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Friday 05-06-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and  On today’s DC Swamp Update we talk about the latest jobs report, the undeclared war in Ukraine, other issues.

7:10 Greg Roberts, with today’s Outdoor report.  


7:35 Brad Bennington, Executive Director for the Builders Association of Southern Oregon. Brad is raising awareness of an issue which is a real danger to affordable housing. Governor Brown has instituted rules for “Climate Friendly Housing Equity”. Fight it at their website –

8:10 Gary Richardson, candidate for Josephine County Commission Position One



Thursday 05-05-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Andrew Crapuchettes  is the founder and CEO of RedBalloon, which was founded in 2021 as the solution to the ever-growing problem of government overreach and “cancel culture” invading the American workplace.


RedBalloon was founded in 2021 as the solution to the ever-growing problem of government overreach and “cancel culture” invading the American workplace.  RedBalloon connects like-minded businesses and Americans who seek the freedom to work without the fear of discrimination against personal beliefs, infringement on constitutional rights, or invasion of medical privacy.  We pioneered RedBalloon to honor and celebrate the American liberties that make this country great.  We strive to empower employers to preserve these liberties for their workforce, and to place talented Americans into careers that will value their freedom and prioritize their success.



7:10 Mark Cavener – GOP 2nd District Congressional candidate – primary challenger for Congressman Cliff Bentz



7:35 Bill Hunker – Should Jo Co voters elect another “city” commissioner? Bill doesn’t think so. Here’s his recent Opinion Piece:


Here in Southern Oregon, we often lament the outsized influence that metropolitan Portland has on the rest of our state.  But here in Josephine County, we have let a similar circumstance imbalance our county government.


The city of Grants Pass is about 11 square miles with about 38 thousand residents. Those 11 square miles are divided into 4 geographical quadrants called wards.  Each ward has 2 elected city counselors.  Grants Pass is strongly supportive of giving representative voice to each geographical ward, so much so that a person living in one ward in Grants Pass is not allowed to run in any other ward.  They stress strong geographical representation — high marks to the city for their good citizen representation.


By contrast: In Josephine County we have just 3 county commissioners managing a land mass of 1631 square miles with a population of 51 thousand.  What was our county’s rural representation from 2017 to 2021?  It’s was zero. There wasn’t a single rural representative for 4 years. For those years every county commissioner was a Grants Pass City resident and a former city council member. Not one was a rural county resident. Consequently, the county was rendered mute and unrepresented.


Why is that?  Why is it that someone living in rural Josephine County cannot serve on the Grants Pass city council; but yet, Grants Pass city residents are allowed to manage huge geographical areas where they do not reside? 


I do not expect a city resident to know or value what my reasons are for living in a rural area. Example:  A county resident I know sold a piece of rural property to a couple from California to build a new home.  But months went by with no building activity and then one day the couple came back and said that they had decided not to build.  The original owner asked why.  Well, they said, we finally realized that there are never going to be street lights out here.


Electing city residents to manage our rural property has been a failure.  We tried it and found out first-hand that it doesn’t work.  The city residents we voted in to represent us have created a bloated county bureaucracy, increased regulations and fees and continue to exhibit an unending “tax and spend mentality.”  It is time to fully admit that city residents do not know what’s best for rural Josephine County.


There are 8 candidates running for county commissioner this May.  Let me simplify your voting options: If a candidate for commissioner resides in the city, cross them off the candidates list; they are not qualified to be county commissioners. Here’s the list:

The first, and the most perilous to our rural lifestyle is Brian DeLaGrange.  He currently sits on the Grants Pass school board, is an elected city councilor and is now running to be a county commissioner. His current idea of clever leadership is to show up at a school board meeting sporting a LGBT rainbow colored boa.


The three other city residents who are under the belief that they can administer rural county geography from their homes in the city are: Jordan DeHarty, James Ward, and Gary Richardson. Cross them off the list, they are city residents, and are thereby unqualified to manage a county.

Why did we ever allow our entire 1631 square miles of rural Josephine County to be managed by ex-Grants Pass city council members?   Why did we tolerate no rural representation for 4 years?  We should have known better.


Now we do.  This May don’t elect any city resident as a county commissioner.

Merlin resident Bill Hunker has been involved in Josephine County politics for more than 10 years.  Ex-County Commissioner Candidate, Merlin Park Board member, low tax activist and leader of a bi-monthly citizen political awareness group.

