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Remember this chart, it’s a graph of the actual source of electrical energy on the southern Oregon electrical grid. Note what is the main source…it ain’t solar and wind, it’s COAL.

This is reality, not Democrat unicorn fart promises, or Pacific Power “Blue Skies” flyer propaganda.

Remember that the Gang Greens, including Kate Brown, Jeff Golden, Pam Marsh, and others in favor of “Deep De-carbonization” of Oregon’s electrical system wish to have all the carbon fuels, including coal, gone. Ask them with what exactly will they replace the bulk of life-enabling energy? Building even MORE windmills producing even more INTERMITTENT power, won’t keep your family alive. Building even MORE solar sites which produce power for a handful of hours a day, will not keep you alive, either. Gee, one could almost think by their actions and policies that they don’t WANT you to be able to live.

California, with its rolling blackouts, is farther ahead in doing what Oregon’s Greens want US to do. Had enough?


Bill’s Guests for 8/28/20

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government with this week’s DC swamp update.

7:10 Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot Com for this morning’s Outdoor report.

7:35 Secretary of State candidate Kim Thatcher discusses the issues. More information and contribute at

8:10 Naturalist and Rancher Captain William E. Simpson II

New Study ‘Impact Of Wild Horses On Wilderness And Wildfire‘ by local Naturalist/Rancher William E. Simpson II published by ReWilding Europe’s new peer-reviewed publication GrazeLIFE:…


Moreover, during said Study, a catastrophic wildfire (Klamathon Fire – 38,000 acres) actually tested the theory, which was validated via the wildfire (a valuable landscape; the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument was spared) something never seen before.


The Plan titled ‘Natural Wildfire Abatement And Forest Protection Plan
is supported by what is arguably the best study of wild horse
behavioral ecology available today.


This Study by an Oregon State University Professor, supports the foregoing Plan and is now being published in American and in Europe.


The study (‘Impact Of Wild Horses On Wilderness Landscape And Wildfire’) is also soundly supported by the peer-reviewed, published study by Dr. William J. Ripple (Oregon State Forestry Dept. Professor) in regard to the decline of herbivores on the landscape and the evolution of catastrophic wildfires being seen now…. NOTE: California and Oregon have in-fact suffered serious declines in deer (CA alone is down about 2-million deer) and elk.over the past 50 years, which leads to catastrophic wildfires as outlined in Dr. Ripple’s study


Dr. Ripple’s paper: ‘Collapse of the world’s largest herbivores



“By altering the quantity and distribution of fuel supplies, large herbivores can shape the frequency, intensity, and spatial distribution of fires across a landscape. There are even unique interactions among large herbivore populations that can influence fire regimes. For example, facilitative interactions between white rhinoceros and mesoherbivores result in reduced fuel loads and fuel continuity, and consequently fewer large, intense fires (71). Other factors can influence the frequency and intensity of fires, particularly in locations where the total area burned is strongly related to ungulate population size. For example, Serengeti wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) populations irrupted after the rinderpest virus was eradicated in the 1960s, and the subsequent increase in grazing pressure led to a widespread reduction in the extent of fires and delayed recovery of tree populations (72). The removal of plant biomass by browsing also reduces fire fuel loads and decreases fire susceptibility. Thus, there is scant evidence of fire in much of Australia until the megafauna disappeared after humans arrived (5).”


Here is an outline for a Draft legislative bill: https://b32d739d-d185-4dd2-…





Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.

Naturalist – Author – Conservationist 

Wild Horse Ranch

P.O. Bx. 202 – Yreka, CA 96097

Creator: Wild Horse Fire Brigade (

Author @ HorseTalk

Member:  IMDb


Bill’s Guests for 8/27/20

6:35 Will Coggin, managing director of the American security institute, the website The following is just one of many issues they’re fighting:

This movie is rated ‘CCP’

Chinese Communist Party takes advantage of a sleeping Western world, tampering with the movies


According to a new report from PEN America, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been tampering with our great escape: a two-hour movie. 

Why would a major government care what films hit the silver screen (or streaming)? Movies are great vehicles for telling stories. Their scripts can create strong emotions of joy, sadness and excitement. They can also serve as propaganda. 

Under the ruling CCP, the Chinese government has been making huge investments in having stories told that will favorably impress their citizens as well as those in other countries. They want to depress negative imagery while supporting positive ones. The manically fussy CCP understands that images create ideas. And ideas have consequences.

