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Friday 1-27-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 DC Swamp Update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government Today we talk school and education issues, plus what does Rick think is really going on with Ukraine.

7:10  Jeremy Slayden, founder of  Warrior MBS – A Pro-Patriot, Pro-Masculine, Pro-Christian group

(From Jeremy’s Op-Ed)

It’s time for every American to understand what’s really going on here. This stopped being a Democrat or Republican fight a long time ago. This is simply good and evil.

I’ve investigated what is truly behind the global elite’s promotion of beta male behavior,
victimhood, sexual confusion, and dependence on the state. “Why are the largest food, drug and clothing companies in the world manufacturing and promoting products known to cause lower sperm counts and reduce testosterone, while receiving stamps of approval from the FDA and other government agencies?”

The easy historical answer is that totalitarian takeovers can only succeed if the male population has been gelded, emasculated, and disenfranchised. This removes the head of the nuclear family, and by removing this natural bulwark against tyranny, elites will centralize power and pursue their collectivist tyranny unopposed” Slayden concludes.

But does it go deeper than that? Is this more than just a political power grab?

In a word, YES. There are hidden spiritual roots to all the gender bending that is promoted and even chemically forced worldwide right now. Do you believe that the sudden effort in promoting Transgenderism from institutions as large and disparate as the WEF, the UN, Disney, many mainline Christian denominations, and so many others are by mere coincidence? Is it by chance?

Is it by chance that the largest medical conglomerates in the world are armed and ready to permanently mutilate gender confused children, with the full support of governmental authorities who will? remove custody from non-cooperative parents? No, this is not by accident.


8:10 Jason Snead from the Honest Elections Project

The left-wing non-profit the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) is back on track with their election funding scheme. In a recent report from Honest Elections Project (HEP) and the John Locke Foundation, CTCL along with several left-wing non-profit groups have launched a new $80 million initiative, the Alliance for Election Excellence, intended to target local election office and systematically influence every aspect of their operation and promote left-wing voting policies.

In Jason’s recent opinion piece, Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project, brings attention to CTCL’s new influencing campaign and their attempt to loop-hole the ban on private election funding in states across the country.


Thursday 1-26-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 DR. JULIE GATZA, DC, Co-founder of the Florida Wellness Institute

Health educator Dr. Julie Gatza (Dr. Julie) is one of the nation’s top chiropractic physicians with more than 30 years of clinical practice during which she assisted thousands of patients resolve a wide variety of physical ailments using her understanding of the nervous system, nutrition, and alternative therapies. Dr. Gatza’s mission with each patient is to enhance their body’s own potential to heal itself.  She regularly lectures and educates audiences on how to maintain optimum health with a focus on the role that digestion plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. She currently serves as spokesman for Nature’s Sources, distributors of AbsorbAid digestive enzymes

Dr. Julie Healthy Vibes on Instagram

8:10 Former Antifa activist and current national director of Our America Gabriel Nadales. We discuss why it’s a big deal that six Antifa rioters – only one of whom was from Georgia – were charged with domestic terrorism following their violent protest in Atlanta over the weekend. Nadales is also the author of Behind the Black Mask: My time as an antifa activist.



Wednesday 1-25-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with www.EpAutos and today’s Wheels Up Wednesday topics from his articles include:

7:10 Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., director of the Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute

The climate alarmists and elites say that you need to get rid of your gas car, your cheap and plentiful sources of energy, and your gas stove in the name of climate. Naturally, when they all met up at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos to discuss what YOU need to do for the sake of the climate agenda they all took private jets.

During the conference over 150 private jets -which are 10 times more carbon-intensive than commercial planes- flew into Davos, Switzerland. While the average person has an annual carbon footprint of around 4 tons, many of these private jets output upwards of 40+ metric tons of carbon for the trip.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently said, “every transportation decision in the 21st century is a climate decision.” It seems that those pushing the climate narrative didn’t get that memo, or if they did, they don’t think it’s meant to apply to themselves.