8:35 Larry D. Kendrick, local author, his latest is Cattle Drive 1882,

and he just got back home off a six week book signing tour.   Larry is holding another event at a local church “Eagle Valley Cowboy Church” 18977 Hwy 62, Eagle Point, OR on May 7, 2022 2-5 PM. 


Wednesday 05-04-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Eric Peters – automotive journalist. More great articles such as:

The Department of I Told You SO –


Irredeemable Orange –


2022 Ford Maverick Review –



7:10 Vance Day, candidate for position 3 Oregon Court of Appeals

Antifa Candidate for Portland Mayor Attacks Appeals Court Hopeful Vance Day by Citing a 2016 Washington Post Fake News Story

As Campaign Attracts National Media Attention, Voters Learn More About Media Smears of Day and the Radical Judicial Philosophy of his Opponent

REDMOND, OREGON — During this past weekend, the self-described “Antifa” candidate for Portland Mayor in 2020, Sarah Iannarone, launched a vicious and defamatory personal attack on Oregon Court of Appeals candidate Vance Day.  Famous for her infatuation with Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Vladimir Lenin, as well as for promoting the goals of the woke, violent, Marxist-anarchist group, Antifa, Iannarone baselessly accused Day of being “openly neo-Nazi” by citing a false and discredited 2016 Washington Post story that claimed then Marion Co Circuit Court Judge Day was “Honoring Hitler” and “hates gays.” Iannarone further claimed that the peaceful, non-political Christian men’s faith organization known as the Promise Keepers, for which Day served as President, was affiliated with the Proud Boys, a completely unrelated political activist group on the right accused of violent demonstrations. She later partially walked back the “neo-Nazi” claim while stating that Day is a “bigoted right-winger.”

“It’s disappointing that Judge Ortega must rely on people promoting slanderous accusations and discredited fake news stories to disparage opponents,” stated Team Vance Day Communication Director Kevin Hoar. “Yet, it is somehow no surprise to hear such enthusiastic support for Vance’s opponent from the Antifa candidate for Mayor of a city that has descended into lawlessness and violence while tolerating radical activist groups who riot in the city’s streets promoting a form of unequal justice and repackaged fascism. This is the system of justice we have gotten in Oregon by letting out-of-touch elites and insiders choose our judges for us unopposed. Vance Day is running to restore equal justice under the rule of law.”

8:10 Marc Thielman, GOP gubernatorial candidate –  


Tuesday 05-03-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Darrin Harbick – GOP candidate for U.S. Senate



7:35 Josephine County Commissioner and Oregon Republican Party Chair Herman Baertschieger

8:10 Jonathan W. Emord is a constitutional law attorney and author of The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present (2021). We talk the Supreme Court Roe V. Wade leak, and the DHS “Disinformation” story, here on Townhall:


Monday 05-02-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Chad Davidson –  one of the producers on the Marvel and DC’s War on God film (more at ) and also is the host of two top ranked podcast shows the good fight radio show and 511 news which is his own show and he’s also a new author and has a new book coming out in the fall on discipleship.

Christian media company Good Fight Ministries has released the first installment of its seven-part Marvel and DC’s War on God series. 

Entitled The Anti-Christ Agenda and narrated by Pastor Joe Schimmel, the company says the 150-minute film “documents how popular comics and the movies that they have spawned are riddled with anti-Christ themes that glorify gratuitous violence, sexual perversion, blasphemy, and the occult.” 

 “Many leading comic book writers have admitted that they are using seduction, manipulation, the occult, and even the Bible to influence children to view the God of the Bible from a twisted slant,” Pastor Schimmel says.

Good Fight Ministries predicts the series will find an audience among parents and young people seeking help in discerning underlying messages in popular entertainment that negatively impact Christian family values. 

7:10 Dr. Michael Robillard is an  independent Catholic scholar and co-author of the forthcoming book, “Don’t Go to College: A Case for Revolution.” Follow him on Twitter:  @RobillardDr.

FOX’s latest article 5 Reasons Why High Schooler Students Should Say “No” to College by Dr. Michael Robillard and Timothy Gordon. They are the authors of the upcoming title: Don’t Go to College (publishing on August 2nd). This book provides the definitive diagnosis of what exactly happened to America’s universities while giving the reader a blueprint for how young citizens, parents, and local communities alike can safeguard, escape, and begin resisting such destructive indoctrination.



