutant General shall notify the Secretary of State or, if the Secretary of State is not available, the State Treasurer that the Governor is not available.

(b) After notice from the Adjutant General that the Governor is not available, the elected state official so notified may declare a state of emergency pursuant to the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section.

(c) If the Adjutant General is unavailable to carry out the duties described in this subsection, such duties shall be performed by the Director of the Office of Emergency Management.

(4) Any state of emergency declared by the Secretary of State or State Treasurer pursuant to this section has the same force and effect as if issued by the Governor, except that it must be affirmed by the Governor as soon as the Governor is reached. However, if the Governor does not set aside the proclamation within 24 hours of being reached, the proclamation shall be considered affirmed by the Governor.

(5) Any proclamation of a state of emergency must specify the geographical area covered by the proclamation. Such area shall be no larger than necessary to effectively respond to the emergency.

(6) The governing body of each county shall establish a procedure for receiving, processing and transmitting to the Office of Emergency Management, in a timely manner, a request submitted by a city that the Governor declare an emergency. [Formerly 401.055]

Takeaway – Since Section 5 of the law is an obvious check on the Governor’s power, encourage your local county commission to use this law (declared constitutional by the Oregon Supreme Court, btw, all of it, not just the parts Gov Brown likes) to notify the governor that we are taking our counties out of the geographically-defined emergency zone of her use of ORS 401.165. It is clear that Jackson and Josephine Counties have responded to the emergency well. For example, 9 serious SARS-COV-2 cases in our county hospitals is CLEARLY NOT AN EMERGENCY, and we have responded to the emergency and will continue to do so through our county health departments. 

What I’m trying to says is instead of crazy talks (from some) of revolution, or “we sue the Governor for violating our constitutional rights” (not likely to succeed, because the Supreme Court says she is within her powers using the law…but the law has within it the check and balance on her power)  I would rather we WORK WITHIN THE LAW. The reason section 5 is there is to keep a Governor from just keeping a state of emergency forever…but our local governments need to take a stand to use this check. Kate’s not going to do it FOR us.


Friday 05-07-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Info

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and  and we talk about the Liz Cheney debacle, in addition to urging Congress to stop political prosecution of the Biden Administration’s political opponents. Speak out at

7:10 Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from with today’s outdoor report

7:20 Grants Pass School District No. 7 position 5 candidate Cassie Wilkins


An incredible, revolutionary and surprisingly simple guide to teaching your dog to talk from speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger, who has taught her dog, Stella, to communicate using simple paw-sized buttons associated with different words.

When speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger first came home with her puppy, Stella, it didn’t take long for her to start drawing connections between her job and her new pet. During the day, she worked with toddlers with significant delays in language development and used Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to help them communicate. At night, she wondered: If dogs can understand words we say to them, shouldn’t they be able to say words to us? Can dogs use AAC to communicate with humans?

Christina decided to put her theory to the test with Stella and started using a paw-sized button programmed with her voice to say the word “outside” when clicked, whenever she took Stella out of the house. A few years later, Stella now has a bank of more than thirty word buttons, and uses them daily either individually or together to create near-complete sentences.

How Stella Learned to Talk is part memoir and part how-to guide. It chronicles the journey Christina and Stella have taken together, from the day they met, to the day Stella “spoke” her first word, and the other breakthroughs they’ve had since. It also reveals the techniques Christina used to teach Stella, broken down into simple stages and actionable steps any dog owner can use to start communicating with their pets.

Filled with conversations that Stella and Christina have had, as well as the attention to developmental detail that only a speech-language pathologist could know, How Stella Learned to Talk will be the indispensable dog book for the new decade.

8:10 Josephine County Commissioner and former state Senator Herman Baertschiger weighs in on the internecine war in the state GOP, chances for a Boatnik Festival and other issues.


Thursday 05-06-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest information

 6:35 Restaurateur Carlos Gazitua discusses this week’s House hearing on Tipped Wages.

Earlier this week the House Workforce Protections Subcommittee held a hearing titled, “From Excluded to Essential: Tracing the Racist Exclusion of Farmworkers, Domestic Workers, and Tipped Workers from the Fair Labor Standards Act.” 

