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Friday 07-16-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and with this week’s “DC Swamp Update”.

7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s outdoor/fire weather report

 7:35 Bridget Barton – GOP Gubernatorial Candidate 

Bridget Barton Announces Run For Governor

A Relentlessly Optimistic Outsider

West Linn, Ore.— Republican outsider Bridget Barton announced her candidacy for Oregon Governor today. For thirty years she has been a trusted advisor and advocate for Oregon’s most iconic builders, creators and employers. 

For more information please visit:


8:10 licensed psychologist and Monsignor of the Roman Catholic Church, Stephen Rossetti, discussing his new book, ‘Diary of an American Exorcist’, which was released on June 22nd and has been staying strong at #1 across numerous Christian book categories for weeks. He has performed hundreds of exorcisms, and can talk about his explosive book, and the proof he has seen showing the existence of demons in the world. In this stunning, edifying, true diary of an American exorcist, you’ll learn:

  • What demonic possession is, and is not
  • Common tactics of Satan and his typical lies
  • How God protects exorcists
  • The difference between strong and weak possessions
  • The hierarchy of demons (not all are equal)
  • What it’s like for an exorcist to face Lucifer himself
  • Why demons choke people
  • How demons fear and hate one another too


8:35 Congressman Cliff Bentz is in studio –On the agenda, the infrastructure bill, Klamath Basin Relief, High Tech Censorship – what should be done?


Thursday 07-15-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., Executive Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

We Need To Know The Cause Of Death

by Jane M. Orient, M.D.

In this age of supposed scientific medicine and a pandemic, we are relying on death certificates for statistics on the cause of death, even though they are known to be extremely unreliable.

Thousands of healthy people are dying unexpectedly, but our public health agencies are assuring us that their death was not caused by the COVID jab. The toll of post-vaccine deaths has reached nearly 7,000, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). It’s the best system we’ve got, even though it misses 90 percent or more of the actual events.

But I have seen a report of just one autopsy. This patient had had one dose of the Pfizer shot and died four weeks later. Although there were no characteristic features of COVID-19, almost all tissues tested positive on PCR for SARS-CoV-2.

A 45-year-old mother just died of heart issues and brain swelling, shortly after getting the COVID shot required before she could begin her job at Johns Hopkins University. There will be tears and flowers, but probably no autopsy—and no pause in the shots demanded for mothers and potential mothers if they want to work at JHU.

My internal medicine training was in the dark ages before CT and MRI, but we were still supposed to make an accurate diagnosis. A patient who died without a medical history was an “ME case.” We had to call the medical examiner, who would decide whether an autopsy was indicated. Anything potentially related to the death, such as pill bottles, was evidence. If an injection had been given, the vial would be recovered if possible. With vaccines, one is supposed to record the lot number, so it would be possible to check a sample for contaminants.

If the patient died in hospital, the medical resident was required to request permission for an autopsy. Survivors might be persuaded by the possibility that their loved one may have had a hereditary condition or an infection that might affect them. In any event, we assured them that their loved one would be treated with respect and that funeral arrangements would not be affected. A chaplain would volunteer to attend.

The most important reason was that the “altar of truth” was the ultimate “quality assurance” mechanism. Hospitals were required to perform autopsies on a certain proportion of decedents in order to maintain their accreditation. A classic study of 100 randomly selected autopsies from each of three years (1960, 1970, and 1980) revealed that major diagnoses had been missed in about 22 percent of cases in all three eras despite the introduction of modern imaging methods.

Unfortunately, autopsy rates have fallen from 25 percent to less than 5 percent over the past four decades. It never was a revenue producer for anyone except malpractice attorneys.

I always attended the autopsy if I could. One of my most important teachers was a patient in whom we had missed a condition that was glaringly obvious when the skull was opened. We might not have been able to save him, but since we hadn’t even thought of the diagnosis, he didn’t have a chance.

Tens of thousands of patients died of COVID before a series of 12 autopsies done in Germany showed that most had blood clots and could not have been saved by forcing air into their lungs with a ventilator.

If a person dies after a COVID jab, I would like to know whether there are spike proteins in the tissues and blood vessels, and whether there was an immunological reaction that was damaging those tissues. If a mother loses a baby, I would like to see a thorough examination of the placenta. Was the baby’s oxygen and nutrition cut off because of damaged blood vessels?