7:35 John West, Josephine County Commissioner candidate


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, with this week’s “Where Past Meets Present”

Eden Valley Orchards

By Dennis Powers

Located in southeast Medford, Eden Valley Orchards dates back to a donation land claim and use since 1853; its location was chosen due to it being between two of the few settlements that then existed, one known as Ashland Mills (Ashland) and the other being Jacksonville. Addison and Martha Bell constructed the original house on a 160-acre parcel in the 1860s.

In 1885, Joseph H. Stewart bought the land and house for $5,400a large sum in those daysand paid it to the pioneer photographer and horticulturalist Peter Britt, who held the note on the property (and who also introduced the first pear-root stock to the Valley three decades before). Steward was an Illinois legislator, nurseryman, and Chicago fruit broker who understood the growing, marketing, packing, and shipping of fruit.

Stewart over time established his Eden Valley Orchards and planted pears, apples, prunes, and almonds. Completed before 1898, he moved his family into a larger home on the property. (The smaller Ball home existed until destroyed many decades later in a fire.) In 1890, Stewart sold the area’s first commercial pears by shipping railroad cars of fruit to outside markets.

Later, his trees yielded the stems and branches for grafting and propagating many of the large orchards throughout the Valley. By six years, his annual output was 95 carloads of pears and apples. Recognized as the “father of the fruit industry” in Southern Oregon, Joseph Stewart became wealthy and started construction of a mansion. He was a founder of Medford Bank (later part of U.S. Bank) and the Medford Commercial Club (which later became the Chamber of Commerce).   

In 1898, the 65-year-old Stewart sold his property to Colonel Gordon Voorhies, who had graduated from West Point and a Spanish-American War veteran. Although born and raised in Kentucky, Voorhies was then in Portland, Oregon, having married in 1893 Helen Burrell, the daughter of a prominent Portland Merchant family. His timing was perfect.

The Orchard Boom in Southern Oregon began in the early 1900s with its start in 1906. Colonel Voorhies with his partner and brother-in-law, Walter Burrell, began acquiring additional lands. Over time, Voorhies increased his acreage to 770 acres and financed this by selling orchard land to his wealthy friends.     

At different times, the Colonel hired builders to extensively remodel the estate home first built by Joseph Stewart. The last prominent one was in 1920 with his son, Charles Voorhiesa Harvard-educated, architecture studentwho headed the project. The 8,000 square-foot, four-columned mansion had 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 6 fireplaces with manicured gardens and wide-sweeping lawns. Dating back to the original 1898 structure, the mansion showed lath-and-plaster walls, high ceilings, maple flooring, a library, sunroom, numerous rooms, and many gables.

Colonel Voorhies’ success led creating the Fruit Growers League of Southern Oregon (“FGL”) in 1913, so that orchardists could meet over their mutual concerns, including that year over the fire blight, a bacteria disease that kills pear and apple trees. He was also a founding member of Southern Oregon Sales (“SOS”), the regional fruit cooperative in 1926. (Although these organizations were successful for decades, the SOS closed in 2008 due to the economy and industry consolidations; the FGL disbanded one year later due to similar considerations.) 

Despite the wealth and financial successes, the orchard industry began its decline, especially as World War I intervened and stopped export markets. Overproduction and lower prices contributed to the falling off. (Voorhies also served in World War I as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army.) Although the fruit and agricultural production made a comeback, the Great Depression of the 1930s ended that.

Throughout the economic cycles, the property remained in the Voorhies family for three generations until 1986 when it was sold to a Medford orchardist. In 1999, the Voorhies mansion and its 27-acres were sold to the long-time Jackson-county pear family of the Roots (founders of Sabroso Company)–Tom Root and his wife, Anne, are owner/managers.

Although the mansion again was extensively refurbished inside, the huge home remained designed as first built. The grounds were lushly recreated, and the property in 2000 was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places. At South Stage Road and Voorhies in southeast Medford, Eden Valley Orchards is now more than an estate with orchards. The property today has vineyards, a winery, tasting room, tours, and puts on numerous events, including a summer jazz series. See their website for the different events presented there. 

In various ways the surrounding beautiful hillsides and scenery have not changed much since the first shipment of pears was made 125 year ago. However, grapes and wines have been replacing the pears, and the sound of jazz fills the air.

Sources: “Eden Valley Orchards: A Living Monument,” at Eden Valley Orchards; “Eden Valley Orchards: History,” at A Historical Perspective; John Darling, “A Vintage Eden,” Mail Tribune, September 28, 2002; Anita Burke, “Fruit Growers League disbands after 96 years,” Mail Tribune, March 13, 2009.