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07-24-20 Bill Meyer Guests
06:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government – with today’s swamp update. Rick and I discuss the President’s plan to cap prescription drug costs.
7:10 Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot com with today’s outdoor report
7:35 Larry Graves from the Josephine County Airport – Great news of a 3 million dollar grant for runway work!
7:45 Jason Dudash with the Freedom Foundation, files a lawsuit challenging the governor’s new mask mandates. Read it HERE
8:10 Robert Gore, author, blogger, entrepreneur. Get to know this man and his thinking, it is worth your time. and his latest novel is fantastic: Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Godfather
07-23-20 Bill Meyer Guests

6:35 RJ Hauman, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) government relations director, and the President issues an E.O. saying illegal aliens should not be counted in the census for apportionment. Here’s more on FAIR’S official statement:

“Today’s Executive Order by President Trump is an honest attempt to ensure that the Constitutional mandate to count every person residing in the United States and guarantee full and fair representation to every citizen and lawful immigrant will be carried out.

“For decades, the inclusion of illegal aliens in the Census tally for the purpose of apportioning representation in Congress has resulted in American citizens and legal immigrants being denied representation. The practice has also robbed Americans in some states of federal resources and awarded federal dollars to states with large populations of illegal aliens. Often, the states that gain representation and federal resources encourage illegal immigration through sanctuary policies and generous benefits to illegal aliens.

“The president’s order instructs the Department of Commerce to use all available data to identify illegal residents and subtract them from the reapportionment count. While the available data cannot identify every illegal resident, Supreme Court precedent affirms the president’s authority to act on the information that is available.

7:35 Cliff Bentz, GOP nominee and candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. Find out more about Cliff’s campaign and contribute at

8:10 Jeremy Dys, attorney with First Liberty

Air Force veteran Jay Lorenzen was going to speak at an annual training for JAG reservists on Friday, but his speech was foiled when the anti-religious Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) relayed its reservist clients’ concerns about Lorenzen’s beliefs influencing his talks. – Marine Corps under fire after canceling training session amid concerns about speaker’s Christian background

 “That’s a class this guy does on his own time as a free citizen. This isn’t what the Marine Corps hired him to do,” said First Liberty Special Counsel Jeremy Dys.  


07-22-20 Bill Meyer Guests

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with This week’s transportation and politics section includes what happens when “they” (Google) flips the switch and decides to eliminate you:

Also, why it’s a good time to service your vehicles…while you can –

7:45 State Representative Mike Nearman to discuss NO FAKE EMERGENCIES

No Fake Emergencies announces the beginning circulation of a titled ballot initiative for the 2022 election cycle.  Initiative Petition 1, dubbed “No Fake Emergencies 2022” will reform the was emergencies are handled in the legislative process.  The major effect of the initiative will be to require a 2/3 majority vote on most bills declared to be an emergency.

By declaring a bill to be an emergency, the legislation not only takes effect upon being signed by the Governor, it removes the ability of the people to subject the legislation to a referendum, where it can be effectively vetoed by the people.  Critics have pointed out that this process is being abused by being applied to bills which are not emergencies, but to avoid the referendum process.

The campaign needs to gather 149,360 signatures by July of 2022 to make the November 2022 ballot.  More information can be found at their website

08:10 John Lott, Ph.D President, Crime Prevention Research Center And author of his new book –  Gun Control Myths: Lott blows away one false myth about gun ownership after another. From myths about mass public shootings to suicides to gun ownership rates and crime to gun free zones, Lott addresses the claims you frequently hear in the media and explains what is wrong with those claims. Gun Control Myths is now available at
and Barnes and Noble.
07-21-20 Bill Meyer Guests
6:35 Dr. Bryan Ardis – CEO of, who says the Covid treatment Remdesivir is Dangerous, and he can’t believe that Remdesivir is the NIH demanded protocol in Hospitals in America. He examines this drug from top to bottom – What are the side effects? Where is the FDA Approval?  Who benefits financially from its use?
Here’s the Doctor’s Presentation to Download
7:10 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses a proposed letter to Governor Brown she hopes the board will pass in order to rein in the governor’s Covid-19 emergency powers. Here’s a rough draft of the letter:

Governor Kate Brown

Office of the governor

900 Court Street NE,Suite 254

Salem, OR 97301-4047

Governor Brown,

The people we serve have never seen such a problematic landscape as now lies before them. Over the last several years health impacting, and economy destroying smoke filled the valleys of our region, and now the effects of the reaction to the “COVID 19 Pandemic” are crushing the last remaining segments of our economic life. Our duty and obligation of the Board of Commissioners is to protect our constituents in all ways. The balance of health and the economic well-being of our Jackson County citizens and businesses has been addressed proactively and reactively to the effects of this declared emergency. We have given careful thought and study to a planned reopening of our local economy and are ready to move forward with a carefully monitored strategic approach that addresses the concern of a potential increase in COVID-19 cases.

Based upon the realities of the data we have collected and continue to collect; our Board and staff have asserted unanimously that we have responded effectively to the emergency.

  • The collective positive cases since entering phase 2 on June 1, averages .05% increase, which is falls within the metrics the state has recommended.
  • Our staff has effectively traced cases within 24 hours at an impressive rate of 86-100% completion.
  • Percent of cases not traced to a known source is well below the recommended 30%; last measured 19%
  • Our Healthcare system has never been overwhelmed or inundated.

Upon consideration of the above information we studied further the language of ORS 401.165. This is the Statutory Authority for which the Governor has based the Executive Order 20-03 upon. We found in ORS 401.165 (5):

 “Any Proclamation of a State of Emergency must specify the geographical area covered by the proclamation. Such area SHALL be no larger than necessary to effectively respond to the emergency.”

Based upon the realities of this data, we find that as a function of law, Jackson County cannot be held subject to the Executive Order based upon the Oregon Revised Statute (401.165).
(  however we want to document and state our continued successful dedication in monitoring and controlling our cases locally—-). This addresses our respect for this pandemic, the need for local public health partnership, and the support of our State agencies, in assuring and supporting a positive outcome.

 So much of the recovery in this pandemic, demands the decision and autonomy of localities, especially as we also prepare local schools to begin plans to open this fall. The statewide mandates fail to address the uniqueness of local successes and progress out of the pandemic. We asked early on if the Counties would be autonomous in the process, and the Governor’s answer was a resounding, “yes”. We support that and hope our plans moving forward will be a model for other counties to gain momentum for success, as well.

7:35 State Senator Herman Baertschiger talks upcoming session for 8/10, and a history of PERS, and why this session is really about making sure PERS is well-fed.

07-20-20 Bill Meyer Guests

6:35 David Thomas Roberts, is the founder of 2x Monuments and Roberts is a Publisher, Author and serial Entrepreneur and is the CEO of a Houston, Texas area technology firm focused on telecommunications. Twice the Monuments is a non-profit organization formed to counteract the removal and destruction of historical monuments across the United States.  Twice the Monuments.Org (also known as 2xMonuments) is solely dedicated to doubling the number of historical statues, monuments, plaques and other memorials that are being removed, defaced or destroyed at a frenzied pace across the country.

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts

7:35 Greg Reeser, local NRA-Certified Firearms Trainer and author of the new book “Being Armed”, a great book for the firearm novice to get armed, choosing firearms, getting training, etc. It’s available right now at Welburn’s Weapons and Good Guys Guns in Medford, and Doc Holiday’s in Grants Pass! Also on Amazon

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “What Made Southern Oregon Great” history segment. Dennis is a historian, author, retired professor of business law at SOU.