I find it shocking that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Joint Commission that accredits hospitals are not demanding autopsies or testing of vaccine samples. It is not possible to declare a product safe and effective without obtaining direct evidence from potential victims.

Manufacturers are protected against product liability, thanks to Congress. But where is the accountability of the government agencies charged with protecting us, or of the private entities coercing employees or students to take an experimental, potentially dangerous, or even lethal product?

If someone you love dies unexpectedly, call the medical examiner, and demand a forensic autopsy.


 Jane M. Orient, M.D. obtained her undergraduate degrees in chemistry and mathematics from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and her M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1974. She completed an internal medicine residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital and University of Arizona Affiliated Hospitals and then became an Instructor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and a staff physician at the Tucson Veterans Administration Hospital. She has been in solo private practice since 1981 and has served as Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) since 1989. She is currently president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. She is the author of YOUR Doctor Is Not In: Healthy Skepticism about National Healthcare, and the second through fifth editions of Sapira’s Art and Science of Bedside Diagnosis published by Wolters Kluwer. She authored books for schoolchildren, Professor Klugimkopf’s Old-Fashioned English Grammar and Professor Klugimkopf’s Spelling Method, published by Robinson Books, and coauthored two novels published as Kindle books, Neomorts and Moonshine. More than 100 of her papers have been published in the scientific and popular literature on a variety of subjects including risk assessment, natural and technological hazards and nonhazards, and medical economics and ethics. She is the editor of AAPS News, the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Newsletter, and Civil Defense Perspectives, and is the managing editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.


7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s outdoor/fire weather report



7:35 Stan Pulliam GOP gubernatorial candidate, 2-term mayor from Sandy, OR – All about Stan at

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy. He is currently exploring a run for governor in the 2022 election. Learn more at



8:10 Glenn Archambault, our elected Farm Services Agency Representative for Southern Oregon – our topic, is food inflation, specifically meat and BEEF prices.

Glenn says dDuring the Pandemic we spent vast amounts of money keeping American farms in business. Read the inflation article from a year ago.



Wednesday 07-14-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with EP Autos –

Some MUST-READS for this week:

The End of Dodge? –

A Question for the Willing –

2021 VW Jetta Review –



7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s outdoor/fire weather report


7:35 Cork Graham, homesteader from Alaska – and we talk about the Oregonians and Californians getting ripped off moving to Alaska. More about Cork is here:

Initially thrust into the public eye in 1983 with the international front page story of being the only US Navy Marine-option midshipman ever imprisoned by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Cork Graham returned to international attention with THE BAMBOO CHEST, his 2004 bestselling memoir of the political intrigue surrounding his imprisonment listed by the Pentagon’s JCRC as a POW/MIA event in 1983 and 1984.

Public attention paid Cork’s memoir about his late teen years led to his recruitment by Discovery Channel to star as team leader on their 2015 #1 New Hit Series TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND. This reality TV misadventure in Brazil and Argentina led to his latest whistleblower memoir, SO YOU WANT TO BE A REALITY TV STAR, a book that drew Cork into a three year legal battle against Discovery Corporation solely to keep his First Amendment rights; ultimately his whistleblower memoir is still available on bookshelves as the result of the legal decision in his favor.

For the last four years, after returning to Alaska nine years ago, Cork has been living rurally as a homesteader, bush pilot and subsistence hunter and fisherman on the Kenai Peninsula, which is where he produces a how-to show on the homesteading/subsistence life in the Boreal North, titled 5 ACRES AND A MOOSE, available on Instagram, YouTube, Patreon, and FULL30. He is also at work on a book about bushcraft, and his final memoir detailing his service as a paramilitary shadow warrior in President Reagan and DCI Bill Casey’s war against Cuban, Vietnamese and Soviet aggression into Central and South America during the last five years of the Cold War. For further information, visit his website

8:10 Mike G. From Brittfest with the announcements!