7:35 State Senator Linthicum Live from the state legislature session. We dig into various bills including the atrocious one that would let felons vote from prison.


Tuesday 1-24-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Rob Monts co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His latest online documentary is The Broken Boys of Kenosha


The Broken Boys of Kenosha




Rob Montz

Rob Montz, co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His latest online documentary is The Broken Boys of Kenosha

We thought we knew everything about the shootings of Jacob Blake and the killings of Kyle Rittenhouse. We don’t. This is what really happened.

Featuring: former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, Columbia University professor John McWhorter, former Daily Caller journalist Richie McGinniss, and Rundown Live host Kristan Harris.

During the summer of 2020, with COVID lockdowns and Black Lives Matter hysteria still ravaging the country, Kenosha, Wisconsin was ground zero for two separate mega-viral incidents. The national media descended, squeezed these twin tragedies for clicks and ratings, and then moved on.

We went back to Kenosha to expose the standard media narrative for what it is: mostly lies. And we found the truth, the real catastrophe connecting Blake and Rittenhouse that never made national headlines.

BIO: Rob Montz is the co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His online documentary work has attracted millions of views and coverage in the New York Times, the Washington PostThe EconomistUSA Today, and The Megyn Kelly Show. He graduated from Brown University in 2005 with a degree in philosophy and precisely zero marketable skills. Somehow, he ended up living on a 50-acre farm in the Virginia woods with a wife and three children.



7:10 State representative Lily Morgan, an update on the legislative session and various bills.


7:35 Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – the lefty’s plan for energy in Oregon. (Uh-Oh)


810 Captain William E. Simpson, naturalist and founder of The Wild Horse Fire Brigade


Capt. Bill discusses what he’s calling the “Burn America” plan from the USDA. 45-50 million acres of prescribed burning, much of it in our area:

Bill says these people are Addicted to Fire

When these people use the term ‘treatment’ they mean, prescribed burns, aka; ‘eco-cultural fire’, ‘cultural fire’, ‘controlled burns’

Looking at the document at the USDA website describing their wildfire ‘strategy’ document … we find they want to burn about 50-million acres, almost annually.

“The Forest Service announced their original 10 landscape project areas last year as part of the agency’s broader strategy to protect communities, critical infrastructure and forest resources from catastrophic wildfire. Combined with these initial landscape investments, the additional efforts being announced today represent a total USDA investment of $930 million across 45 million acres”

“The 10-year strategy calls for treating up to 20 million acres on national forests and grasslands and up to 30 million acres on other federal, state, Tribal, private and family lands to assure our forests are more resilient to wildfire and other effects of climate change, safer for communities, and remain key refuges for plants, fish and wildlife.”

USDA press release is here –


Monday 1-23-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Edward Bartlett, the President and Founder of the Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

Bartlett serves as the Founder of the Coalition. He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Former faculty member at three universities, and former federal regulator at the Department of Health and Human Services. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and editorials. Proud father of three and an avid bicyclist.

recent stories:

Toronto: Eight teenage girls charged with deadly stabbing

VIDEO: Nevada High School Girl Relentlessly Punches Female Classmate

EXCLUSIVE: A wild brawl erupted in a classroom this morning as students were about to being a final exam at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis

For years, patriarchy has been blamed for all manner of social ills, including global warming and domestic violence. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, men are more likely to be victims of partner abuse than women.

Each year, according to the CDC, 6.4 million men, compared to only 5.6 million women, are victims of domestic violence. In lesbian relationships, the rate of female victimization is much higher.

And alarming numbers of media accounts suggest that overall, female-perpetrated violence is on the rise. Like the eight teenage girls who recently swarmed a defenseless man and stabbed him to death.

Activists have long attacked the patriarchy and sought to replace it with a matriarchy — the argument being that our male dominated society excludes women and in the name of ‘equality’ men must submit to women, etc.

Has this benefited society?

