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Bill’s Guests for Friday 8-7-20 6:45 Rick Manning with Americans for Limited Government and this week’s DC Swamp Update 7:10 Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com and today’s Outdoor Report 7:35 Glenn Archambault of Phoenix shares the experience of history he put together concerning his Father’s service in WWII as one of the earliest “Atomic Veterans”. This week marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombs being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. Writes Glenn:

“Here is a link to a long document that came from the mission to the bombs. The senior medical officers who wrote this were my fathers officers.I discovered them because my father wrote everyday in his army diary and wrote down their names. I, by chance, came across one diary from Colonel Aughesten, officer above my father, and there was my father’s name and picture. The army denied my father was at Nagasaki, but we found the orders from General MacArthur, my father’s name on the orders. The Manhattan Project shows my father on the list of men entering Nagasaki. The Atomic Veterans from WWII were not given a medal, money, or a slap on the back.”

In this document is much of the story of the mission to the bomb sites, some is very disturbing. 


Video of the Americans in New Zealand WWII


Great pictures of the 39th General hospital on Saipan including Elanor Rosevelt in Auckland NZ.

Glenn’s father, John Archambault, is on the right, while the man on the left is Jack Reed, one of John’s friends, who went to Hiroshima.

         8:10 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation – what’s up with the background check delays, the rule of law, the Commie Revolution apparently in progress in PDX. Bill’s Guests for Thursday 8-6-20 7:10 Dr. Marilyn Singleton, with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and we dig into the Covid agenda, changes in the doctor world, bringing context to the sickness numbers. Here’s her latest op-ed! 

Lowering the Barr

by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

The excoriation of Attorney General Barr at the congressional hearing was as low as politicians could go on the lack of humanity and civility scale. The Barr hearing was more like a Roman circus than a search for answers to important national issues. If this is what congress calls performing their duty under the Constitution, we are in for real trouble. Finger wagging, talking over, showboating, and developing soundbites for their reelections are not a search for truth.

It appears some congresspersons had been to a training session where they were told to call Attorney General Barr “Sir” as an expression of contempt, not respect. Chairman Nadler advised him that “our members expect sincere answers today and our country deserves no less.” However, unfriendly congresspersons continually asked questions in the form of statements and as Attorney General Barr began to respond, the congresspersons instantly interrupted him by “reclaiming their time.” To his credit, Attorney General Barr calmly responded, “but this is a hearing. I thought I was the one that was supposed to be heard.” Accusing someone of a crime and then gagging him officially crosses into Stalin’s henchman’s “show me the man and I’ll show you his crime” territory.

Two moments sank to a new low. Referring to Attorney General Barr’s kind words about the recently departed John Lewis, Rep. Cedric Richmond obnoxiously declared, “you should [sic] really should keep the name of the honorable John Lewis out of the Department of Justice’s mouth.” Descending into the realm of subhumans, Chairman Nadler refused to grant Attorney General Barr a 5 minute break after hours of grilling. Refusing someone a (likely bathroom) break is a tactic straight out of enhanced interrogation techniques for dummies.

The next day, during a congressional hearing on anti-competitive activities, the four “Big Tech” CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google) were treated with kid gloves by all but a few congresspersons. Perhaps to protect a large source of campaign donations, denials of bias were allowed to go unchallenged despite evidence to the contrary.

Concurrently, physicians trying to save their patients’ lives are being “cancelled.” YouTube removed as “misinformation” videos of the physicians who advocated for the use of hydroxychloroquine for early treatment of COVID-19, based on their extensive personal as well as international treatment successes. Hydroxychloroquine is an FDA-approved medication with a 65 year history of safety—not morning glory seeds.

With all the garbage on Twitter, the removal of the physicians’ video based on the justification that it did not comport with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations seems extreme. Recall that WHO also did not recommend wearing masks, the new Holy Grail of COVID-19 prevention. And are we to believe the same crowd who excoriated President Trump as racist for blocking travel from China at the end of January while they were encouraging people to frolic in crowded Chinatown in late February?

Let’s look at a couple of examples of accepted medical tenets that were initially dismissed. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician, famously was ridiculed for advocating handwashing after performing autopsies before touching living patients. In less than 6 months after handwashing was instituted, post-partum (childbirth) fever mortality rates dropped 90 percent, from 18.3 percent to less than 2 percent. Despite the evidence, he was vilified and eventually was admitted against his will to an insane asylum where he died 2 weeks after being severely beaten. Now, failure to wash hands is unthinkable.

More recently, in the mid-1980s Dr. Barry Marshall was convinced that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria, rather than the stress, acid, and spicy foods theory. Resistance was fierce: “Everyone was against me. But I knew I was right.” Finally, he drank a Petri dish with some thousand million bacteria, including cultured Helicobacter pylori and shortly developed documented stomach ulcers. Dr. Marshall received the 2005 Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Given that other prior coronaviruses, MERS (2012) and SARS (2003) still pop up, it is likely that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, physicians want safe, affordable (less than $30 per full treatment), readily available COVID-19 treatments for their patients. Hydroxychloroquine—not a big Pharma moneymaker—is effective for many patients and physicians with experience simply want to educate others about another weapon in the fight against an ugly virus.