Carlos says” “As a third-generation restaurant owner with hundreds of employees I can assure you that eliminating the tipped wage credit will actually reduce the amount of money in the pockets of hard-working restaurant employees,” said Mr. Gazitua. “Additionally, it will have the unintended consequence of causing a drastic increase in our product prices that will alienate many of our customers and price them out of being able to enjoy dining out.

“As a small business owner, I take tremendous pride in our surrounding community and being able to provide young people the ladder to learn soft skills about the hospitality industry and customer service. Eliminating the tipped wage will immediately reduce the opportunities for entry-level workers, most of whom are minorities because as wage mandates increase, investments will have to be made in technology instead of people.”

 7:10 State Senator Art Robinson, District 2, and we discuss the passage of SB554, which he walked out and did not vote on.

Art adds that “The oath of office we take as Oregon State Senators prohibits us from violating the US Constitution which includes the 2nd Amendment, prohibiting infringement of our right to bear arms.”


7:35 OSF Actress Michelle “Maisey” Mais, Julis Gillis – Director of Development for ROGUE LIVES and Brad Fay, Director of Contest at Southern Oregon PBS.

In SO PBS’s new series, ROGUE LIVES, southern Oregon residents share real stories from their extraordinary lives from the stage at The Camelot Theater in Talent, Oregon.  Each season of the series highlights a different theme. The first series is An Actor’s Life, featuring four Oregon Shakespeare Festival Actors telling tales from their lives spent on stage and in front of the camera.

8:10 Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation

A post-mortem on the passage of SB554

SB 554 , as amended by the House, has been passed by the Senate and now goes to the governor for her signature.

The bill was rushed onto the schedule last night after having been posted for a vote on June 11th and then June 15th.

6 Republicans Senators once again provided the quorum needed to pass the bill. Last month almost all House Republicans did the same.

As expected the Republican Senators who helped pass the bill were:

Fred Girod

Dick Anderson

Bill Kennemer

Tim Knopp

Bill Hansell

Lynn Findley

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod rose on the Senate floor to call Oregon Firearms Federation a “fringe group” and said it was not “ok” to threaten people.

This has become a popular theme of Republican “Leaders” who not long ago were calling OFF begging for money.

Apparently we were out bid by the millions in Federal money legislators got in exchange for rolling over.

Of course OFF has never threatened anyone. Ever.

Comically, he also said we were “not welcome in his office and should be banned from the building.”

Perhaps Fred’s mask is cutting off his air and he has not noticed that we, and everyone else, have been banned from the building for a long time.

Fred did not consider OFF a “fringe” group when he came to us with his hand out. As you might imagine we will be asking Girod to return the checks we sent to him.

That was YOUR money Girod took to help the sell outs. We hope you’ll join us in our demand for a refund.

Your God given rights to keep your family safe have just been flushed down the toilet by…Republicans.

Throughout this disgraceful display, House Rep Bill Post has attacked OFF, accused us of misleading people and promised that the Republicans had a “secret plan.” Looks like Bill’s mask was a bit too tight as well.

Not participating in this side show were:

Dallas Heard

Dennis Linthicum

Chuck Thomsen

Kim Thatcher

Brian Boquist

Art Robinson

They stood up for your rights.

Dennis Linthicum posted this today.


Wednesday 5-05-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:40 U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz from Oregon’s Second District talks of the challenges in the Klamath Basin project water supplies, and opposition to the state shutdowns.

7:10 Gary Richardson, running for re-election to the Grants Pass District 7 School Board Position 3.

7:20 Emily McIntire, running for re-election to Eagle Point District 9 school board.

7:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at and talk on this week’s featured articles.

And the All Look Just the Same –

Review: Mercedes GLS

What about the Children –

8:45 Open for Business with Randal From Advanced Air – Huge rebates on Bryant through the end of May, big savings (up to 3,000 bucks) on manufactured home HVAC through Oregon Energy Trust, plus they’re hiring MANY new high-level positions there. Call 541-772-6866.

Articles I discussed worth reading:

The Myth of the “Honest Rank and File” Government Agent

Why is Everything Liberal?