More Britt Presents concerts announced for summer 2021, offering more variety


MEDFORD, OR — Britt Music & Arts Festival invites everyone to “Come Together” for more concerts during the 2021 Britt Presents season, offering more musical variety and a comedy act. This is the final announcement for the 2021 Britt Presents season, bringing the total number of concerts to 17. The announcement introduces a wide range of styles, from country music’s Lee Brice to indie-pop band Portugal. The Man and southern rockers 38 Special. Also announced are the classic sounds of THE BEACH BOYS, Chris Isaak, and Chicago along with Britt fan favorite, Michael Franti & Spearhead. Popular comedian Nikki Glaser will bring on the laughter and the season wraps up with the unique Americana sound of Shakey Graves. Britt plans to “Come Together” in style, celebrating the return of live music concerts in southern Oregon.

“Even with a shorter season, we hit this one out of the park,” says President & CEO, Donna Briggs. “We initially hoped to present 15 shows this year and were able to exceed the goal to offer 17 concerts, allowing everyone to share the joy of music with friends and community on the Britt hill this year!”

Concerts announced in Britt Presents Announcement #2:

Thursday, September 2: Portugal. The Man
Friday, September 3: An Evening with Chicago
Wednesday, September 8: THE BEACH BOYS
Friday, September 10: 38 Special         
Sunday, September 12: Michael Franti & Spearhead
Sunday, September 19: Nikki Glaser     
Monday, September 20: Chris Isaak
Friday, September 24: Lee Brice
Thursday, October 7: Shakey Graves Was Here

This is Britt’s final announcement for the 2021 season. Britt Festival Orchestra and other Britt Presents events have been previously announced.

There will be a Member presale with all of the concerts in 2021 Britt Presents Announcement #2 before tickets go on sale to the general public at 10:00 AM. Friday, August 6, 2021. Dates for the presale are:

July 14 – August 5: Members may submit orders

July 15: Orders processed according to membership level

August 2: Member online, phone, and counter sales begin

August 6: General public sales begin

Tickets and more information can be found at, you can call or email the Box Office at 541-773-6077 or, or you can drop by the Medford Box Office between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday at 216 W. Main St, Medford, Oregon.

Britt Presents concerts already on sale:

Tuesday, August 3: Gladys Knight

Wednesday, August 4: Keb’ Mo’ and Band         

Thursday, August 12: Trampled by Turtles

Tuesday, August 17: ZZ Top (Sold Out)

Tuesday, August 24: Fitz & The Tantrums

Saturday, August 28: Pink Martini featuring China Forbes

Sunday, August 29: Good Vibes Summer Tour 2021: Rebelution + Special Guests

Wednesday, September 1: Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

For more details on each artist, see the attached “Extras” document. Artist press photos and bios are located in the Britt “2021 Press Kit” Dropbox folder:

If you require access, contact Mike G. (

You call Erik at 208-956-9724


8:35 Erik Finman, first known for becoming “the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire,” can help you unravel the mystery of The Freedom Phone. Creating a new hope for free speech.


Conservatives can Invent all the Apps and Websites in the World, but if They Don’t Have their Own Hardware on their own Servers, they Are Still at the Mercy of Big Tech Censorship…

Find out more at


Tuesday 07-13-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 6:35  Jack Hanney, CEO of Patriot Gold Group

and we talk the future of the metals market, and President Biden’s Anti-trust Executive Order, which Jack says threatens Post-Covid Growth, Undermines Free Markets

7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s fire weather report


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – we talk the history of fire in the Northwest, and the role of politics in policy.


8:10 Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation – a post-mortem on this year’s legislative session.


Monday 07-12-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 6:35 Melissa Henson, program director, Parents Television and Media Council

Actress Kirstie Alley’s recent Tweets about the entertainment industry tackle the unescapable influence Hollywood is having on children:
– Investigate Netflix

Written by PTC | Published July 7, 2021

Actress Kirstie Alley (Cheers) dropped a bomb on Hollywood last week in a series of tweets when she called out the entertainment industry for pushing perverse and pornified content on kids:

Was watching TV …we’ve gone too far in my opinion. I feel sorry for our children. Their exposure to everything perverse on every kind of screen is mind boggling. And even more tragic, it’s being hyped as ‘normal.'” … “A ‘moral code’ is not old fashioned. Morals are simply guidelines for better survival. Explicit sexual ‘education’ and ‘select’ ideals being forced on kids is NOT better survival.