The China movie market is one of the most exclusive in the world. Only 34 non-Chinese films are allowed in the country each year. The only other way to get a film into China is to partner with a Chinese production company. Alternatively, obtaining one of the 34 slots requires the studio to have a pristine record when it comes to portraying the country on film.

In the 2013 blockbuster “Gravity,” heroine Sandra Bullock is dangerously adrift in space. She is rescued and returned to Earth by accessing a Chinese space station. Thirty-three slots left. In the 2012 remake of “Red Dawn,” the villain initially was the Chinese People’s Liberation Army — at least it was before Sony Pictures sheepishly swapped out the film’s villain with North Korea.  

When China’s Central Propaganda Department decides what films make it into the country, it considers the film script, the political stances of the cast and crew, and other content the studio has released. As studios clamor to squeeze every red cent from a film, the process has created a Hollywood culture of self-censoring best described in the new book “Feeding the Dragon” by Hollywood producer Chris Fenton (Looper, “Iron Man 3”).

I have no clue what films will win Best Picture in the next few years, but it’s safe to predict they won’t be about China’s repression of democracy. Any movie with scenes referencing the Hong Kong protests or simply showing Chinese people upset with their government may get awards at Sundance, but it won’t become a commercially viable film. 

China is a box office behemoth. They control more screens worldwide than any other entity. In 2016, they bought the Legendary Entertainment production company for $3.5 billion. Legendary has a huge footprint in Hollywood. As an actor, if you appear in a film with negative Chinese overtones, you’ll have a harder time being cast in a Legendary movie. 

Chinese interests own or control more than 2,400 American businesses. One of them is AMC, America’s largest theater chain. Theaters make much of their profits off inflated drink and snack prices. Query: Did the CCP invest in AMC to corner the market for buttered popcorn? Or is this another choke point to ensure the “Seven Years in Tibet” sequel isn’t in production?

China is taking advantage of America’s lax regulation system to buy up American business and exert soft power in a lopsided cultural exchange. The film industry is only half of it. The Red Dragon has also grabbed broadcast opportunities through the leasing or purchasing of radio stations across the country.

In the Washington, D.C., market, China gained broadcast control of WAGE radio in Northern Virginia. It’s now known as WCRW (the CRW stands for China Radio Washington). WAGE originally provided local news using a 5,000-watt signal AM station — barely strong enough to reach beyond the boundaries of rural Leesburg, Virginia.

After the Chinese stepped in to lease the station’s airwaves, they invested in boosting the signal 10-fold — wide enough to reach congressional offices. The station programming also developed biased content regarding China’s man-made islands that have been weaponized in the South China Sea. This was not an isolated incident. 

The radio station is a member of a network of 30 stations in the U.S. as well as in 13 other countries. The man behind the front leasing for Chinese radio broadcasts also runs the Chinese American Film Festival, which builds bridges between the Chinese government and Hollywood. And then there are the 30 million households that can receive English TV news produced by the China Global Television Network. What the Chinese are providing isn’t perspective, it’s propaganda on a global scale. 

The CCP Belt and Road Initiative is another clear example of the country’s hunger for worldwide influence. The announced intent was to re-establish the ancient Silk Road that had joined land masses for trading in silk. The new plan attempts at creating deeper “ties” in countries with emerging markets by leveraging CCP investments in foreign infrastructure. 

The 2013 project has grown significantly in scope. It’s seemingly a win-win arrangement, but as the old adage goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” China can quash anti-CCP rhetoric or alliances after becoming a landlord over developing countries’ power plants and shipping ports. These projects come at a cost that the host nations can never afford to pay back. This CCP debt-trap-diplomacy results in a network of countries with compromised independence. Voting patterns by Third World countries in international bodies are one of the consequences.

Chinese influence isn’t a single-faceted issue. It’s a nine-headed Hydra. And the heads extend far beyond these examples. It’s a bipartisan issue that’s about national — if not global — security. Go to for a close up of how the Sleeping Dragon has been taking advantage of a naive Western world. 