Men have increasingly abandoned their roles as fathers, husbands, parents, and heads of households. Are their children or the mothers benefitting from this? Of course not. Children raised in homes without fathers are the most likely to engage in violent behavior, go to prison, or turn to substance abuse.

Something is out of balance. Examples of female perpetrated violence seem to be on the rise. Is the matriarchy to blame? And of the patriarchy and matriarchy, which should be the greatest concern?

7:10 Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from


7:35 Larry Correia, author of “In Defense of the Second Amendment”

the Supreme Court rejected New York gun retailers’ bid to block new gun restrictions, which they argued violate their Second Amendment rights and hurt their businesses. Larry Correia, gun expert, firearms instructor, and author of In Defense of the Second Amendment agrees that this action infringes upon 2A rights. In contradiction, NY Attorney General James praised this decision, saying that the “gun safety laws help save lives, and keep our state safer.” However, Americans know the truth: that most gun restrictive cities in America also produce the most crime and leave our citizens unprotected.

Larry’s  book In Defense of the Second Amendment dives deep into every major gun control argument such as red-flag laws, gun-free zones, gun/criminal reform and more. He would be a great expert to speak on this new Supreme Court decision.

Along with New York, other states are following suit and doubling down on gun control, Illinois Gov Pritzker pushed gun restriction laws, as well as New Jersey, and just today- New Mexico. Protecting Americans’ second amendment rights is a timely conversation now more than ever.


810 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU.

“Where Past Meets Present”




By Dennis Powers

Dating back for centuries, UFOs are a controversial subject. In the Bible’s Book of Ezekiel, a mysterious ship is described as appearing from the sky in Chaldea (modern-day Kuwait). Sightings continue with ancient Rome, China, Germany, and even England.

Coined by the US Air Force in 1953, an “unidentified flying object” is an unusual anomaly in the sky not readily identifiable to the observer as a known object. It is often associated with extraterrestrial life, government-related conspiracy theories, and flying saucers.

The phrase “flying saucer” gained national attention in 1947 when a commercial pilot reported seeing nine objects flying in formation near Mount Rainer. The pilot timed the sighting and estimated the speed of the discs to be over 1,000 mph. He described their movement to be like “a saucer skipped across water,” leading to newspaper accounts of “flying saucers”.

The majority of UFO sightings by independent study are proven to be misidentified natural occurrences, usually sights of aircraft, experimental planes, balloons, clouds, and even meteors or bright planets. A small amount of straightforward hoaxeswhere people stage what seems to be a flying saucerare just that; some are so outlandish as to look like they were taken from a 1950’s “B” Sci-Fi flick.

Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico in 1947 is the site of the most famous incident. A public information officer released a statement that personnel had retrieved a crashed “flying disk” from a ranch near Roswell, sparking intense media interest. The following day, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force stated that thisin facthad been a high-altitude radar-tracking balloon that crashed. This set the stage for countless books, articles, and movies about aliens, huge spacecraft, and government conspiracies. These include scenes at various hangers, from Hangers No. 18 (the remnants were allegedly flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio), No. 51, No. 84, and so on.

Most independent investigators agree, however, that between 5% and 20% of reported sightings remain unexplained, and therefore can be classified as unidentified in the truest sense. Trained observers, as pilots and the military, have reported incidents that are quite credible, including simultaneous radar tracking with visual accounts. Every state in the Union have had UFO sightings, and Oregon with its low population, ranks a high number 5.

As to our area, the sightings are like any other location (and Google, “UFO Sightings Southern Oregon,” “Northern California,” or with your specific town). Arguing that aliens use Mt. Shasta’s cloud camouflage to hide their spaceships, some consider it to be a UFO landing site (even with Lemurians), including sightings at Mt. Ashland. In the final analysis, who really knows?

Sources: Google, “UFO Sightings Southern Oregon,” for latest sightings; “Wikipedia: Unidentified Flying Objects,” at UFOs; KTVZ News, “See how many UFO sightings have occurred in Oregon,” December 21, 2021 at Historical