…People are becoming so “open minded” that down the road they will support pedophilia as people “just loving children.” You think I’m kidding. I’m not. It’s the direction this insanity is headed. You can “ok boomer” me all you want but this is where we will veer unless we change.

And before you dismiss her predictions as “moral panic” or exaggeration, look at what actress Megan Fox (Transformers) had to say about her experiences being sexualized as a teenager in Hollywood. Four years before her break-out role in the first Transformers movie, Fox made a cameo in Michael Bay’s Bad Boys II. Since she was only 15 at the time, she couldn’t sit at a bar in her scene, so the director had her dance in a patriotic bikini, cowboy hat, and six-inch heels under a waterfall instead.

“I was in 10th grade. So that’s sort of a microcosm of how Bay’s mind works… That was a microcosm of my whole life and whole interaction with Hollywood… It was just very dark.”

The warning signs are all there and have been there for a long time.

The question now is how much longer are we going to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist. How long before we push back against Hollywood’s attempts to seduce and sexualize kids?

Take a look at Big Mouth on Netflix – an adult cartoon that treats twelve-year-old children like sexually adventurous adults, shadowed by perverted puberty “monsters” that encourage sexual exploration and experimentation, and which routinely features animated images of children’s genitals.

One girl’s “monster” tells her to ask her cousins “if they know Donald Glover so you can suck his nob.” This is supposed to be a child – being encouraged to perform oral sex on an adult man.

A camp counselor tells the twelve-year-olds in his charge, “Okay, fifteen minutes until the last night of camp bonfire. Attendance required, make-outs encouraged, because if you can’t hook-up on the last night of camp, when can you hook-up? Vacation? Please! Your parents are there. They don’t want to see you snogging a 45-year-old Greek woman. They’re not ready to accept you as a sexual being.

Isn’t that what this is all about? Hollywood trying to get adults to view children as “sexual beings.”

If we don’t stop this sexualization of kids, it will become normalized in our culture. That will lead to worse things. Unthinkable behaviors. These shows will validate sexualization of children. Now TV and streaming media are validating the sexualization of our kids, and that will destroy our country.



7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s outdoor/fire weather report


7:20 Kenneth Rapoza

Ken is an  industry analyst from the Coalition for a Prosperous America, former staff foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and a senior contributor to Forbes covering China since 2011. 

Multinationals Lobby the House to Remove China Tariffs, Use Inflation Excuse

By Kenneth Rapoza, China Expert/Industry Analyst for the Coalition for a Prosperous America

The Senate’s recently passed “China bill” (U.S. Innovation and Competition Act) is now being worked on in the House. They want to do their own version of the bill. In the Senate bill, big corporate lobbyists managed to get a few key Republicans to include a trade provision that would more quickly remove the Trump-era China trade war tariffs. Now those same groups, including trade organizations like the California Retail Association and even the American Petroleum Institute, are lobbying the House Democrats to do the same. This would greatly weaken the trade war tariffs, a win for China

Companies had two years to find new supply lines. They did not. This effectively says China is the go-to manufacturer, and we all want to keep it that way. The Senate China bill mostly passed along party lines, with only true believer old school “free trader” Republicans signing onto it with all the Democrats (minus Bernie). Majority of GOP in Senate did not sign onto that bill, saying it was too weak on China]

Full Story at –


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at southern Oregon University with today’s “Where Past Meets Present”

 The Pacific Crest Trail

(and Southern Oregon)

By Dennis Powers

Following the highest sections of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, the Pacific Crest Trail (“PCT”) is a 2,650 miles long trail that starts just south of the U.S. border with Mexico, travels thru California, Oregon, and Washington, and ends at the Canadian-U.S. border in British Columbia. The elevations range from 13,150 feet in the Sierra Nevada to just above sea level at the Oregon-Washington boarder at the Bridge of the Gods. The route passes thru twenty-five national forests and seven national parks.

First proposed by Clinton Clarke as a trail running from Mexico to Canada along the crest of the mountains in California, Oregon, and Washington, he proposed this to create the trail and to lobby the federal government to protect it. Joined by the Boy Scouts, YMCA, and Ansel Adams (along with others), YMCA groups explored the 2,000-plus miles of potential trail and planned a route from 1935 to 1938, which has been closely followed by the modern PCT route.