  • Rick Berman is president of Berman and Co. in Washington, D.C., and manages the website

7:10 Steve Turley (PhD, Durham University) is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and author who is widely considered one of the most exciting voices in today’s Intellectual Dark Web. Dr. Steve’s popular YouTube channel showcases daily his expertise in the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism throughout the world, and his podcasts and writings on civilization, society, culture, education, and the arts are widely accessed at

Studies Show Gen. Z is the Most Conservative Generation Ever

By Dr. Steve Turley

The latest studies are showing that Generation Z is the most conservative generation ever. Yes, you read that right. Gen Z’ers, those born between 1997 and 2012, are turning out to be the most conservative generation on record. Research from Wright State University on 1,200 Generation Z students at 15 different colleges and universities across the country found that Generation Z is actually more religious than previous generations; they attend church at twice the rate of millennials, Generation Xers, and baby boomers. Their propensity towards religion seems to be having a rather noticeable political effect among young voters in general. Though they tend to identify as politically independent, there’s a clear leaning towards conservative politicians and parties

Read more at:

8:10 Cliff Bentz, candidate for U.S. Congress, OR District 2, more at to see the latest on the campaign issues and to contribute. Joining Cliff in the conversation is State Senator Herman Baertschiger from Grants Pass.

Bill’s Guests for 8/26/20

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist from


7:35 Rachel Dawson is a Policy Analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

 The nuclear waste reality that popular media loves to ignore By Rachel Dawson

Click here for PDF.

Governor Did you ever watch the Simpsons and think nuclear waste from utility plants looked like glowing green goo oozing out of cans?

If you answered yes, you might be the victim of media propaganda. The waste produced by utility nuclear power plants is not a leaking green goo. In fact, it’s not capable of leaking at all as nuclear waste is a solid metal rod (better known as a spent fuel rod) instead of the green ooze many associate it with.

These misconceptions are important to dispel as potential future power shortages along with increased clean power mandates make having a clean and reliable baseload power source like nuclear increasingly important.

In reality, nuclear fuel is made up of multiple ceramic pellets stacked vertically in long metal tubes. The resulting waste looks no different and actually has the “consistency of a teacup.”

Nuclear spent fuel remains radioactive for thousands of years. But the idea that it will one day be unearthed and “spilled” across green pastures and waterways is a scenario based more on science fiction than reality.

For one, spent fuel is never left exposed. The spent fuel rods are kept underwater for up to eight years (in what are known as spent fuel pools) “until the radiation levels decay to levels that can be cooled without water.”

From there, the spent fuel is either recycled or placed in large concrete canisters, known as dry casks, and stored underground. This step is where the United States differs from France, where nuclear energy makes up 71.7% of electricity generation.

Recycling spent fuel is the most efficient way to manage nuclear waste. Spent fuel contains over 90% uranium, which is usable fuel. Recycling spent fuel allows one to draw out more energy from the fuel, have less remaining nuclear waste, and convert the waste into immobilized chemical forms. France, for example, embeds its remaining nuclear waste in vitrified borosilicate glass.

However, it is currently illegal to do so in the United States. President Jimmy Carter prohibited recycling nuclear spent fuel in 1977 during the Cold War due to fears that it would be used to create nuclear weapons and concerns that it was not cost-effective. This left us with the remaining option of burying our country’s spent fuel in the ground.

In the 43 years since President Carter made this decision, multiple nations around the world, including France, Japan, and Great Britain, have all chosen to recycle their spent fuel without the proliferation of nuclear weapons officials were concerned would be correlated with it.

NuScale Power, an Oregon based company developing small-modular nuclear reactors (SMRs), claims to have more modern recycling technology than France, but is unable to take any action here in the United States.

Additionally, nuclear waste is not as dangerous as it’s made out to be, so long as it remains enclosed. There have been no recorded injuries or deaths caused by the commercial nuclear waste contained in dry casks.

Nuclear waste is the only energy resource byproduct that doesn’t make it into the environment, as it is completely contained. Environmentalists should be more concerned with wind and solar technology, which sends used wind turbines and solar panels to landfills after they’re retired.

Oregon passed a moratorium on building new nuclear plants in 1980 until the nuclear waste problem was solved. Perhaps our legislators were watching too many cartoons when the moratorium was passed, as burying spent fuel in dry casks has a track record for being safe and does not adversely affect the environment.

No energy source is perfect. But by utilizing improved safety technology and recycling spent fuel, nuclear energy can come pretty darn close. Oregon legislators should work to relegalize nuclear power in our state as future coal closures will cause our region to lose thousands of megawatts of reliable power “which may result in both extreme price volatility and unacceptable loss-of-load, or blackouts.” Doing so will allow our state to meet clean energy mandates while ensuring the lights are kept on when we need them most.

8:10 Steve Moore, Club 4 Growth Founder, Heritage Economist, Wall Street Journal Writer and today he represents Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Sign up at the website to get their free newsletter on everything economics! Steve and I talk over what it’s going to take to get the U.S. back to a pre-Covid vibrant economy.