Jon Courson and the Applegate Christian Fellowship

By Dennis Powers

In the early 1970s, Jon Courson was a divinity student at Biola University, a private evangelical Christian university in Southern California. After his studies at Biola, Courson became the pastor of a church that he started in San Jose, California. In 1977, some young hippies (by his own description), who were recent converts to Christianity, asked that he come to the Applegate. They wanted someone to teach them to “grow in the ways of God.” Jon Courson did.

Without any facilities or membership, Pastor Courson started his calling in Southern Oregon. He had no idea at the time what was going to come from his preaching to these flower children, as he said later, “who were looking to be saved, baptized, and born again.” The pastor thought that the largest congregation he could obtain would be around 100 people, and his stated goal was to keep the fellowship as an “intimate” one. 

The choice of locating in Ruch, however, some eight miles from Jacksonville on Highway 238 was ideal, given its rural setting among the hills where his congregation wanted its pastor. Moreover, Jon Courson was charismatic, could relate to nearly anyone, and believed strongly in his religion and cause. The beginning bible-studies expanded, consequently, over time into the largest church in Southern Oregon, the Applegate Christian Fellowship. Under his leadership from the 1980s to 1990s, the congregation grew quickly and reached a high then of 7,000 weekly worshipers. 

Starting from nothing, the fellowship campus in Ruch now covers several acres with its large church, extensive campus, and open-air amphitheater. It owns and operates a facility on the Oregon coast in Bandon, Lake Bradley Christian Camp, that’s for youth and family camps during the summer with different retreats in the winter. The fellowship oversees the ministry of The Mission at Carmen Serdan in Mexico, which cares for handicapped orphans. He also established a radio station, KAPL Radio at 1300 AM, for the Applegate Ministry’s broadcast station with live coverage of services, in-house programs, bible teaching, and worship music.

In 2002, Jon Courson left the Applegate to become a pastor with the 25,000-member Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. His 25-year-old son, Peter-John Courson, took over his duties, having been an assistant pastor for nearly two years. Jon moved to be with his longtime mentor from his college days, the Reverend Chuck Smith, who was the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement. Starting with the 25-member Costa Mesa, Calvary Chapel in 1965, Reverend Smith brought Calvary Chapel to become the mother church of thousands of smaller Calvary Chapels throughout the country, including the Applegate Fellowship. Jon Courson delivered sermons there, as well as on CSN (“the Calvary Satellite Network”) and its satellite television and radio broadcasts.

He returned in 2006 to rejoin his two sons, Peter-John and Ben, with son-in-law, Seth Gilbert, at the Applegate Ministry. In the same year, the church’s membership had declined by one-third from its then weekly 5,000 due to two similar churches that had formed nearby, one in Grants Pass and another in Medford. Despite this, the Applegate Fellowship still was drawing crowds on Sundays into its rural setting.

The Applegate Christian Fellowship worked back to a weekly attendance of some 3,000 worshippers, still then the largest in Southern Oregon, and with numerous branch churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. Jon Courson formed a ministry called “Searchlight,” that includes a radio program carried on different stations throughout the U.S. and the Internet, as well as its website that sells his Christian CDs, DVDs, and books. He also speaks at religious retreats in and outside Oregon.

Jon’s son, Ben, is now the Senior Pastor at the Applegate Christian Fellowship. Peter-John Courson became the pastor at the Capo Beach Church in Southern California, located in Capistrano Beach and a Calvary Chapel affiliate also started by the Reverend Chuck Smith. He passed away from cancer at age 42 in 2019.

This family and its commitments has made a difference to this region and outside.

Sources: See generally “Applegate Christian Fellowship” at The Fellowship; John Darling, “Applegate Fellowship pastor takes new post,” Mail Tribune, July 19, 2002, at The Reverends Courson and Smith; Damian Mann, “First Pastor Courson returns to Applegate,” Mail Tribune, February 24, 2006, at Further Background; “Searchlight: Searchlight with Pastor Jon Courson,” at Searchlight Radio;