The vitriol and disregard for fact-finding on the part of congresspersons and the dissembling on the part of the social media giants leaves one wondering: Do the people who savaged Attorney General Barr and gave big tech a pass want people to live in fear of living life? Do they want people to be unemployed and dependent of the government for survival? Do they want children to stay home from school and regress from normal childhood development? Do they want the country’s economic boom to remain in the rear view mirror? Would they allow people to needlessly die in order to gain political power?

7:35 State Rep. Kim Wallan on the crazy session coming up Monday, emergency order issues, and where will the money be? 8:10 Cornell Law Prof William Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection Blog – Today we talk the cancel culture and the latest push to silence free discussion, and how we’ll take it back. 8:45 Open for Business – Great talk with Matt Dusty from Dusty’s Transmission, north Front Street in Central Point.   Bill’s Guests for Wednesday 8-5-20 6:35 Automotive Journalist Eric Peters at and he’s big on protesting the Face Diaper mandate in VA, we also talk about the new VW SUV, the huge ATLAS! 7:20 Great book, and author GORDON DILLOW, author of FIRE IN THE SKY: Cosmic Collisions, Killer Asteroids, and the Race to Defend Earth. It’s a fascinating read about the space stuff that could be headed your way – it puts Covid in perspective, huh? More on the book HERE 8:10 Nick Smith from Healthy Forests, Healthy Community. We need your meaningful public comments NOW to encourage the BLM to change its forest rules to make it more common sense management. Deadline for your comment is this Friday 8/7, and Head to the Healthy Forests website to read up on it and submit your comment! 8:45 Open For Business with Randall from Advanced Air, we talk the need for you to get your HVAC preventative maintenance done NOW, call 541-772-6866 to set it up! ____________________________________________ Bill’s Guests for Tuesday 8-4-20 7:10 David House with the Oregon DMV – What’s up with the backlogs, why is it by appointment, when will it be normal again? We have a good discussion on that and many other topics, including Real ID. 7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger – Next week’s special session, the money pit, Dem agendas in play. 8:10 Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack. (Meadow died in the Parkland School Shooting) Andrew is launching School Safety Grant, a new organization that awards security technology solutions to school districts, houses of worship, and police departments across America with the objective of reducing response time and saving lives in an emergency.______________________________________ Bill’s Guests for Monday 8-3-20 6:35 Gregory R. Wrightstone, geologist, author of “Inconvenient Facts – The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know”. Greg and I discuss the cancel culture, and how Apple once came after him. Book is a great reference on discussing the climate change agenda armed with facts. 


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7:10 Greg Roberts at – fire and outdoor report

7:20 Dr. Steven Greenleaf, legal authority, “Steve the Marine”, and we dig into what happens if a president elect dies before taking office!

7:35 Richie Onori, drummer with the rock band SWEET, and guitarist for THIS streaming concert event Saturday 8/15 starting at 5pm PT. He’s working hard to push an agenda of unity and freedom, and it sure beats the heck out of BLM’s “Burn it all down” agenda. Find out all about it, and the mission statement at

 8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, and we discuss the news, finance, and today’s historical profile.

The Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure

By Dennis Powers

Creating a business from a dream, Lindsey Rice rode her first zip line in Maui in February 2010 and decided one could be built on her and her husband’s property in Southern Oregon. Her husband, Jason Meilicke, liked the idea.

He didn’t join her on the Maui zip line, as Jason has been paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his back in a four-wheeling accident his high school senior year. However, his excavation-construction expertise and business with Lindsey’s planning were assets.  

The zip line would be constructed on the couple’s 80-plus-acre property in a wooded area located high above Gold Hill, off Old Stage Road when first driving to Jacksonville. On a clear day, one can see the Table Rocks and Crater Lake Rim from the property.

Eight months later the land use permit was approved, and the life-long Rogue Valley residents ran with their idea. They began the construction of the course and lines. Without outside capital, the couple built it and a business. Once completed, Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure had five zip lines, four of which are accessible to those in wheelchairs with the use of one arm.

Having such ADA-friendly zip lines is, of course, unusual. However, the course is quite adventurous, given its 2,700 feet of zip lines and the fifth one being the longest in the Pacific Northwest at 1,300 feet. The Meilickes worked with a national-consulting firm in training their guides. 

The tour starts with a shuttle picking up guests at the Laurel Hill Golf Course outside Gold Hill Exit 40, who are then driven three miles up to the property. The guides use a “4×4” named the “Dirt Taxi” to transport those guests that want to skip the hike between zip line platforms, and the complete tour lasts about three hours.

A fascinating aspect of the ZipLine is its being the location of the historic, 19th-Century Braden gold mines. One of the largest gold mining claims in Southern Oregon, these produced more that $300,000 in gold in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At today’s gold prices this would be some $25 million, and a short briefing at the entrance of a mine shaft is usually given.

In its first 1-1/2 years of operation, the business had over 8000 guests that zipped the course—and the years later have been as successful. The views from above the tree tops are spectacular from lower Kane Creek to Mt. McLaughlin, Mt. Thielson, and our regionnot to mention the thrills. 

Sources: Teresa Ristow, “Zip, with a little extra,” Mail Tribune, July 16, 2011, at Rogue Valley ZipLine; Rogue Valley ZipLine at Website.  

8:45OPEN FOR BUSINESS with Cherise from NO Wires Now and No Wires Media on Biddle Road in Medford – Call her FIRST for the best deal on Dish, Internet, Phone, home security and more. 541-680-5875