Bill’s Guests for 8/25/20

6:20 Andy Pollack from Lake Creek, OR, spoke at last night’s RNC about the death of his daughter, Meadow. Andy is author of “Why Meadow Died”, and he’s also promoting a software system to help improve school safety. More on this at

7:35 State Sen. Baertschiger, we talk over the strategy of the Dem violence and shutdowns.

8:35 Kelsey Bolar, Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Forum

As seen viaIWF

Two Idaho Track Stars Are Fighting The ACLU To Protect Women’s Sports

  • A federal district court in Idaho granted two collegiate track athletes, Madison Kenyon and Mary Kate Marshall, permission to join a lawsuit brought by the ACLU challenging the state’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. The law, a first-of-its-kind in the nation, mandates that if a team is designated for girls or women, only biological females compete in it.
  • The law is meant to protect the safety and fairness of girls and women’s sports by ensuring biological girls won’t be forced to compete with and against biological boys and men. Predictably, the ACLU and another group challenged the law, HB 500, in an attempt to force female athletes to compete against biological male athletes who identify as female. Yesterday’s decision by a federal district court means that Madison and Mary Kate, who run track and cross-country at Idaho State University in Pocatello, will be able to legally defend the law by sharing their experiences, having already competed against biological men who identify as women.
  • The ACLU contends that the Idaho law violates both the U.S. Constitution and Title IX, which bars sex discrimination in any educational program that receives federal funding. However, supporters of the law maintain that forcing female athletes to compete against biological males is discriminatory against women. Voters support protecting fairness in women’s sports by a 3-to-1 margin, according to a Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. Those of us in the majority on this issue might not have our voices represented in the press, but thankfully, we now have our voices represented in the lawsuit challenging Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act thanks to two brave collegiate track athletes who are stepping up to defend it.


Bill’s Guests for 8/24/20

6:35 Madeleine Westerhout, author of Off the Record: My Dream Job at the White House, How I Lost It, and What I Learned. Westerhout was executive assistant to President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2019, and the Director of Oval Office Operations at the White House from February to August 2019.

More on the Book

7:10 Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot Com with the Outdoor Report

8:10 Dr, Dennis Powers, retired professor of law and author –

And today’s “What Made Southern Oregon Great”.

Ed Battisella

By Dennis Powers

Born in 1955, Ed Battistella studied linguistics at the City University of New York Graduate School and University Center (“CUNY”), receiving a Ph.D. in 1981. He held teaching, administrative, and research positions at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, the 1986 Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and Wayne State College in Nebraska. He grew up in central New Jersey and attended Rutgers College, graduating with a BA in Slavic Languages and Literatures in 1976.

He has been at Southern Oregon University since 2000, serving as the Dean of Arts and Letters from 2000 to 2006, as Interim Provost from 2007 to 2008, and is professor of Humanities and Culture at Southern Oregon University (teaching writing and linguistics). He lives in Ashland, with his wife Maureen Flanagan Battistella, who writes and produces video and audio content for the Stories of Southern Oregon project at Southern Oregon University.

From 1995 to 2001, Battistella served as the first book review editor for Language, the journal of the Linguistic Society of America. He served on the board of directors of Oregon Humanities (a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities) from 2009-2015; on the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of Americas (2014-2016), and is on the editorial board of The Oregon Encyclopedia, a peer-reviewed online state encyclopedia (along with writing different articles). He is the co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of the Language and Linguistics Compass, commencing in 2006, which is a peer-reviewed online journal published by Wiley-Blackwell.

If this wasn’t enough, he is the author of six books, numerous articles, book chapters, and more on various subjects, including grammar and style. His latest books, however, deserve special mention, as well as earning national attention. His fifth book (2014), Sorry About That: The Language of Public Apology, describes the actual public apologies of politicians, entertainers, and businessmen in exploring why we apologize or don’t and how our apologies succeed or fail. This was nominated for an Oregon Book Award. His 2020 book, Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels: Insulting the President, from Washington to Trump, described over 500 political insults aimed at the forty-five U.S. presidents and how they responded—receiving national press, as well. 

He also moderates the Literary Ashland blog and twitter feed, which includes a monthly radio show on KSKQ 89.5 FM Ashland and 94.1 FM Medford (the Community Radio for the Rogue Valley); and contributes a monthly blog to Oxford University Press. Still going strong, his contributions continue where one wonders where the time and energy come from. Nicely done!  

Sources: Wikipedia: Ed Battistella at Biography; Ed Battistella website at Ed’s Website; See “Amazon: Books by Ed Battistella” at Books on Amazon.