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7:10 Greg Roberts “Mr. Fire” report for today

7:35 John Schleining, area developer who has a special deal available for housing for homeless displaced by the fires. He owns an assisted-living facility in Canyonville that has some openings. $1200/month meals included. Forest Glen Senior Residences

8:10 Steve Milloy, publisher of’s latest on how the New York Times Debunks Climate-Caused Wildfires, which is all the media’s feeding you right now. READ THE ARTICLE



Been so busy trying to disseminate information on the show, and work up some kind of coverage for our area’s recent chaos that the personal cost for many southern Oregonians didn’t really stick until this morning. I came home to a smoky, but comfortable home, a wonderful wife, and a couple of fat, lazy, orange cats and felt extremely grateful, yet sorrow for the so many unfortunate.

I talked with Phoenix mayor Luz this morning, and he described the estimated 800-1000 housing units destroyed in just that one small city, and it’s breathtaking in its implications. My old home in Phoenix across from the H.S. burned to the ground, all the apartments next door on Cheryl, gone, and so on.

I read the tragic stories of people who usually make no bones about their hatred of my politics, but that doesn’t matter…people are hurting, and needing help. We’re not out of the woods yet, either. Praying for healing, help, cooler temps, and rain. UPDATE: Don Hurley passes along this satellite view of Phoenix before and after to drive the point home.

Bill’s Guests for 9/10/20

7:10 Phoenix Mayor Chris Luz discusses the incredible carnage brought by the fire

7:35 Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler – law enforcement reaction to the disasters

8:10 Capt. William E Simpson, naturalist and supporter of wild horses, especially for vegetation/fire control – California Wildfires Yield Unparalleled Devastation – Are They Preventable?

Subject: Pokegama Roundup next week…

The BLM is doing the unthinkable at a time when people are being terrorized by wildfires and toxic smoke in Oregon and California… with virtually no notice they are rounding up wild horses from an area they needs more wild horses, not less.

Background:  Allegedly they are rounding them up due to a complaint by a private land owner…..

I am informed (about 3-years ago) via Carla Bowers that Jana Toney (Jana Toney 541.621-2462) who is a sister to one of the wives of one the cattle ranchers and part of Green Diamond Company, that their fences were down after the Oregon Gulch Fire and that some of ‘my’ wild horses were grazing ‘their’ allotment of grass… and that they were unhappy about that.

I asked Miss Toney that they send me photos of the offending horses… none were ever provided.

I am also informed that the local wild horses from Pokegama allegedly range across the area, and according to Miss Toney, on both the east and west side of Jenny Creek in California (my ranch and the lands we have deeded in favor of wild horses) is on the west side of Jenny Creek in California). 

In October of 2019, I took both Elizabeth Berghard (BLM District Manager Medford) and Lauren Brown (the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument manager) on a guided tour into the area of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument that was protected from wildfire by the grazing of our local wild horses, a few of which might be from Pokegama.

Wild horses that do cross cross into Oregon from the California side do so only because the BLM’s fence (on the state line) is not nearly up to the standards required by the Code of both Siskiyou and Jackson Counties.

And moreover, many gates are down on the ground and long-ago rotten as well as huge gaps in fencing that has rusted and failed. Both BLM representatives witnessed these discrepancies in person (we all took photos), first hand during the guided tour I provided to them.

Berghard and Brown also witnessed large snags that had been hit by lightening and burned furiously, without the fire spreading to other fuels as a result of the wild horses reducing fine fuels in and around the Monument and those snags… the ladies both witnesses a family of 3 wild horses actually grazing the forest floor, reducing fuels.

8:20 Nick Smith from Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities – is there a better way to manage land for fire prevention?

8:35 USFS Forest Supervisor Merv George updates us on the fires, other issues, and where it’s headed.