In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson defined the PCT and the Appalachian Trail to be in the National Trails System Act. The PCT was then constructed through cooperation between the federal government and volunteers organized by the Pacific Crest Trail Association. In 1993, the PCT was officially declared finished.

It generally takes five months–or an entire snow-free season–to walk the full trail. Highly experienced/conditioned people have finished the trail in as little as two months. The few who achieve sub-100 day hikes average well over 30 miles per day.

There is always a risk in the wilderness: Lightning, cold weather, falling rocks, wild animals, and a long list of unexpectables exist. A twisted ankle can be life-threatening if one is alone. It’s important to plan well, including supply points, avoiding snow and bad weather, setting places to rest and recover in order to complete this project.

There are numbers of way to access the PCT in Southern Oregon. One is at the Green Springs Summit. (From I-5, take exit 14 near Ashland and turn on Highway 66 toward Klamath Falls. Take Hwy 66 for 17 miles to the Green Springs Summit. A trailhead and parking area are located there.)

Another is from the paved Mount Ashland Road and then to hike 1.6 miles to Grouse Creek Road (6,500 feet). The next 1.9 trail miles to 6,600-feet Grouse Gap are as level as one can expect from any trail with views of Mt. Shasta. From Pilot Rock: Hikers can pick up the trail west of Pilot Rock, a 5,900-foot remnant of a 30-million-year-old lava flow that guided early pioneers into the Rogue Valley.

But my favorite is from Soda Mountain Road. From Ashland, take Highway 66 towards Klamath Falls, head up the mountain, and at the Soda Mountain Road turnoff, head right. You’ll drive for several miles before coming to the trail head and parking. To the south, the trail passes under power lines and emerges in a forest of fir trees. After an unmarked side trail to Soda Mountain at one mile, the PCT skirts tiny ponds with cliff-edge views of Mount Ashland. Passing thru different ecological zones, this is a grand experience–and bring a day lunch. Be sure to check GPS readings if you haven’t done any of this before.

Note: Road construction on Soda Mountain Road will close this access on weekdays for at least four weeks to the end of July, 2021—contact the BLM (Medford) for further details.

Sources: Sources: Wikipedia: “Pacific Coast Trail” at More on the PCT; Mary Beth Lee, “Day-hiking the PCT,” Mail Tribune, August 21, 2008—plus Google keywords. .


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Bill Meyer Guest information for Wednesday 7-07-21

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with

Big Sis has a name – ALEXA –

 Joe’s health officers are coming to your door –


7:10 Heritage Action Press Secretary Lindsey Kurnutte joins me to talk about the spread of Critical Race Theory in schools. More at

The largest teacher’s union in America, the National Education Association (NEA), deleted pages of assembly resolutions and proposed resolutions that pertained to Critical Race Theory (CRT). Just two weeks ago, NEA President Becky Pringle said in an interview that teachers would be “doing a disservice” to students by not teaching them CRT.

Heritage Action has been actively calling out NEA for their aggressive push for CRT, and today, Executive Director Jessica Anderson took to twitter to call the NEA out for covering up their support for it:

7:35 Dave Dotterer, President of the Ashland Gun and Archery Club –

Saturday 7/10 from 10-5 is their Open House, Free, Lots of activity, and you’re invited! (see you there!)


8:10 Hunter Thomas is a former president of Brigham Young University College Republicans as well as a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Conservative Fellow who was recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune.

How Carbon Pricing Can Help Businesses in Oregon

 In a recent groundbreaking op-ed from legislators and political leaders in the West, they argued why Republicans need to engage in climate politics. Local Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers celebrate this perspective and are calling on additional Republicans to join them.

These legislators feel there has not been enough discussion on innovation and American leadership. There needs to be a conversation about pro-growth, market-based policies.

Emissions can be cut either with regulations, incentives or price signals. Regulations are heavy-handed and growth-inhibiting. They burden the economy, they cost American jobs, and they end up exporting our emissions to other countries.

Environmental stewardship is a core value to younger voters, including young Republicans. The carbon dividends plan has earned the support of both Utah College Republicans and Utah Young Republicans. Carbon pricing has the support of major business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, and the American Petroleum Institute.