Tuesday 5-04-21 Bill Meyer Guest Information

6:35 Glen Caroline of the Second Amendment Foundation, we talk about the latest surveys showing even stronger support of the 2nd A, also the struggles at the NRA, the need to REALLY organize – Consider signing up to be one of their 2nd Amendment First Responders – HERE.

7:10 State Representative Kim Wallen with a legislative update on the good/bad bills still in play, and other news.

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – County response to shutdowns, the real future of SB554, his take on it and more. 


Monday 5-03-21 Bill Meyer Guest Information

6:35 Greg Reeser has an update on Friday’s sharing of the story of a homeless mentally ill man squatting on private property. Some concerns about future fire danger?

7:10 Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com and today’s outdoor report

7:35 State Sen. Art Robinson, District 2. A catch up on all the legislative issue.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU, and today’s “Where Past Meets Present”.

The Applegate Trail Interpretive Center

By Dennis Powers

Located in Sunny Valley fourteen miles north of Grants Pass on I-5, the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center was brought about by an ex-airline stewardess, Betty Gaustad. After college in California and working eleven years for United Airlines, she and her family in 1974 bought a ranch in Sunny Valley that dated back to an 1851 land claim. Her mother, Irene, had a strong historical interest and discovered that the Applegate Trailunmarked there and not known by anyonecut directly across their property.

Betty was elated, as she remembered back to her elementary-school days in a tiny Minnesota town. The one-room brick schoolhouse had been filled with pioneer and history books, and Betty first learned there about the trail cut by the Applegate brothers so many years ago. She never forgot the story of the hardy pioneers who had endured so much hardship.

The main Oregon Trail followed the Snake River across southern Idaho into Oregon, but forced settlers, their oxen, and wagons to make it down the dangerous Columbia River. When the Applegate bothers lost two young sons in 1843 when their raft overturned, they decided to find a safer route. Heading back to Idaho, they convinced other settlers to follow them on a different way.

They decided on a route that headed southward into present-day Nevada, through a California desert, and then crossed the Klamath Basin into Southern Oregon. Descending the Cascade Range, the trail cut across Emigrant Creek in Jackson County (now named for those pioneers), down what’s Highway 66 to Ashland, and northward up Interstate 5 towards Sunny Valley and the Willamette Valley–their ultimate destination.

The wagon train that first tried the new, uncertain route endured great hardships from disease, Indian attacks, flooded rivers, food shortages, and near impassible mountain passes, but they made the trek in some three months, traveling 500 miles to reach the Willamette. A young woman (Martha Leland Crowley) died of typhoid in Sunny Valley in 1846, as the first wagon train rested there, and was buried near the present old covered bridge; the stream was named Grave Creek six years later due to her death. Thousands of wagon trains over the years followed this trail in settling Oregon.  

Encouraged by her mother, Betty Gaustad was determined to build a center commemorating the Applegate Trail. With limited funds, she mortgaged her ranch, businesses (she owned a grocery store, gas station, and restaurant in town), and worked for donations and grants. Although she received regional economic grants, Betty financed 85% of the total project costs by herself. Her daughter, Jacquelana Ladd, worked in designing the center; Dennis Gaustad, her brother, built the 5,400 square-foot, rustic-looking museum, behind a two-story, fir-columned Western false front, designed to look like the front of the 1860 Grave Creek Hotel.

The center portrays the history of Native Americans and trappers in the 1800s, as well as describing events after the Applegate Trail was blazed: the discovery of gold in 1851 in the area, ensuing Indian Wars, stagecoach era, coming of the railroad, and the life of early settlers. A three-screen theater shows a film depicting the struggles faced by the Applegate-Trail pioneers; dressed authentically, local residents portray the challenges overcome in this film made in Sunny Valley.

The original 1929, log-constructed Sunny Valley grange hall is outside the center; seen from the museum, the Grave Creek covered bridge stands, one of the few ones still remaining in Southern Oregon. Although Betty’s mother died one month before the museum opened in 1998, there is no question that she would have been impressed by itand one woman’s dedication. Check to see the days and hours that it’s open.   

Sources: “Applegate Trail Interpretive Center,” at Interpretive Center (With Images); Jeff LaLande, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: The Applegate Trail,” at The Applegate Trail; “Oregon’s Other Trail,” The Seattle Times, January 6, 1999, at Betty Gaustad and the Center.